Ranking From Sweetest To Most Bad Sign Of All The Zodiac

It’s real, we all have those days when we don’t want to know anything about anyone, when you break down and end up hurting the other. That’s when your evil takes control, but there are zodiac signs that use it as an ally to tear down everything in its path and when it does show up, they don’t touch their hearts one bit. However, there are also those who honor sweetness and feel terrible when they are responsible for the tears of others. This is the ranking from the sweetest to the worst sign of the entire Zodiac:

1.- Cancer 

Cancer is so noble that it is always looking for a way to help the other. He is incapable of plotting willful evil against someone, even after they break it. His temperamental side may hold a grudge, but from there to being vindictive and cruel, there is a huge gap. Cancer cannot handle the pain of others,sometimes, it appropriates blame that does not correspond to it. His character is strong, but the worst thing he can do to you is treat you with his indifference.

2.- Pisces 

Although many think that Pisces is the sign to which you can do whatever you want and will continue to forgive you, they are in error. He’s sensitive and empathetic, but he’s not going to let himself be treated to the tip of his shoe either. They may be offended and even disappointed, but it is not reason enough to hurt you, on the contrary, you cease to exist. Pisces when it is proposed is very determined and is not willing to give second chances to people who do not deserve it.

3.- Libra 

In the ranking of the sweetest to the baddest sign of the entire Zodiac, Libra occupies the third position. The sign that decides to wrap itself in peace is the one who prefers to plunge into the depths of the other’s emotions. Your goal is to understand and not to judge. Libra has generosity and a lot of love in his heart, he is incapable of hurting someone. He feels terrible when he discovers that some of his unintentional actions end up hurting someone. The problem is that many times it opens the doors to people who are not worth it, because they realize their sensitivity and abuse.

4.- Taurus 

If there is a sign that is capable of embracing patience, without a doubt, we are talking about Taurus. He is really the one who has the ability to let the criticisms and comments he did not ask for fly away where they came from. Their emotional intelligence is superior to the rest, so they don’t waste time on revenge, they just let karma do its thing. Taurus seeks stability and if there is something that is only taking away, put an end to it but it is not bad.

5.- Capricorn 

An elegant, subtle, constant and very disciplined sign. Maybe Capricorn is not the most open in expressing their emotions are counted those who come to know its underbelly. However, it is a sign that has enough control and patience to fall for absurd provocations. He is the one who takes you out of his life and you don’t even realize it. In the least expected moment, it shows you the results of how you no longer mean anything in the blink of an eye.

6.- Leo 

Now yes … we are entering the part of the signs that have no problem in resorting to a bit of evil to make their arguments valid. Leo is a strong, independent soul, but he does not get along with drama and his impulsive side leads him to commit acts that he does not always regret . He is the one who hurts you with the same intensity that he once loved you. If he hurts you it is because you really broke his heart and he wants to show you what he felt every night that he cried.

7.- Sagittarius 

The reality is that Sagittarius does not go through life harming all the people who cross its path, but … when it does, be careful! Because it is difficult to touch the heart . Let’s say that at the moment they are carried away by emotion and prefer to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission. Sagittarius is the one who lives on the edge and loves adrenaline, if we add a bit of evil to that, things can end really badly. His goal is to teach you a lesson, he will not allow you to hurt him again.

8.- Virgo 

Simple, if you mess with Virgo in a bad way, you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences in the worst way. And it is that he is one of those who does not make a fuss, but analyzes in a very controlling and perfectionist way. He is the one who when he gets angry he forgets everything and thinks badly about everything. Reflect on the cluster of thoughts that travel in your head to give you the lesson of your life. He is the one who has the gift of touching exactly your weak points until you see you cry.

9.- Aquarius 

How many times have you heard that Aquarius has no feelings? Yes, it does, but if you wake up its bad part it is better than implore because it will make you suffer. His evil is the worst because it is unpredictable, time may pass and you will forget it, but when you least think it will give you an unforgettable gift. Aquarius is very intelligent, do not try to see his face because you will end up disappointed. He is selfish with people who do not give him in any way and take him out of his life.

10.- Aries 

Aries can be a sweet, impulsive, funny soul. But if you are looking for his dark side, it is better that you think twice, because his temperamental part is carried away by the moment and does not listen to reasons, his objective is to show that he is not played with . He may regret it after using his vengeful side, but in the moment he just lets the evil do its thing. Aries can be so hurtful that you remember what he tells you even after the years go by.

11.- Scorpio 

If Scorpios feel betrayed, they can become the most cruel and indifferent person life has ever presented to you . It really is the sign that honors the concept of evil, it will not stay still until you make you feel twice as much as it lived next to you. He does not forgive, he does not forget, no matter how good your arguments are, he will simply say goodbye and is capable of leaving a scar for a lifetime. It hits you where it hurts the most, its cunning knows no limits.

12.- Gemini 

The one who can become the meanest of all signs. Gemini ranks last in the ranking from the sweetest to the baddest sign of the entire Zodiac. The truth is that Geminis don’t care anymore, he’s used to being seen as the black sheep and if you mess with him in a cruel way, you’re going to meet the most horrible face you’ve ever seen in your life. It is an extremely intelligent sign, most of the time it does not use its strength to bring down the other. He has an ability to detect where to attack, right where your tears can no longer be held and you remember the damage you did to him.


Ranking From Sweetest To Most Bad Sign Of All The Zodiac

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