Ranking Of Signs With The Sixth Most Developed Sense

Ranking Of Signs With The Sixth Most Developed Sense

Surely you have sometimes anticipated what was going to happen, no one had told you anything, you had no way of knowing, but you were sure that they were not fantasies. Our sixth sense is as if it were a kind of magic, we do not know where those thoughts or sensations come from, they simply arrive without our being able to reason them. Some people have the ability to anticipate what is going to happen, or intuit what another person is feeling. We are all to a greater or lesser extent intuitive, your intuitions may even scare you and that is why the courts, but what is clear is that there are signs that are more given to these incomprehensible moments. And if you know your Moon sign, you should pay attention to it, because it is the way your subconscious communicates with you, and many times your sixth sense is marked by your Moon.ranking of the signs with the most developed sixth sense:

12.- Aries

The sixth sense of Aries is not very evident, it is more marked in his early years. Aries boys and girls often act impulsively, out of hunches that are very accurate. And these moments of intuition can occur later, as adults, although it is not usual. The sixth sense of Aries is penetrating but not many times in your life, unless you have the Ascendant or the Moon in a more intuitive sign. Aries does not allow time for the sixth sense to appear because it goes out to act before anyone else, and sometimes it is difficult for them to connect with their calm and reflective part that later favors that ability to have a feeling. If you are Aries, it would be good for you to take a few minutes every day to breathe, to clear your mind and to open up to everything the universe wants to tell you. Actually we all have that sixth sense but you have to give it space to speak. So even if you are in last place, trust when you feel hunches, because they can bring you a lot of truth.

11.- Virgo

Virgo’s sixth sense lives in the background. Virgo worries too much about analyzing every idea that passes through his mind and, dear Virgo, there are things that cannot be analyzed with the intellect. Ideas that come from the heart, from the universe …

Virgo finds it difficult to trust this, and if an intuition appeared that forced him to change course, he would not follow it. Because he also has intuitions, but he immediately dismantles them, takes away their value and ignores them. Stopping every now and then, calming your mind in a quiet, natural place, and drinking plenty of water are simple tips that you can add to your routine to help ease feelings. These will also help you in your relationships, to know what the other person wants without having to say a word.

10.- Leo

Leo he has the ability to intuit, but he does not usually use it much. Leo is more concerned with what he can actually see, and it is usually a sign that he overlooks what he feels a bit more. That is why many times he does not realize that what is happening to him is a premonition. The easiest way to access these insights is through the path of dreams. There Leo abandons himself to the dream world and his dreams may bring him small messages, details that he has not wanted to pay attention to during his conscious day. Leo has to continually remind himself that his instincts are not going to fail him, trust and let himself be carried away by what he feels at first. If you have a strong desire to write or see someone you should do it, learn to let yourself go and be able to see that many times the coincidences are too strange,

9.- Libra

Libra is very in tune with beauty, and with her imaginary world, but she disconnects a bit from what is happening in reality. So your intuitions are not always available. It has potential, but uses it little. Usually he listens a lot to his friends, but he stays in what they tell him instead of heeding that voice that tells him that the person in front of him is not being completely honest. And if we talk about more prescient intuitions, Libra knows little about this. Perhaps because it is a sign that lives a lot in the present and does not need sparks of knowing what is going to happen. Libra is more connected to enjoying everything that life has to offer and if there is a feeling that scares him a little, he will try to look the other way, instead of understanding what the universe wants to tell him.

8.- Taurus

Taurus is a sign that connects to its loved ones and usually intuits what happens to the person next to it. But their hunches about things that might happen are not so common. Maybe because you don’t especially need them. For Taurus, it is enough to live calmly from day to day. It is very connected to the earth so if you wanted to develop your sixth sense a little, getting in touch with it so that you can use it in cases of need, it would not be very difficult. But it’s not something he usually does. And it does not usually pay much attention to those who say they have it.

For what it is intuitive is for bad vibes, when you are around people who are not entirely honest, or who seek to harm you, something in Taurus goes off as an alarm, and trusting them becomes difficult. As this happens, we advise you Taurus, that you try to trust other more pleasant little intuitions that come to you, and that perhaps help you make decisions. Don’t be afraid to completely change course if something inside you tells you that you are not on the right track.

7.- Gemini

Gemini She has a good sixth sense, but she doesn’t listen to her as much as she should. Every time a hunch comes to him, he reasons it too much, and this in the end leads him to think about other topics, completely forgetting how premonitory he just felt. Focus Gemini, you don’t know how important it is to listen to yourself first. You need moments of solitude because your intuitions are usually very strong, but they want you to listen to them. How many times have you felt that you should write to a friend and in the end you haven’t? And then you realize that indeed, that person needed your help or was thinking of you. Don’t miss out on this Gemini power of yours. And let’s not talk about your dreams anymore, sometimes they are even scary because of how successful they are.

Do not let this happen Gemini, give yourself the pleasure of listening to yourself more and your life will give a radical change.

6.- Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, his sixth sense is a survival method, as it gets him out of all the trouble he gets into. Because Sagi’s honesty always puts him in situations that he would not emerge from if it weren’t for fleeting intuitions that arise in the most critical moments. Sagi does not usually speak with bad intentions, although what he says sounds out of place, and with Jupiter as regent he has luck on his side, so even if we do not understand how he does it, he always comes out unscathed from his comments. In addition, Sagi tends to “smell” things, few people are able to hide something from him, especially in terms of what others are thinking. Although he knows little about them, he soon realizes what wood they are made of, and whether or not he can trust them. So never take a Sagi for a fool, if you see him pretending to be the one who doesn’t know anything, happy in his world, rest assured that he is realizing everything. Of course, enjoying life does not take away anything or anyone.

5.- Capricorn

Capri, being such a realistic earth sign, lives a lot from her intuitions, and should trust them even more. Many of your insights are born from your deep wisdom, the one that Saturn gives you, to understand how reality works. It is quite a logical type of sixth sense but nobody knows where it was born. Capri knows, and he cannot be fooled with anything, and if he trusted himself more he would be a few places higher in the ranking. But Capri’s biggest problem is her insecurity, in fact she often regrets not wanting to give space to her sixth sense, having ignored it because it was something “unlikely” to happen. But Capri, your soul knows, and as much as some of the things you realize hurt you, you shouldn’t turn your back on them.

4.- Aquarius

The sixth sense of Aquarius is a key to the future. Many times it seems as if Aquarius has taken a trip back in time, and now comes with the ideas that we will have in a hundred years. And his sixth sense premonitory is chilling. That is, their hunches are usually right nine times out of ten. In everyday things in life such as knowing who is going to send you a message or in more critical moments in which these intuitions are scary. They are similar to those of Pisces, which enter directly into the mind and are accepted by Aquarius without much questioning. This makes it one of the most intuitive signs of the zodiac. It also has the ability to convey what you are thinking without saying anything and to know what you are thinking, even before you know it yourself. Yes indeed, You will seldom accept that you have these “powers” out loud, because you are not usually a superstitious person and you like to take a logical point of view. But even if he does not say it openly, he does usually give him space and attend to his intuitions.

3.- Pisces

Pisces is one of the most intuitive signs, but sometimes you confuse those premonitions with your own fantasies, or vice versa. His sixth sense is very psychic, it penetrates his mind and that is why for Pisces it is very easy to ignore it without question. But it is not that Pisces has intuitions constantly, in fact they are momentary, what happens is that he always knows how to take advantage of them, he gives place to them, he listens to them. You don’t question anything, you just feel. They come to Pisces in the form of lightning, something he suddenly feels, a strange idea in his head. And the best thing is that you do not panic, you simply commit to that idea and this helps you in your life. Pisces sensitivity also helps you connect with what others are feeling. If your Moon is in this sign, you will have to learn not to overwhelm yourself with this excess of sensitivity,

2.- Cancer

Cancer is moved by very precise feelings, which come at the most critical moments. It is a sign that smells things, from which you cannot hide anything. Cancer has the ability to know if something is happening in his family or in his circle of friends, if there is someone who is having a bad time, he even senses things that are going to happen. In addition, you feel very close to your ancestors, even if it is not consciously, they may talk to you, or send you messages without you noticing. Especially at night and with the new moon.

Thanks to his sixth sense, he knows how to understand people’s deepest feelings, even before those people even realize they have them.

1.- Scorpio

ScorpioYou know things directly, your sixth sense is the most developed in the zodiac. For him, feeling is his way of life. He has the ability to know what others are feeling and also the clairvoyance to see what is going to happen, with superhuman security. While the other signs have concrete and ephemeral moments of intuition, Pluto gives Scorpio a very deep sixth sense. Almost as if they were super powers. On the other hand, the taste for occult sciences, and its characteristic relationship with everything that has to do with the passage to the afterlife, arouses his curiosity, and usually makes him more prone to approach premonitory methods such as the Tarot. This further develops your sixth sense, which you can always trust. If your Moon is in this sign, you may feel a bit drowned with such strong sensations. Give yourself your moments of affection, and learn to relate to your emotions that are very strong. But never put aside or try to silence your sixth sense.


Ranking Of Signs With The Sixth Most Developed Sense

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