Ranking Of The Most Coquette Signs

Ranking Of The Most Coquette Signs

There are those who have that I don’t know what, who kidnap you with their eyes. Sometimes it’s their smell, the radiance of their skin, the tone of their voice, their walk, or the way they smile. There are signs of the zodiac that become a temptation, they shake your heart, body, and soul. They do not plan it, it is simply their essence that takes control and that is when everything can end in something more than a simple kiss. Yes, I am talking about the ranking of the most flirty signs. Tell me the truth, who did you think of?

1.- Libra 

A beautiful mind, a sweet soul, and a body that captivates. Libra is like a caress when it comes to relationships. It is a sign that can not avoid attracting attention because she has coquetry in her blood, it shows in her frankness and in the mischievous way in which she bites her lips while staring. It is the sign that is capable of making you feel everything just by having it slightly close. When Libra likes someone, she does not hesitate to put into practice each one of her gifts. Trust me, it’s rare when they don’t end up swooning at her feet. Libra does not stay with the desire, she prefers to ask for forgiveness than permission.

2.- Gemini 

Gemini is a delight, it is that sign that casts a spell on you with its words. He has such an intense way of winning you over that you lose yourself in everything he says. When you least expect it, you fall in love with his intellect and he doesn’t need to lift a single finger for you to throw your clothes on the floor. The truth is that his flirting is subtle but sure. He likes to connect on a deep level, letting go of superficialities and giving the other person confidence that she is totally authentic. His way of giving himself is so passionate, that he gives you the same everything, what you want is to spend the maximum time by his side. Gemini is one of those who invite you until dawn and awakens your darkest and most secret side.

3.- Virgo 

The physique attracts, but the determination uncontrols. If someone doesn’t believe me, it’s because they probably haven’t met a Virgo. The truth is that he is one of the most flirtatious of the zodiac, but he doesn’t even make an effort, his is natural, whoever falls into his nets is because he can’t take it anymore. Behind that shy, cautious and silent personality, hides a being capable of giving you goosebumps from one second to another. The way he conquers you is with his words, that’s the key. He likes to play with the good and the bad until he finds the perfect balance; in which the only thing you want is for him to do everything to you and shake you until you forget the past. Sure, he has no problem pleasing you.

4.- Leo 

There are fingertips that are not forgotten, because not only do they run through your skin, they immerse themselves in your instincts, in your thoughts, in the way you run out of breath. Like Leo’s, which gives you the confidence to just be. Leo makes you feel so safe in his arms that you forget everything. For a moment there is only him and you, that’s when you want the world to roll. His flirting is intense, impulsive, dominant and at the same time calms you down. When you have him close you dare many things that you would not do in your five senses, because you enter into his mental and physical game. The one that makes your heart burst and makes you lose your mind.

5.- Aries 

Outgoing, brave, warrior. The flirtatious way in which Aries catches you makes you appreciate the coincidence of being in his life. It is a sign that awakens what no one else does, that makes you discover a sensual part that you did not know. Aries is natural, he is the one who makes you save moments, those that you do not plan to tell anyone because there you were a crazy version snatched, uninhibited, there you knew the true meaning of satisfaction. Aries awakens your evil spirit, but tender. Let’s say that Aries knows perfectly well what it means to use the smile for mischievous purposes. You know, guilty feelings that not everyone causes you. If you want to wear a tattoo on your skin, do not hesitate to get entangled in his lips.

6.- Taurus 

Sweet, calm, serene. Taurus is the type of person who does not demand and pays attention to every detail and that’s when he wraps you up. He is so meticulous about everything that he is able to remember things that even you yourself had forgotten. The way he makes you nervous is confrontational, he doesn’t hold anything back and when you least expect it he surprises you with sweet words. He has the gift that his kisses become vice and since he is such a busy being, the desire doubles. Taurus doesn’t need you, he loves being with you, but he can continue his life without you and that mature emotional side becomes a magnet for anyone. He worries you and makes your imagination the one that decides everything you want to live next to him.

7.- Scorpio 

They say that there are temptations so penetrating that they deserve special sins. Just like Scorpio, his thing is not exactly coquetry, because he is always one step ahead. In other words, when Scorpio feels attracted to someone, he doesn’t waste time, he’s direct and he’s the one who connects with your senses. He has a very peculiar way of arousing your desire, but it’s good that he does it, because you won’t regret it once you come into his life. With Scorpio, you can talk about anything without fear of being judged for a single moment. What he wants is to forget about everything and everyone, it’s simply about enjoying as long as life wants. It does not matter if it is a short or long chapter, it is enjoyed.

8.- Cancer 

The truth is that Cancer is not the most flirtatious sign in this world, but that takes a backseat when you have the privilege of connecting on a deep level with him. It is the sign that speaks clearly, dances until dawn, and fails little. His love is an accumulation of overwhelming emotions that surround you at the least expected moment. Cancer does not go around calling anyone’s attention, he is patient. He likes to wait for the right one, call it love, friendship, or whatever. It is a sign that he does not force you, but once you let him into your life he shows you what it is to love pretty. Cancer may not like to start the game, but he does what he can to keep it going.

9.- Sagittarius 

Seriously, if you’re not sure don’t try a Sagittarius, because you’re going to like it. It is the sign that often takes your breath away just by looking into your eyes. He has so much sincerity in his gaze that it catches you and at the same time invites you to discover the unknown. He is the one who tests you, moves things deep inside you and suddenly you see yourself doing what not even in your wildest dreams. Sagittarius dresses in kindness, but he is capable of awakening your forbidden side, the one in which you want to eat the world in one bite. Where morality is kept and you simply let yourself go. That’s when you understand the true concept of living in the present.

10.- Pisces 

Pisces and flirtation do not have the best relationship. Let’s say that before falling into the game of persuasion, it is a sign that you prefer to put your cards on the table. Probably for some, it is too intense, but you prefer to be faithful to your thoughts rather than be carried away by impulses. Pisces is shy, so he needs to feel very confident to start flirting. His personality is the one that speaks for him, the one that is capable of enveloping anyone, and most of the time they don’t even notice it. His sweet way is the one that catches you, seeing how he puts himself in the place of others and does what is in his power to help. Pisces does not let you go, it drives you and puts aside any prejudice.

11.- Aquarius 

A sign that has it all, is charming, intelligent, and funny. But… Aquarius prefers not to use his weapons of conquest. He is really very selective with his partners, but when he decides to give his time to a heart, he does it in a very sweet way. He likes to surprise with some unexpected romantic phrase, an outing, a gift. Aquarius can become very generous when he wants to. But not only that, but he also loves to break the tension. His sense of humor is very persuasive, that’s the key, he has the gift of making his conquests laugh and with that he achieves everything. Aquarius does not have the need to pretend and those who are close value it.

12.- Capricorn

The sign that has learned not to give unnecessary explanations. Capricorn has his way of seeing life and at this point, he does not plan to change to please anyone. He may not be the most flirtatious of the zodiac, but he has something that the rest do not have dignity. She doesn’t mess around with games and she doesn’t put his heart at risk, she prefers to be cautious before ending up persuading everyone who catches her eye. Capricorn needs much more than the physical, he wants someone who is willing to have something quiet, but durable. It’s that simple, he’s not going to flirt with someone who’s not worth it. It’s been a long time since he put an end to the loves of a while, he wants something genuine.

Ranking Of The Most Coquette Signs

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