The truth is that in the heart of an Aquarius there is no evil, they are a very selfless sign and the bad vibrations escape, their intention was never to hurt anyone. However, this does not mean that he will allow them to modify his emotional state, he does not tolerate bad energies and even less those people who only want to seek conflict in everything. Aquarius is very patient, but whoever manages to anger him better take care of himself, because his dark side does not listen to feelings. What he wants is to get rid of the drama and if he has to say goodbye to you, he will. Never underestimate him, because he’s not one to come back. His rebellion does not allow him to beg anyone, especially if the person is worth so little.


Libra is definitely a sign that fills you with peace with their actions. His ability to understand the other is above all. He has the sensitivity to understand the pain of others, but also to celebrate victories. Cruelty is not something he experiences every day, on the contrary, he prefers to stay away from people who have to hurt others to stand out. He’s not perfect or an angel, but at least he has the courage to respect other people’s lives and not judge without knowing the story. However, when he feels betrayed, things change, his tolerance level is zero. He’s not going to allow his heart to be shaken and then toed. If you’re mean to Libra, you’ll get the same from him. It’s not to beg anyone, simple as that.


A point in favor of Taurus is that his soul is immense, he has such a beautiful and honest way of giving himself, that it is practically impossible for you not to get lost in his gaze. Taurus is courageous, intense and loving, but also reckless, capable of putting their hand on fire for the people they love. That’s when his cruel side lights up, when they touch what he considers precious. He is silly and does not understand the reasons, his only goal is that this person feels at least a little the pain he caused. He is capable of anything, don’t put him to the test, because in anger he puts very strange things in his head. It can become very dangerous, especially if you insist on continuing to hurt yourself. It’s a very clever sign,


Yes, Sagittarius has a very strong character, it’s nothing new, but there’s a very big gap between that and being cruel. He is not someone who likes the pain of others, on the contrary, when it is up to him to help, he does it without expecting anything in return. He can have bad moments where his cravings betray him and he just wants to do some damage, but he gets over it very quickly. Once he has analyzed the situation, he realizes that there are people who do not even deserve a second of his time and that it is better to let go, to act as if they never had each other. met in their life. He is one of those who prefer to leave everything in the hands of karma, because no one escapes it and that is where they end up paying for everything they have done.


Sometimes Cancer gets exhausted too. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t always be the right person in a group, because whenever he’s given the best of his emotions, they end up breaking him in the worst way. This is a very passionate sign, but there is no lie in what he gives, if he feels betrayed it is better that you give him his space, he must put his cards on the table and decide what wants to do with his life. He is not dangerous, even if he tries to teach you a lesson, he is not capable of breaking you, at least not like the others do. It’s just that his unpredictable side can cause him to have bursts in which resentment rules his steps and there it is not advisable to take it as a game,


With Virgo, things are very clear, as long as you don’t touch what you value the most, everything is fine. It is a sign that takes care of what it has and will not allow anyone to bring tears to the people it loves. He may have the guts to ignore himself when it comes to himself, but dare not touch a single hair of his loved ones. Of course, he takes it personally and looks for a way to teach you the lesson of a lifetime. Don’t try to beat him, because he is one of those who think with reason rather than with the heart. Nothing escapes his notice and he is able to quote you a whole list of your weaknesses to use them later against you. Virgo, has a knack for knocking you down with a sentence, no matter if it means ending your dignity, if you didn’t mind hurting him either.


Of course, a fire sign doesn’t stand still after feeling the attack behind it. Without a doubt, what Aries hates the most is dealing with hypocritical people, they do not tolerate lies or betrayals. They just need to get out of that a bit for his bad mood to lighten up. Just as an Aries is funny, he is cruel, he does not keep his anger. If you had the courage to awaken his demons, you will have to learn to tame them and I doubt very much that you will succeed. His rage knows no bounds and when impatience speaks for him, he can tell you the cruelest things in this world. Anything that comes out of his mouth turns into poison and he doesn’t care if it makes you take your last breath. Really, don’t make fun of it, because you’ll end up crying.


Cruelty is said to be one of mankind’s oldest pleasures. When the dark side takes over thoughts, nothing can stop it and that is precisely what happens to Leos. It’s a sign that they are always in a hurry, they are used to getting what they want and facing failure is not their thing. That’s why he doesn’t have time for your nonsense, if you want to watch him suffer, you’re going to have to sit and wait, because he doesn’t give up easily. It’s his pride that clouds his reason, it’s his dose of danger, because he doesn’t listen to anyone, he just gets carried away by the moment and looks for the craziest way to teach you a lesson. Leo, when he gets angry, is the most evil being, there is no doubt about it and it is not difficult for him to play this role.


On the outside, he seems like a nice, relaxed person, someone who isn’t really looking for trouble with anyone and that’s how he is. However, Gemini is short-sighted, as he very well recognizes his worth and knows that he must not tolerate any mistreatment from anyone. It’s not that he’s hypocritical or fake, it’s that when you awaken his cruel side, he becomes someone completely different. I’m talking about the Gemini who feels threatened and humiliated, who finds it difficult to accept that the other only approaches because his goal is to see him defeated. However, there comes a point when he realizes that not everyone is what they seem and should be treated with tiptoe, because that’s what they deserve. Don’t tell Gemini he’s cruel,


Does this seem unusual to you? It’s completely normal for them to see Pisces as the innocent, the one who breaks easily, and the one who forgives over and over again. Of course, that was in the past, that sign that allowed them to do less no longer exists. He realized a long time ago that in life you have to take on the role of the bad guy or else you end up being torn to shreds. It can be sweet or dangerous, it all depends on your attitude, but don’t pretend it’s love when you do things that make her cry. Pisces, is a sign that is not forgotten, every bad deed on your part is recorded and does not believe much in repentance. There are actions that have no justification and he knows that if he gives you a second chance it’s like signing a martyrdom. Go,


Do you want to take courses in cruelty? You need to see a Capricorn in action. Let’s see, it’s not that he doesn’t have a heart, it’s just that his head is so powerful that it allows him to keep his emotions in check and focus on simple goals. If someone hurts her, sure, it hurts, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to cry for days. It is the sign that does not warn you that you are going to pay them, it is. With facts, he shows you that he is not being played with and that when he offers to be the villain of the story, it works perfectly. He doesn’t care if you find yourself in front of him pleading with tears, he doesn’t lean on anything. His pride is able to freeze his sensitive side and the truth is he appreciates it,


If there’s one thing Scorpio is very clear about in this life, it’s that anything that isn’t reciprocated isn’t worth their energy, let alone their time. It is said to be a sign of few friends, that danger courses through his veins and that when his cruel side is activated he is able to smash anyone he wants. The question is simple, he defends himself and that’s it. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind his business, who doesn’t criticize him and you don’t wait for him to make a mistake to make fun of him, you don’t have to worry about anything. But… if you’re a rock in his shoe and just looking for a way to make him feel bad, then yeah be prepared, because he’s great when he intends to give you the worst of his feelings. He regrets nothing, each of his actions has an explanation and if for you this means that he is exaggerating, so much the better. This way you will think twice before hurting her.



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