For many, this time of year is the time of happiness, family gatherings, and good wishes. For others, it can be a real disorder … It seems that everyone at this time should be happy and overflowing with the Christmas spirit. Today, saying that you don’t like Christmas is almost like saying that you are from another planet. What we should accept is that there are people who love these holidays and others who don’t, and we should stop judging people for this. Here we bring you the Ranking of the signs that love Christmas VS those who hate it…


Nº1 CANCER: Cancer is one of those people that you can catch by singing Christmas songs on Halloween. He loves the atmosphere that is lived in the streets on these dates and the illusion with which he lives Christmas nobody will ever take it away. He is a very cautious person and will have all his purchases made before the end of November. He loves the illusion of Christmas and seeing the smiles on his loved ones.

He is the first of all his friends to have his Christmas tree completely decorated. It is the definition of the Christmas spirit. For Cancer, this is really the happiest time of the year.

Nº2 TAURUS: When Christmas arrives, Taurus is again a child. He loves to enjoy the illusion that he lives all those days, it is as if people become more friendly than normal and he really loves it. He loves to examine all the old ornaments he has since he was little and will buy everything he needs to decorate his house perfectly.

Although most people think that the Christmas holidays are truly stressful, for Taurus it is the opposite. Think of it as the only time of the year when you can reduce speed and enjoy the moment.

Nº3 LEO: Leo loves this time of year because he feels he can take out all the children that live inside him/her. He loves children, he will find a way to spend time with his cousins, nephews or small neighbors to get all the illusion that children live with Christmas. It is the kind of people who will do everything possible for children in the future to remember Christmas of their childhood as a happy time.

A fortune will be spent on gifts because, for him/her, this is only once a year, so, you will have to take advantage and take out all the possible smiles. For Leo, Christmas tries to make children smile.

Nº4 VIRGO: Virgo loves Christmas because his house is completely transformed. He loves to decorate his house with the most innovative Christmas decorations. Enjoy a lot with the preparation of Christmas, the preparation of dinners and meals. He loves spending time with his loved ones. It is a time when Virgo is friendlier than normal and he feels that no one at this time of the year deserves to feel sad.

He loves all that atmosphere that is lived in the streets that day, he loves to see the smiles of others because as bad as it is happening that makes him forget everything bad, even for a moment, and is happy.

Nº5 AQUARIUS: Aquarius is not the most sentimental person in the world, but when Christmas arrives it is completely transformed. Feel the need to spend all the time in the world with your loved ones. Christmas makes Aquarius recover the illusion, he loves to choose gifts or create his own homemade gifts, he loves this time of year and all because he feels like a little boy.

He loves to see how others are surprised with his gifts, he is a very generous person, he enjoys watching more as others open their gifts than opening theirs. Love to see the feeling of joy and happiness on the faces of others.

Nº6 PISCIS: What Pisces loves most about Christmas is spending time with loved ones. Feel a lot of nostalgia for those who are gone, but never lose the illusion for this time of year. He loves to see how all the people he loves meet in the same place, he doesn’t need much more, just feeling wrapped up by all the people he loves.

He loves preparing dinner and meals. He enjoys cooking sweets a lot, it is something he loves, he knows that they are things that are only done once a year and that is why he lives it with such intensity. Pisces loves Christmas and that will never change.

Nº7 LIBRA: Libra considers Christmas as the most romantic time of the year. He loves spending time with that special person he loves with all his soul. Another of his weak points at Christmas is the Christmas songs, you can throw the whole day with “All I want for Christmas is you” in a loop. It is something you cannot avoid.

He loves to take walks with the people he most loves seeing the lights that adorn his entire city. He believes that there is no more magical time of the year, although it is also true that he cannot with the hypocrisy of people at this time of year, it is something that surpasses him …

Nº8 SCORPIO: Scorpio is a person who a priori does not like Christmas at all, will tell you to shut up if he hears you sing a song, he hates all those bells because they get in his head and it is impossible to get them out of his head, but everything is the nozzle. When Christmas comes it is the first to get into the spirit of the holidays.

It is true that it can be thrown the whole year cursing this time of year, but then it will be one of the first to hang the Christmas lights. He will not stop sending Christmas cards congratulating the holidays to all those people who have made that year special. Of course, Scorpio will always celebrate the holidays in his own way, nothing to follow the traditions, he/she creates his own.

Nº9 ARIES: Aries as a child loved Christmas holidays, but when they become adults, the magic and enthusiasm they have for this time of year are fading. It does not support the idea of ​​not being able to live these dates as it did before. There are loved ones who are no longer at the tables … and above all, it does not support knowing that their loved ones are far away and cannot spend time with them.

For Aries, Christmas is no longer as important as before, he prefers to give more importance to other times of the year such as his birthday or any other time when he does not have to pretend happiness just to please others.

Nº10 CAPRICORN: Capricorn is not the biggest fan of Christmas, basically because he feels that this time steals his attention. He is more dispersed than ever and he doesn’t like that at all because he feels he abandons all his work and all his efforts to get everything he wants. He does not like to have the feeling that the world stops just because it is Christmas.

He hates receiving gifts altogether, he hates how people take advantage of gifts for both their birthday and Christmas gifts, they are two very different things and that is why Christmas is not something he is passionate about.

Nº11 SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius is that person who as soon as a Christmas song appears on the radio instantly changes the station, he already has enough to hear the musical threads of the shopping centers … Sagi does not like anything about how exaggerated people are in This time of year, it is as if the whole world is transformed and they are not themselves.

He hates this time of year because he doesn’t feel at ease surrounded by so much hypocrisy. He/she is as it is 365 days a year and not because this time comes it becomes something artificial. It does not support having to get together with family members who only see once a year and who do not have any contact and for all this Sagi does not like Christmas.

Nº12 GEMINI: For Gemini Christmas always comes before you have the opportunity to prepare. He always catches him off guard, is so busy with work and his things that he always ends up buying gifts at the last minute and spends a fortune. Of course, he loves spending time with his family and blah, blah, blah, but Gemini hates emptying his bank account at this time of year.

He doesn’t like anything as all these dates have been commercialized. He does not support the hypocrisy of the people and puts him in a bad mood until the holidays are congratulated. It is rare in him/her because Gemini is usually joy everywhere, but when loved ones begin to be missing at the table…. It’s something that affects him too much and that’s why he doesn’t like these dates at all …

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