A broken heart is not synonymous with weakness, it is the result of truly loving. When it comes to surrendering, Pisces does not do it the first time, it is difficult for him to show his vulnerability, a zodiac sign that hides emotions and thoughts, for fear of being hurt. But when they fall in love their world is shaken, they do not understand love for a while. So when they leave his soul is left in pain for a while. Therefore, Pisces, if one day he returns, remember how he left your heart in a thousand pieces. 

Someone who is capable of breaking your heart, it is because he touched you beyond your skin, because he knew exactly how to get to what you do not tell anyone. Because he fell in love with your silences and you allowed him to embrace them. Not bad, you are the sweetest and most romantic sign of the zodiac, the one that leaves traces forever, the one that does not stop, the one that even after a bad decision continues to smile.

Pisces, if one day he returns, remember how he left your heart in a thousand pieces.

The problem is that your nobility betrays you, because you can’t help it, you have charm in your eyes and a way of adorning each word, when you fall in love you are one of those who creates beauty when you write. Pisces falls in love with the little things, with the genuine, with what goes beyond the material. Your sensitivity is capable of raising and lowering anyone in a second.

Do not give him another chance, because he tore you to pieces, because he did not care how many times you stayed crying while the pillow lulled you. Because you had to deal with an emptiness that robbed you of your calm, because you felt sad, angry, desperate and wanting to disappear, because you felt guilty when you did nothing wrong.

If one day he comes back remember how he left you, it is not worth breaking you like that and then wanting to return as if nothing had happened. Pisces, look at you, you bring out the best in you and inspire the people around you to do so too. I know that sometimes you feel tired, that life is heavy, that your dreams scream at you unexpectedly, but take this break as a gift.

Sometimes, in the middle of a broken heart there is a lot of light, the hope that you needed to believe in yourself again. Because yes, you can do it, you always can. Pisces is a healer, you can repair, that’s how you got up, that’s how you took a deep breath and moved on. Don’t let anyone come and do whatever they want with your emotional and mental health.

Pisces, you have the gift of digging to the bottom, of getting to the root of your pain. Once you are there, take advantage and give him love, give him the calm he deserves, promise that you will never let anyone humiliate you, that no one yell at you, that no one makes you feel that you are a small thing. You are not here to share your days with someone who does not know what they want in life.

Pisces, remember how he left your heart in a thousand pieces . Remember that you are here to love and to be loved in a very beautiful way. You are not there to be hidden or loved at times. You are here to live days of adventure, of deep talks, of emotions, of kisses, caresses and a lot of hugs, the kind that heal the soul, just like you. Please do not forget.


Pisces If One Day Comes Back Remember How He Left Your Heart In A Thousands Pieces

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