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Among the astrological signs, some use the lie not to hurt, to value themselves or to protect their privacy. Others prefer to play the card of honesty even leaving to become hurtful. And you, are you part of the zodiac signs sincere or talkative? Discover it with our ranking of astrological signs from the most honest to the most liar …

1. The Aries: the most honest

If Aries is the most honest astrological sign, it’s because he always says what he thinks. Anyway, he does not know how to lie. Too direct to pretend, he even happens to be hurtful with his entourage when he shares his way of thinking!

2. Cancer

Cancer prefers to be silent than to lie. Indeed, he can not stand dishonesty! He knows that it always ends up in tricky situations and he prefers to avoid them. He is someone of integrity who will remain worthy in all circumstances.

3. The Pisces

Trusted person, the Fish is one of the most transparent Zodiac signs. On the other hand, he is often fooled. Of a pensive and naive nature, he tends to believe everything that one says to him!

4. Aquarius

Because he is balanced and straight in his sneakers, Aquarius hates lies. He is an honest and loyal friend, who says everything he thinks. Beware of those who betray him, he will never forgive them …

5. Sagittarius

Free and independent, Sagittarius does not need anyone to exist. He always remains himself and can not be influenced. In this sense, it is part of honest astrological signs. On the other hand, he sometimes exaggerates to embellish the stories he has to tell!

6. The Scorpion

Too bad to be dishonest, the Scorpion always says what he thinks to hurt! But beware, his manipulative side and his constant need to always want to be right can cause him to lie to get what he wants!

7. The Virgo

Because she wants the good of everyone, the Virgin is not one to lie. If she is honest in her relationships, she often happens to lie to herself. Indeed, the image she wants to return does not always correspond to what she really is.

8. Capricorn

Capricorn is a very good liar. Even if it does not happen to him regularly, he can become dishonest to hide a failure. Remember that this is an ambitious sign that does not like when things do not go as planned.

9. The Libra

Even though Libra is not a bad person, she sometimes lies so as not to hurt her loved ones. Looking for the perfect balance in all her relationships, she lies so she does not have to go into conflict! But it must be said, it’s never big lies …

10. The Leo

The Lion is not a born liar, on the contrary, he appreciates sincerity. On the other hand, he can become dishonest to get what he wants. Not to mention the times when he lies to be stronger and more beautiful than he is …

11. The Taurus

Nothing is more important for a bull than his intimacy and his family’s cocoon. Indeed, he hates that we take care of his business! Result? He lies to protect himself and keep his independence …

12. Gemini: the most liar

This is an astrological sign that lies as it breathes! This baritone to impress the gallery. He also happens to lie by telling extraordinary stories when he is bored. In fact, he invents lives. No wonder when you know it’s a two-faced sign …


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