Ranking Of The Best Brides Of The Zodiac

Ranking Of The Best Brides Of The Zodiac

There are women who awaken your imagination, your desire to thank, to lose yourself in simple things. They have a special gift, they heal your soul, they give you back the desire to continue and they stay there, firm when you need a little encouragement. They are the ones who become girlfriends, friends, lovers, the companions who know everything about you and even with your flaws decide to accompany you. They are not afraid of ties, they want a beautiful love, one of those that can end with a postcard full of flowers while two old men hold hands. This zodiac ranking says it all, it talks about them, about the best women who can reach your days. Ranking of the best zodiac girlfriends:

1.- Cancer 

She is the one who caresses you tenderly and wakes you up with passionate love. She is like that, unpredictable, crazy, funny, and very changeable. She is not for everyone, she needs her partner to be able to understand that her emotions are a whirlwind and that although she often does not understand the reason for her tears, she does not fail you. Cancer can be everything you want, but she is the girlfriend who, if she promises you loyalty, keeps it until the last day she is by your side. She loves the union, the meaning of forming a home and she would not be able to change her family for anyone. Her intention is to be the partner who is always there, the one who supports you, listens to you, and does not judge you. Cancer is the one who can bend pride when it comes to getting back the one she loves. There’s no more.

2.- Pisces 

The girlfriend who has the talent for love, the one who doesn’t need to try very hard to show her emotions: Pisces. At first, she finds it hard to take the step toward commitment, but once she feels safe, there is no going back. She wants to be happy, she wants her charm to fill her partner with good energy and she will do her best to add a touch of creativity if necessary. She is the woman who was born with the gift of being a great mother, the one who fills them with affection, but she is also capable of defending them like a beast. At the moment he decides to make life with someone, he puts understanding first. Also, he makes it clear that loyalty is the most important thing. Pisces does not lower his guard, on the contrary, he looks for a way to evolve without leaving his partner behind. Her love is like good wines, it improves with age.

3.- Libra 

Libra fights against his indecision. In fact, that is the reason why many run away from her love, because at first glance she may seem that she is not ready for commitment. However, she is so stealthy because she is terrified of ending up in the wrong arms. When she falls in love she does not know grays, she looks for a passionate, intense love in which tenderness is more than welcome. She calls her demanding, but she is not going to settle for crumbs and that is why she prefers to wait until the right person arrives. Once she feels safe she complies with you in the most loyal and genuine way. She is synonymous with kindness, romance, and a lot of peace. Having a girlfriend like Libra is a pure respite, it gives you back the hope of believing in love until death does your part.

4.- Taurus 

The girlfriend who steals your attention inside and out. Her physical beauty is not up for discussion and if we add to that the elegant way in which she goes through life, she simply makes her irresistible. She is the woman who has the gift to improve, when she becomes the bride she inspires you to become a better person. She is one of those who prefers to see the glass half full and not throw herself away for anything. However, her intelligence and the way she looks for a routine for everything, make the day-to-day become less thoughtful. She is the wonder woman, she does everything with so little, and for her to complain about something is because she really can’t find a way out because Taurus is always looking for solutions. She has a knack for putting feelings aside from time to time and simply focusing on his goals.

5.- Aquarius 

Yes, she is one of the most valuable women of the zodiac, but few will have the privilege of taking her to the altar because as sweet as she is, she is also determined. If Aquarius doesn’t feel connected enough to someone, she just decides to go her own way. She is nice, generous, and intelligent, she needs someone who is on her level. Once she finds it, she is an expert at taking the boring out of relationships. She does not tolerate falling into a routine, she always looks for a way to make everything more rewarding for both of them. Her pace isn’t slow, so whoever wants to call her “girlfriend,” she’s going to have to be patient with how she thinks and how much she loves to break with convention. Aquarius is love, and courage, it is the courage that changes your life and that motivates you to do what you have always wanted.

6.- Capricorn 

If there is someone who knows perfectly well that marriage is not about a bunch of hearts in the air, without a doubt, it is Capricorn. She is perhaps the most focused woman on the list but at the same time the most difficult to conquer, because her demands are so high that even she herself feels pressured. However, she is a goddess when it comes to having something long-term, she likes to become the one who takes the reins, organizes, and finds a way that both feel comfortable in the relationship. Yes, Capricorn is the girlfriend that you may not tolerate sometimes, especially when she puts schedules, payments, and orders first. She is like that, she is a coordinator by nature, but without realizing it, she becomes the pillar that helps you shine.

7.- Gemini

Gemini, the desired girlfriend, the irreverent one, the one who is never still, but the one who also has a sweetheart, capable of giving herself deeply at the least expected moment. She is the one who cannot fall into monotony because she feels trapped as if she is a machine. However, when she loves, she does so in a supportive, intense, and very loyal way. Gemini is the girlfriend who puts the cherry on the cake, the one who holds nothing back and simply lets her emotions take control. But she also loves adrenaline, adding a touch of creativity to everything. She is very affectionate, one of those who give love on the forehead caresses you out of nowhere, and invites you for a coffee. She is one of those brides who have the gift of surprising you in everything.

8.- Scorpio 

A Scorpio bride is for the brave, for those who are not afraid of the flare of emotions, for those who are willing to love without filters, because she is the woman who is not going to pretend for any reason that she is not. You love her as she is or you don’t love her, there is no more. If she decides to stay by her side, you have to know that she will bring out the best in you, she does not demand you, she does not want to change you, but she identifies your dreams and motivates you to fight for them. In addition, her character is strong, someone like that is always needed by her side, who is not afraid to take the reins from time to time. Teaming up with Scorpio raises your potential, but not everyone is ready to shine so brightly. There are those who prefer to continue being satisfied with being one more and fulfilling what society demands.

9.- Virgo

Do you want to see a Virgo dressed in white and saying that she agrees to marry you? Well, I wish she was as simple as writing it, but the truth is that she is quite a demanding woman. She is one of those who prefers her solitude rather than end up dealing with people who have no idea what commitment is. Virgo does not have time to play in love matters, if she decides to be by your side it is because she really wants to build something for the future because what she values ​​the most is her time and she does not give it to just anyone. She is the girlfriend who makes you see the pros and cons of everything, the ones that she has to analyze meticulously. She is not used to following orders, but she is used to working in a team. She may not be the most expressive, but she is the most faithful. If Virgo gets married it is because she adores you and she also wants to please you.

10. Leo 

Only life knows how beautiful the heart of a Leo woman is. She deserves to be happy, not settle for loves that love you one day and not another. Leo loves her from the roots and with fear that her soul will be shattered, but she still dares her. It is an honor when she becomes your girlfriend because she shows you what care is. She cares about you, about your mental, physical and emotional health. Yes, maybe he has impulsive moments, in which he wants to run away from despair, but in the end, he doesn’t let go. Leo wants to build something for the long term, to have the security of waking up every morning with the person he loves and putting his hands in the fire for her, if necessary. His passion is the one that knows no limits, the one that reminds you of your first love, but he doesn’t want to be number one, he wants to be the last person in your life, the one who accompanies you until the end.

11.- Aries

She is the glorious bride, the one who steals glances for her obvious beauty, the one who makes you fall in love at first breath and doesn’t let go once she promises you loyalty. Aries loves to break the established rules, do not expect her to be the girlfriend who keeps up appearances, if she does not agree with something she will tell you without fear of anything. There may be times when war rules her, but she has a knack for setting limits. Aries does not harm the one she loves, on the contrary, she defends him tooth and nail. As her girlfriend she expects to be paid in kind, she doesn’t intend to settle for less from her. But please, don’t you dare betray her, because, with the same fire that she loves you, she disappears from your life overnight.

12.- Sagittarius 

Marry Sagittarius if you have the pants to face the sudden changes in life. Stay with her if you are not going to run away when her desire to paint new colors is present. Because she is not the woman that you will find anywhere, she is the exception, the one who is not one bit afraid of being alone. The one who dreams big, with unknown places, with unique people, with making journeys that accelerate more than just her heart. She wants you to love her from freedom, she doesn’t want you to need her, she wants you to miss her and want to include her in your plans. She does not run away from commitment, she runs away from loves that bind, that seeks to change, that describe her as strange. She flees from those couples who believe that love has to be perfect and who want to leave at the first crisis. She flees from that and for something like that it is better to stay alone.

Ranking Of The Best Brides Of The Zodiac

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