Ranking Of Signs That Make Friends More Easily

There are signs that seem to be born with power and with the ease of making friends with anyone, be it person, animal or inanimate object. It is something they are born with and that they have in their essence. There are other signs that find it much more complicated to open up, get closer to others, leave their fears out and trust the other person. Here is the ranking of the signs that make friends more easily:


  1. Libra

It is likely that no one is surprised that Libra is number one in this ranking. Although it is true that there are times when you have your sweet and shy point, when it comes to meeting new people and expanding your social circle, Libra is a super outgoing person. One of Libra’s greatest virtues is that he doesn’t usually criticize without knowing that person. It is not one of those who judges a person by their appearance or by their ways of thinking.

Libra is a very open socially speaking person and is looking forward to meeting new people to expand his circle of friends. If you want to make Libra happy, introduce your friends, the people you know, take you to places where you can talk to others, where you can exchange your ideas with others. Libra lives by and to communicate and share everything he does with others.

  1. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is not far from the level of Libra. With that special energy that gives off, with that optimism with which he faces life, with the desire he has for fun and having fun, it is very easy for Sagittarius to become friends with everyone. He has a sense of humor so special and so natural that it makes anyone want to be by his side and be his friend.

Being near a Sagittarius means laughing constantly and always having interesting and fun conversations. Sagittarius is an outgoing being who is not ashamed or knows her. It is one of those people who dare everything, who are not afraid of anything and who love adrenaline. In addition, with that beak and that labia he has he is able to make friends with anyone, even the walls.

  1. Aries

It is practically impossible to meet an Aries and who does not want to be your friend. Aries is known for being adventurous, friendly and very funny. It is one of those people who are able to have a party anywhere and keep up the fun anywhere. It’s that person that makes you laugh and that makes any moment fun. In addition, it is very social, although perhaps not as much as Libra or Sagittarius, but still, he enjoys very much meeting new people, expanding his circle of friends and being able to share his opinions with others.

Aries loves to constantly surround himself with people and loves to feel that there are people who listen to him. No matter what kind of person you are, Aries is served by anyone who keeps you company and makes you feel heard.

  1. Gemini

You could say that what is best given to Gemini in life is to make friends. Gemini is that person who goes out and greets everyone. Wherever you go, Gemini knows someone. It is something that comes naturally. He has that energy so exciting and so alive that he needs to communicate anyway. And is that Gemini has a conversation to give and give, whether you know it or not. It is one of those who talk to strangers if the occasion requires it.


He has no trouble making friends. The only thing that sometimes slows him down a bit is that he usually worries a lot about what others think and think about her/him. It is not that he is obsessed by what others say, but he is paying more attention than he should. And being such a social person, so free, so outgoing, you should stop thinking about it and value yourself as you deserve.

  1. Taurus

Taurus heart is huge and he needs to have people with whom to share all that love and affection. It is true that many think that Taurus is a very cold person, very distant and who has trouble opening his heart, but, even if that were true, it would not prevent him from making friends. When people see a Taurus appear, the impression they get is that he is a very serious and very introverted person, but the reality is far from that.

Yes, Taurus has a hard time trusting someone, but that does not mean he goes around with the face of few friends. He is such a loyal and honest person, that everyone wants to be his friend, everyone wants to have a Taurus in his life. And that’s why it’s so easy to make friends. It may not be as open as other signs, but it is that security and that confidence that conveys that makes everyone want to be by their side.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio is at the intermediate point because something very curious happens with this sign. The scorpion loves to meet new people, make new friends, expand their social circle, etc … The problem really is in the image that others have of him/her. It has so much strength and transmits so much mystery and so much darkness that people are afraid to approach Scorpio. But from here, a tip for all those who are afraid: Scorpio does NOT bite if you have no reason for it.

Yes, it costs him a little to trust others, but that does not mean he does not like to start a conversation and make new friends. In addition, it has such magnetism and such a special attraction that it makes many people dumbfounded. So, please, let no one else be afraid to approach Scorpio because the reality is that he is looking forward to making new friends and meeting new people. Best of all is that special sense of humor you have …

  1. Cancer

Cancer also knows how to be very social and very kind when he wants and, above all, when he feels comfortable. People want to be friends with Cancer because of their love, but also because of their intuition. That way he has to let you know, to make you see things before others. Anyone would like to have at their side a person who told him things before they happened … Cancer is a super kind and generous person who always puts his loved ones ahead of himself. The only problem that Cancer is is that he is too shy and that he is very afraid of what others think of him/her.

Cancer is afraid that others will discover its dark side, its secrets, its defects and run away. He is afraid of not being accepted, but that is simply ideas and paranoia that exist in his mind. If Cancer will leave all those fears and insecurities behind, he would make friends more easily. It’s the damn insecurity that always bans him …

  1. Leo

That Leo is a charm and that he is a very social person, they know it here and all over the world, that is clear. But there are a couple of things for which he doesn’t make friends so easily. Like, for example, your pride and your ego. It’s not that Leo is a haughty and very selfish person, moreover, Leo with his people is possibly the friendliest person in the world. But, because of that ego and that self-assurance, it conveys the image of being an arrogant person. And it’s not that I do it on purpose, it’s that it comes naturally.

Moreover, Leo has times when he would like to make others see that it is not so, that he is basically a kind and nice person, but it is impossible. To make friends, Leo has to work hard to show others that this image is totally false. In addition, once you discover the true Leo, you realize everything he keeps inside, how intelligent he is and all the things he has to contribute to the world.

  1. Capricorn

It is extremely difficult for Capricorn to make friends, but when it has to be social, it is. The main reason why Capricorn has difficulty making friends is the suspicious and negative side. And it is that Capricorn is one of those people who do not trust even their own shadow. It is like that and you can’t help it. And that distrust comes to light especially when he has just met someone new. In a first encounter, Capricorn is always friendly and polite, but that’s it.

Do not expect Capricorn to tell you his life, give you his phone number, tell you where he lives on a first date or on a first meeting. Capricorn is more about maintaining distances until you know well that you are talking to someone you trust. He is such a reserved and private person that it is very difficult for people to approach him, it is very difficult for him to even start a fluid conversation. To make friends much easier, what Capricorn should do would be to leave those fears behind and bring out his wonderful sense of humor.

  1. Pisces

There are a lot of wonderful qualities that attract people to Pisces. The fish is a person with a huge heart, with incredible kindness and empathy. He is compassionate, authentic and kind. But the real problem of Pisces when making friends is damn shyness and that he is a very introverted person. Pisces is terrified of trusting someone and having his heartbroken.

He does not want to suffer, he does not want to leave his heart to anyone to play with him with his craving. That is what makes him such an insecure person when it comes to meeting new people. And the others do not dare to get so close to Pisces because they see him as a too introverted person and who would have a hard time getting to know the whole. All Pisces needs is a lot of patience.


You need friends who have all the patience in the world and more. He needs people to transmit confidence and calm from the first moment. This will be how all your fears go away little by little.

  1. Aquarius

With Aquarius, something similar happens as with Pisces. It is so introverted that it costs a lot to approach him/her. When you really know Aquarius, you realize how fun, friendly and interesting it is. Aquarius is a pandora’s box that holds many secrets inside. The problem is that this box is VERY difficult to open. And the problem is that Aquarius is very reserved and very private. Yes, you can start a conversation with anyone, but there will be nothing else.

It costs a lot to become a true friend of Aquarius and only a few lucky ones know what it means to be their friend. That tendency of Aquarius to be so detached and so independent can confuse others and make them think that they are not really interested in making new friends. But it is not so, it is not that Aquarius does not want to make new friends, it is that it is very difficult for him to open up and let others see everything he has inside.

  1. Virgo

The only reason why Virgo is at the end of this list is because of his shyness. Without doing it on purpose, Virgo tends to be a very private, reserved and quiet person. Virgo is more about looking than acting and that is why people who think they are too introverted. But it is that Virgo needs to analyze people perfectly before trusting them and being their friend. Although Virgo has a hard time making friends at the beginning, he is a deep friend of his friends.

With his people and with his loved ones, Virgo is a very funny, intelligent, admirable person. People love to be friends with Virgo because of their intellect, their consideration, their advice, their ingenuity and the fact that having a conversation with him/her will never be boring. But until you reach that level, you have to work hard. Being a friend of Virgo is not easy and you have to work it out. Virgo does not go around giving his friendship to anyone, that is clear …


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