Today we have to talk about the men of the Zodiac and classify them from the best to the worst. How they are as couples, how they treat the people next to them, how they behave when they have to share their lives with someone else. Because yes, it is true that men and women are different even in their zodiac signs. Here is the ranking of the best boyfriends of the Zodiac:


  1. Scorpio

It is true that Scorpio, in general, have a very bad reputation, but Scorpio boys are characterized by being charismatic and charming. Although they are also quite deep and complicated. But once you conquer the heart of a Scorpio man, you will always have his love, his love, and his respect. Despite the bad reputation, he is one of the most loyal men of the Zodiac and, therefore, one of the best boyfriends. It has a very complicated character and sometimes it will be difficult to understand him, but beneath all those layers is a heart of gold. He needs his space and, above all, a couple that understands and respects him. If he has everything he needs, he will do anything to make you happy.

  1. Gemini

The Gemini boy is a charm, and they are super enamored and have a huge heart. He is a gentleman and everything he does always does it from respect and education. One of his best qualities is the way in which he listens to others and the ability he has to see a situation from different points of view. That empathy that characterizes both Gemini in general, in men is much more. The Gemini boy will always care to listen to you, to know what is wrong with you, to give you all the love you need. It is obvious that you also need a person to listen to you and always be there. As a boyfriend, Gemini will always motivate you to achieve more and pursue all your dreams.

  1. Libra

The Libra boys are the most peaceful of the Zodiac. In a relationship, the Libra man will always try to avoid any fight and any conflict. He knows perfectly how to choose each play. He always chooses to fight for something that matters to him and that he knows he can win. Also, the Libra boy is fun and has a very special heart. He goes out of his way to treat his partner well and make him feel comfortable at his side. It is not of those people who only care about what they receive. The Libra boy gives and gives no matter what he receives back. It is true that he also has his things and there will be times when it is hard to understand because he may not express his feelings too much. But if you are patient and, above all, you know what is the key to understanding him, you will have him forever.

  1. Aries

Aries men love to dominate in all the relationships they are in. Therefore, when they meet someone who challenges them and who poses a challenge, they are attracted much more. The Aries boy next to him needs strong people who know how to endure the type. In spite of everything, he is not someone who opens the doors of his heart to anyone. To do this, he will need someone to show him that he will really be there, he will give him all the love he needs and he will stay for a while. It may seem a bit arrogant and sometimes even a little believed, but that is the only facade. Once you discover its softer, more affectionate side, you will realize that it is wholeheartedly. Be careful, because of that facade is sometimes difficult to pass …

  1. Cancer

Cancer men have a huge heart and always carry it in their sleeves. Always follow your heart and not your head. What that sometimes makes them fall in love with the wrong person. That is perhaps the only problem of the Cancer boy, who makes decisions that are not correct because of having so much love in his heart. He needs a lot of love and a lot of attention and that sometimes plays against him. But once he finds the right person, he will love her unconditionally and treat her as no one has ever tried in his life. And yes, Cancer there are times that can spoil your partner with too many details and too much affection …

  1. Leo

The Leo boy is an inveterate romantic. Although on the outside it seems like a very tough and sometimes a little distant person, deep down he believes more in love than he would really like. He is one of those who will do everything possible to get his relationship out of a movie or a book. He will make sure to love and be loved. The Leo man always gives more than he receives because his partner’s happiness makes up for his. It is a very loyal sign, you can always trust him, no matter what. The problem of the Leo man is that sometimes he is too intense. You have to be very strong because if you let yourself go, you go wrong …

  1. Aquarium

Although the Aquarius man may be a bit weird, he is the funniest of the Zodiac. He lives in his own world and always goes to his ball. It is very difficult to tie him or try to handle him. He may not be the best boyfriend in the world because he is terrified of the commitment and because it is very difficult to understand him (and not precisely because of his oddities). But this is not done on purpose, it is more, he will always strive to do things as well as possible. Dating Aquarius can be a spectacular adventure, but you will have to take a lot of risks. With Aquarius, everything is more difficult than it seems, but once you reach your heart, everything changes. Conquering the Aquarius man is too difficult …

  1. Sagittarius

The Sagittarius boy has many difficulties in his relationships because of his impulsiveness. There are times when you make decisions ahead of time or when the time is not right. That is the only problem of the Sagittarius man. For everything else, dating him is an adventure, both for good and for bad. With him, you will never get bored, you will never stop, he will worry about making the best plans, taking you to the best places, living the best life with you. And the bad thing is that it is a bit unpredictable. The damn impulsiveness is what makes him act without thinking, without his partner knowing where he is going to leave. What if, once he is committed, he will be faithful and loyal until the end.

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn has high expectations of everything in his life. And this also includes relationships. Therefore, the Capricorn boy is known for being someone who adds a lot of pressure and always tries to do things as well as possible. To such an extent, that sometimes he becomes obsessed with perfection and when something does not go as he wanted, he becomes angry and locks himself. He likes to be the person who takes the reins, makes the decisions and controls the situations. It can be your perfect partner if you are someone who gets carried away and does not mind being sent. Deep down he has a big heart, but it is his arrogance that puts him in trouble.

  1. Virgo

Dating a Virgo man is not easy. Above all, because he has a very very agile memory, an overly twisted intelligence and a slightly dangerous temperament. Although it may not seem like it, the Virgo man is very jealous and although he tries to control himself there are times when he does not succeed. There is nothing I hate more than infidelity, maybe that’s why I’m so jealous. Also, when he gets angry, there is no one to talk to him, who touches him or who tries to reassure him. You can let go of things from the past that no longer come to mind, just to hurt. Of course, the best thing about dating a Virgo boy is that he is polite to death and when he knows he has done things wrong, he returns and asks for forgiveness for everything or what he did.

  1. Taurus

It is very difficult to get the attention of a Taurus man, perhaps that is why he has such a low position in the ranking. The Taurus man is someone very focused on his responsibilities, his work, and his family. Relationships are never something that is your number one priority in life. And when someone starts to like it, it can take a long time until they are 100% sure of their feelings. He is a faithful lover of commitment, but before reaching that step, he has to make sure of many things. Taurus won’t start a relationship just for fun. The frustrating thing about Taurus is not going out with him himself, if not touching his heart …

  1. Pisces

The Pisces man is a complicated matter … Pisces is known to be a sign with a lot of heart, willing to love to infinity. With him, love will never be missing. The problem comes when you discover its sensitive and intense side, where everything starts to twist. At first, it may be all about roses, but when you really know him, you realize that not everything is as beautiful as you imagine. His sensitivity makes him feel hurt by insignificant things or things that are not annoying for you. It is very intense, sometimes too much, and that makes you need a person with a lot of patience. He has a good heart and the best intentions, but it is not as easy as you imagine.