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Love and Dating

By dint of wanting to have the last word, control the slightest movements, translate looks, read in the thoughts of your partner, you pedal in the sauerkraut of your unconscious. You can no longer discern the elements that belong to the realm of your imagination from those firmly rooted in reality. Ingested in a blender, this mixture can be fatal. Therefore, with the soothing intervention of the Sun in your sky, it’s time to sort. So you get to get rid of all those old ghosts. May they haunt other minds than yours!

Health and Fitness

With regard to your health, you are subject to fatigue and you feel a little raplapla. This is probably a protein deficiency in your diet. Catch up with balanced meals throughout the day. The most high-protein foods include dairy products and dried fruits. Where to find? Nothing easier ! An oriental restaurant for lunch with for example a scented tagine to open your appetite and a good cake for dessert.

Work and Money

On the professional front, the harmony that reigns between the Moon and the Sun brings you the best of the two stars: you show ambition and authority when necessary, but are also aware to the needs of others . This astral situation will be even more beneficial if you have hierarchical responsibilities. You feel very concerned about the well-being and the development of your teams. The natives of the sign working on their own will want to redecorate and optimize their workspace. Do not hesitate, it will boost your production!

Family and Friends

If you go through a bad patch, know that you friends are there for you. Nothing forces you to live this event alone. Trust and respect remain unfailing friendships. Even if they do not have an expansive nature, the natives of this sign will have everything to gain from confiding in a loved one. This elected official will be able to help them overcome their pain or misunderstandings. Your confidences will bring you closer, you will appreciate his attentive ear and his good advices.

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