Everyone knows that there are more romantic signs than others, more intense when it comes to living love. There are some who love to be in love and give their all with their partner and others who simply enjoy solitude and do not love in the same way as others. There are signs that LIVE love and relationships as if they were the only thing they had in their life. Here is the ranking of the signs that most intensely love:


  1. Pisces

Normally Pisces is a sign that always takes your heart wherever it goes. Love with an intensity that cannot be compared to anyone else. And best of all is not that intensity, but you are not afraid to show your feelings. Pisces is shown as-is from the beginning and has no problem in declaring or expressing what he feels. He does not retain what he feels for anyone. Pisces takes great pride in his heart and seeks people who really know how to value him. Pisces is one of those people who believe that if they follow what their heart says, in the end, everything will work out.

  1. Scorpio

Scorpio does not hide when it comes to love. It is very intense in all aspects of life, obviously, it would also be in love. Earning your trust is not easy. It may take a while to admit that he is in love, but he has a very deep heart. He values ​​trust, honesty and for that reason, he will not leave with someone who does not give everything in a relationship. Scorpio wants and needs to love intensely, he doesn’t want things halfway. Or all or nothing. That of something intermediate, no. If Scorpio gives you his heart, he wants you to give him/her, too.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is one of the most emotional signs. He recognizes that he is someone who needs more love and more attention than usual. He has a heart of gold and greatly values ​​the love he receives from others. He always puts a lot of effort into any relationship, he loves it so much that it sometimes hurts. Cancer is one of the signs that fall in love faster and of which the fastest open your heart. Cancer is intense from beginning to end. In addition, he is able to remember all the little details that have led him to love that way. There are times that it can be a bit sticky and too protective, but it really wants to protect the people you love.

  1. Sagittarius

Although it seems a very detached sign, deep down, Sagittarius has a VERY romantic side. He has a hard time committing, but really they do believe in love. Sagittarius is a very cautious person and will not leave his heart in the hands of anyone without needing it. The intensity of Sagittarius lies in that passion that puts all your relationships. When Sagi loves you, he loves only you, no one else. Once he finds that person, the one who really reaches his heart, Sagittarius is lost in love. Sagittarius’ passion is really something super intense, something that causes fireworks every day.


  1. Libra

Libra is the sign of peace, harmony, respect. And although it seems like a very independent person, deep down you need love to feel alive. Libra is someone who will do anything for the person he loves. It always goes much further, it is not one of those that remain in the surface layer. And yes, we must recognize that they love with such intensity that there are times that they get lost in their emotions and that is why it is difficult to bring them to light. When Libra puts all that little inner chaos in order, he loves in such a way that nothing will seem difficult. It seems not, but Libra has a huge heart capable of loving with great intensity.

  1. Leo

Leo is an intense sign from beginning to end. The problem is that there are times that intensity makes him someone who really doesn’t want to be. Also, whatever you do, you always end up falling in love with the wrong people. Leo’s intensity is wasted. He has so much to give to others, but the problem is that he doesn’t find the perfect person to give it to him. And until he feels 100% sure about it, he doesn’t give it a pass. Despite looking very throwing, deep down, Leo has many doubts, more than he believes. Leo would be much more intense if all those doubts and if his shyness left him …

  1. Gemini

When a Gemini is in love, it changes completely. He becomes a much more thrown person, more impulsive, more rebellious and yes, also a little more intense. When he falls in love, his most intense side comes to light. But the problem with Gemini is that there are times when he doesn’t find himself or that he has a hard time deciphering his feelings. His head takes him to places he shouldn’t go, he raises questions about issues that seemed clear. Gemini’s worst enemy is his damn mind. In love, Gemini is intense when it comes to passionate issues. When the light goes out, Gemini takes out all that it keeps inside …

  1. Capricorn

Capricorn is known to be someone cold and with a large shell to protect his heart. Behind all that layer of ice is his warm heart. That’s where he hides his true feelings. Life has taught him that he must be more cautious to protect himself. To bring his intense side to light, Capricorn must have found someone to trust. The problem is that gaining their trust is not easy and that can make the relationship complicated. With Capricorn, the key is to be patient and let him take the first step.


  1. Aquarius

The most important relationship for Aquarius is the one he has with himself. You may love, even if it doesn’t seem like it, the problem is that many of those relationships fail because self-love doesn’t dominate. Aquarius is a different person and cannot be compared to anyone else. When you meet him/her, you realize that you cannot love him just as you have loved the rest. For Aquarius, love is always something complicated, something that is difficult for him to manage. It is not that he does not know how to love, but that there are times that what he feels is great and he is overwhelmed.

  1. Aries

Aries is a person with a lot of passion in his body and that can make you think that he is someone very intense. And yes, it is when it has to be. The problem is that Aries has a hard time committing to finding that person to give everything to. It is one of the most difficult signs to fall in love with due to his strong personality and your impulsive nature. He has a very strong character that makes not anyone able to fall in love with him. Aries can love intensely, but ONLY when he finds the right person. And that person will not be someone he finds overnight.

  1. Virgo

Virgo is not a sign that gives priority to love in your life. It focuses a lot on itself and its objectives. He works harder to fulfill his plans, to make his dreams come true, to make everything perfect than for love. Virgo with love always lags behind. And not because he has no suitors, but because he prefers to invest his time in something more productive. To be intense in love, Virgo needs a person to teach him to love. Let me show you that there is something else behind all those goals that you dream of achieving.

  1. Taurus

Taurus is the most stubborn sign of the Zodiac, if not the most. Taurus is someone who has a hard time recognizing his feelings. Much more than anyone else. He can love, but he won’t recognize it. If you manage to get your heart to open and take out all that has been kept inside, you are a lucky person. He has a very hard and very strong personality and will not fall in love with anyone. It closes enough to protect itself and not suffer for love. Because for Taurus, suffering for love is the worst thing that could happen to him. Taurus can love, but he won’t do it just like that.

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