Ranking Of The Most Bad Signs

Ranking Of The Most Bad Signs

As in all places, there are good people and not-so-good people … In the Zodiac, it was not going to be less. Your zodiac sign can make you a super evil person or a little angel fallen from heaven. There are signs that are experts in evil, in looking for ways to hurt, in acting as coldly as possible, and going directly to where it hurts the most. Read on to find out which is the worst sign of the Zodiac:

  1. Aquarius

Aquarius has very little evil in his body, to say nothing. He is not going around the world seeking to harm others, he is not even going to waste his time on it. Aquarius always transmits good vibes and very special energies that make you want to stay by your side as long as possible. Aquarius goes from conflicts, goes from those people who make him bring his dark side to light. Moves and dramas don’t go with him/her. He loves to be happy and make others happy, so he will never allow himself to hurt someone he loves. He may be a rebellious person, but he never intends to hurt anyone. Really…

  1. Libra

Libra flees from all conflict, from any person who transmits a bad vibe, from all situations that make him bring his dark side to light. Libra is directly a fallen angel from heaven. It is obvious that it may have its character because it is not perfect, but it is never going to intentionally harm anyone. He is always ready to help anyone. His heart is so big that there are times when he ends up giving second chances to people who don’t deserve anything. In his body, there is little evil. As long as he does not feel that you are endangering his peace of mind, Libra will continue to be the best person in the universe with you. But beware of stressing him more than necessary …

  1. Taurus

The good thing about Taurus is that he has a huge heart. It may seem like a pretty tough person at first, but in reality, it is mere appearance. Taurus is a person who can be hurt a lot, he can suffer like no one else, but he has incredible stamina. It is that stubborn and stubborn character that makes people give up on Taurus and never get to fight. He may have a lot of anger built up inside him, he may want to take anyone away, but then, when it comes to taking action, Taurus prefers to speak in good manners rather than argue. The bad thing about Taurus is that he keeps things to himself and that can be dangerous.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius can have a lot of character, he can have anger that makes the entire planet Earth tremble, but the best thing is that he does not have much evil in his body. Sagittarius simply has character but does not act to harm others. Their anger lasts for minutes, and even seconds. For Sagittarius, it is unfeasible to have to spend their precious time thinking about how to hurt someone or making a plan to mess up their enemies. Sagittarius prefers that Karma is the one that puts everyone in their place. He is so carefree that there are even times when he forgets that there are bad people in the world.

  1. Cancer

For Cancer, his highest priority in life is to be a good person. In truth, every day he fights to do good and so that his people feel proud to be by his side. The problem is when they make him/her suffer. If you are good to Cancer, Cancer will be good to you. But if you are not, you will discover the dark side of the crab. The black ideas that Cancer can have running through your head are very dangerous. Being such an intuitive person, he knows where to give to hurt you. The problem with Cancer is that it is very unpredictable, it is not that it has a lot of evil in its body. In fact, if you don’t do anything wrong to Cancer, throughout his life, he will behave well to you. With Cancer, it is better not to get into trouble.

  1. Virgo

As long as you don’t dare touch what is Virgo, there is no danger. The danger really comes when Virgos feel threatened or when they feel that one of their own is in danger. He is a person who goes to his ball without getting into anyone’s life, but be careful … If you get into his, be prepared because Virgo will have no problem getting into yours and doing things that can really hurt you. He’s a very smart person, really, and you better not get in trouble with him. From the first moment, Virgo analyzes you and knows you better than you think. He knows what your weak points are and he knows exactly where to attack to be the meanest person in the world.

  1. Aries

What about Aries? That if you play with fire, you get burned, obviously. Aries has a lot of character, much more than it appears at first. And yes, you can see that he is a fun, carefree person, who always goes to his ball, etc … But his character is there waiting to come to light when you least expect it. The worst thing about Aries is that anger and that rage that makes him become a person that he really does not want to be. Aries lacks control, needs to be more patient and that is the problem. He gets so carried away by impulses that he is unable to handle evil. In addition, Aries is more intelligent than it seems and can have very malicious ways of acting.

  1. Leo

The evil of Leo is very similar to that of Aries, but the worst thing about the lion is that you do not see him coming, you do not expect him to keep all that inside. You believe that Leo is a person with a huge heart and that in that heart there is no trace of evil. And yes, he can be very good, with his people and with the people he trusts, but in his heart, there is more evil than you imagine. Leo’s pride and ego are huge. If what he says is not done, problems arise. It is not that Leo is a manipulative person, there are times that he is, but usually, he is not. The thing about Leo is that he has a lion inside that when he brings it to light it can be very evil and dangerous.

  1. Gemini

Geminis can be sweet, friendly, and super nice, but don’t trust appearances. Gemini has a somewhat dangerous double face. It is not false, because if he has to tell you something, he will tell you right away. What happens is that one moment it can be good and the second, as the cable is crossed, it can bring out its character and leave you speechless. In addition, Gemini is a person who can immediately feel threatened and any excuse is good to take their bad side out for a walk. It can become one of the most poisonous signs if you are treated badly or if you feel that someone is going to treat you badly. And it is that Gemini is so clever that he knows how, when, and where to apply his poison.

  1. Pisces

Surely you did not expect Pisces to be in the top 3. But the thing about the little fish is that he is a very unpredictable person and that he has a character that few people talk about him. Pisces can become a very spiteful person if you hurt them. If you treat him well, he will be a real angel with you, but with the slightest betrayal, Pisces will bring out his bad side. Pisces can forgive or try, but they will not forget and will remind you throughout life with small acts that will make you regret or what you did to them. Pisces, if you like, has the ability to make your life a real hell. Because, believe it or not, it knows you better than you know yourself. Pisces can go from love to hate in just seconds.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn was born knowing how to be bad when you have to be. You have to be very careful because Capri does not warn, Capri acts and that is what hurts the most. He may spend days or weeks thinking of an evil plan, but you won’t even smell it. From one moment to the next, Capricorn can become someone without mercy for anything or anyone. And my gosh, he’s capable of taking anyone away when he feels he’s in danger. When they harm their own or when they damage their pride, Capricorn’s heart freezes, all the love that there was disappears to make way for evil. You take things very seriously, both the good things and the bad things, so you better be careful.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio is the worst sign of the Zodiac par excellence. It has a somewhat dangerous reputation. Scorpio is the king or queen of evil when he wants and with whom he wants. Obviously, he can be very good when he wants to be, but he has no problem taking his dark side for a walk. In fact, every once in a while she lets him go out just for fun. If you want to keep your life, your dignity, and your peace of mind safe, you better not fool around with Scorpio. When you do something bad to Scorpio, prepare to regret it for your entire life.


Ranking Of The Most Bad Signs

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