As in almost every aspect of your life, your zodiac sign can give you signs of whether you are addicted to love or not. There are signs that find it easier to fall in love and trust people more than others. Love is not an exact science and everything will depend on the personality of each sign. Here we show you a ranking about the signs that are most addicted to love:



Scorpio as a passionate sign that is very important to love. The world of Scorpio revolves around passions and emotions and he/she knows it. Scorpio is a person who lives to experience and expresses all their emotions, it is true that, unlike other water signs, Scorpio tends to be more balanced. Scorpio treats love in a very special way. He loves having that feeling of full happiness.

That is why when Scorpio is in love, he treats his relationships with passion, tranquility, and serenity, he shows a great balance of emotions. He does this because he knows that his intensity can drive anyone crazy, so he tries to have a balance. When it comes to enjoying love, Scorpio wins every one, knows how to embrace those good and happy vibes.


Pisces is a person who is made for a fairytale love. Of all the zodiac, Pisces is the most gentle, intuitive and compassionate person. Pisces is like a walking hug. He is someone who lives constantly dreaming, and that is because sometimes you need to escape from reality. A world like this is very hard for someone like Pisces.

It is because of all this, that Pisces is hooked on love because it is a way to escape from reality, it is a way of being inside a fairy tale. He will enjoy the passion he deserves, nothing will be repressed because, for Pisces, love is one of the most beautiful feelings in life. Pisces should think that it may not be so healthy for him/her to always be out of reality.


Libra is a person who feels very attracted to socialization, enjoys a lot with any way of relating. That is why, it is in third place in this ranking, because due to its attraction to interact, it always ends up falling in love with someone. Libra because of that impartial nature enjoys love in a very healthy way, you will never see him trying to manipulate someone, that does not go too much with him/her.

Libra knows how to get the full potential out of each relationship, that’s why she fully enjoys love because she will never fall into the routine. He is not a person of too many adventures, but he also does not like to be stuck in something. He will look for love wherever he goes because he loves having that feeling of full happiness.


Although Taurus can become a very possessive person, love brings out the best in him/her. Taurus knows very well how to enjoy love, sometimes, he can get a little crazy with jealousy, worse in the background when Taurus loves, does anything for that special person. The bull is what everyone wants in a couple, is loyal, affectionate and stable. This is because he is very happy when he is in love and does not want to separate from that person and knows that this is the best way to take care of him.

Taurus gives everything in his relationships and sometimes he doesn’t receive the same, this is what makes him a little jealous and manipulative. You do not see the same interest of the other person towards him/her and this takes you out of their boxes. If you know how to control all this, it is undoubtedly one of the signs that you enjoy most.


Sagittarius is a person who doesn’t like a routine at all, avoids it by all means. He is a person with a thirst for adventure and new experiences. That is why he only wants at his side a person to accompany him in all his madnesses. He wants at his side a person with whom he can commit. That is why he is partly hooked on love, because he knows that all these adventures, in the company of someone have more intensity.

Sagittarius often tends to always think about whether you will find the right person with whom you will spend the rest of your life. He believes that finding his soulmate will cost him, so he is always looking for love. Sagi despite being an independent person also wants some stability in his life. That stability can be found with love.


Gemini is a person who falls in love with every person he knows, not in a strictly loving way, he believes that all the people in this world are unique and that makes Gemini want to know more about them. When talking about love Gemini is well known for getting bored too much of the routine, that’s why he has more than one partner throughout his life. It is difficult for him to find someone, due to his complicated personality.

When Gemini is in love, he feels unconditional love, he is likely to care about everything that happens, if he loves you, he will love you above all else, he will not care about everything that happens. When you bet on someone, you really do it. Gemini is not tied, just like that.


Cancer is a very sensitive person and sometimes quite enamored, that is why he might have expected to look a little higher in this ranking, but no. The reason he enjoys and does not enjoy love is the same: to have thousands of emotions at once. When they are positive emotions Cancer is delighted to be in love, but when they become negative emotions, it is not so happy. Cancer knows that he will always fall in love again and again, but that does not mean that he is addicted to him, he simply falls again and again in his networks.

Cancer loves the feeling of being in love, but when your emotions are too negative they can take you to a very dark side. A side that does not want it to come to light, for himself/herself and for others.


Aquarius is a person who, when he loves, does so from the depths of his heart. He is a very independent person, not usually tied to anyone, he prefers to live his life in his own way, without giving an explanation. He is a very intelligent person, but all that intelligence is clouded when love appears. When Aquarius is in love, he will not only feel love for that special person but will investigate and reflect on all the thoughts and feelings that go through his head at that time.

Aquarius is a good couple, but not extremely hooked on love. He knows that being in love can make his personality in the background and Aquarius will not allow it. When he thinks of love, he thinks of it in a healthy way, where two people complement each other.


Leo has an overwhelming personality and that makes everyone who crosses your path end up falling in love in a way with you. No one enjoys like Leo when he has suitors, he feels loved and above all admired and that makes Leo have self-esteem through the clouds. The problem is that Leo will often value being loved more than real love. He loves being loved and being the center of attention, but he doesn’t spend any time for a relationship to be lasting, because he knows that another will come behind.

It doesn’t matter how much Leo loves you in a relationship, because Leo will always love him/herself more. That is why Leo is not hooked on love, rather he is addicted to being loved.


For Capricorn his professional career is above all, that is why love may not be one of his priorities. Capricorn knows that this is why it is so hard for him to find a person to share his life with. He knows that it is very difficult to find someone who understands him perfectly. He is a fairly constant person who works hard to make everything go as he wanted.

Capricorn, knows very well how difficult he/she is as a couple, but prefers to focus on their priorities, and as we said before, love is not one of them. It is clear, that at some point in his life he will want to seek love, but for Capricorn, it is not a problem to be single and he is very happy being as he is, fulfilling everything that is proposed.


Aries is a person who has love in the background. He is a very competitive person and is perhaps why he is so low in this ranking. Aries is a person who will always want to be first in everything. He knows that being in love will not be so because there will be times when he will have to give in, and that with Aries is not going too much. He is a person who struggles to achieve everything that is proposed and knows that love is often an obstacle. That’s why Aries doesn’t give it much importance.

Many people enjoy life while in love, but Aries is not like that, enjoy reaching the goals you set. Of course, Aries values ​​love, but not as much as other people. Aries will always look first for him/her and then if that when everything is already under control, the search for love will begin.


Virgo is too practical a person to give too much importance to love. Virgo has a way of seeing the world in black and white as it does not stop working hard to get everything you need to be happy. He knows that being in love with things they look a little distorted and he doesn’t like that at all. Virgo likes to see things as they really are.

Virgo is a very cautious person and knows that with love you can get to suffer, that’s why the farther the better. It is clear that he also has feelings and that at some point in his life he will fall in love, but it costs him more than other people, he does not usually trust, just like that and that is why he is placed in the last position of this ranking.