Phrases That The Signs Can’t Bear To Be Said

Phrases That The Signs Can’t Bear To Be Said

Have you noticed that depending on what you say to a person, they get upset a lot? Or do you lose your nerve? Normally, we all have “certain expressions” that get us out of our boxes. And, our zodiac sign has a lot to do with it. We tell you those phrases that you should never, ever say to each sign. These are the phrases that the signs that can’t stand being told:


“Relax”, “Don’t take it like that”. These are the phrases that get you out of your boxes and it is not for less. Aries, you are super independent and very smart, and it really bothers you when someone wants you to behave in a way that is not yours. No sir. You are instinct, you are passionate and if you explode for something, then you do it. No more. Being told to relax is the last thing you need to do it.


Confidence for you is a priority in everything. You do not do anything that does not generate confidence and, even, it is difficult for you to leave your comfort zone. You like people you can trust and talk about everything, but even if you are very patient, when they tell you that “nothing is wrong” because something goes wrong or not as you wanted, you cannot remain silent. You like things well done; you analyze everything down to the last detail to have everything well planned. You take a lot of time for it and think about it well. But, this thing of moving on as if “nothing happened”, is not your thing.


What others tell you, sometimes, matters little to you. Gemini, you know how you are and you love being this way. Dual, crazy, flashy, changeable, or emotional. You do not care. You know how you are and you know that being this way allows you to reach many people; it allows you to help and grow as a person and this makes you special. Therefore, when they tell you that “you should change this or that”, you get like a motorcycle. You don’t want to change, period. And besides, you are extremely upset that someone close to you thinks you should change.


When they tell you that you are too good, that you trust too much, or that you should be a little more naughty, you cannot stand it. The only thing you are looking for in life is to enjoy it and to be able to do it with those close to you. You love the little pleasures in life and you only seek good company and tranquility. In addition, you are sincere and transparent and you do not understand, nor do you want to understand, why you should be “a little meaner” just because other people are failing others.


You love to attract attention and, in addition, you have such a unique personality that it is almost impossible for this not to happen. Leo, you can’t stand being told to “don’t show off” or “don’t give yourself so many compliments”. That if not. You don’t go this way through life. You know the positive and the negative in you and it doesn’t bother you at all to expose it. You are like that. Without further ado, that’s why when someone wants you to stop being the protagonist and wants to hide you in the shadows, you jump with all your might.


The eternal “letting go”. There is no way. It seems that to comfort you, everyone has to tell you the same thing and you can’t stand it. Why should you let go of something you liked? Or, something you like. You are not like that. You like to have things under control and leaving everything up in the air to see what happens is not for you. You are to fight, you are one of those who do not give up. Why this mania of letting go of everything? You compromise on things and being told to look the other way gets on your nerves even more.


You are always by your side, you are always there to help them get up and gain strength. Libra, you like being like this and it makes you feel good about yourself. You are unable to help, although it is not usually you who ask for help when you need it. Now, when someone tells you to “put aside” things, you get a hell of a lot of annoyance. No. Why should you stop paying attention to what is happening around you? Why should you stop paying attention to those with whom you share moments?


Lack of trust is what you can’t stand from others, but you’re not very good at trusting them either. Yours is to show the least part of your being so they can’t see you coming. You like to be reserved; however, you are most observant. Hypocrisy drives you crazy, since you always, but always, go with the truth ahead. Therefore, when they tell you “it can’t be what you say” or “I don’t believe it”, you get like a motorcycle. You can’t stand anyone doubting your word and you won’t allow it either.


“Why do you do it?” This is the question that drives you crazy. Sagittarius, you should not give explanations to anyone and you move on your own. You are independent and like to be on good terms with those you surround yourself with. You do what you want and it bothers you greatly to be told that you should act one way or another. They may or may not like to be who you are, but no one should question your actions. You love your freedom and you are not willing to give it up for anything or anyone.


“Breathe and you will see how it is not so important”. Oh, when they say these words to you! When things go well, they go well, that’s why you’ve dedicated time and effort to them. And, if they go wrong, then you must learn from them and correct them. This is your way of seeing things and when they tell you to let it go, that it’s not relevant, you get highly irritated. In fact, if there is a phrase that makes you jump without thinking it is this. See that you control yourself a lot, but in this case, you are not responsible for your words.


Your mind doesn’t stop. Aquarius, you always have it running and you love to analyze everything, although sometimes it doesn’t seem like it. You are annoyed by those super negative people, who only know how to see the bad in everything and who seem to have never known optimism. You are not like that. For this reason, you get outraged when someone tells you that you are not going to achieve something. Anyone who doubts you, your words, or how much you propose, does not deserve any of your time.


You are very sweet and emotional. Emotions rule you and sometimes you don’t know when it’s necessary to stop being good. But, you love this way of being. You are good, kind, and big-hearted, so you will never stop loving deeply and seeking new beginnings that you think will bring you happiness. However, there are those who see this way of being as exaggerated, as a way to attract attention and this annoys you. Much. You feel what you feel, and you show it in your own way. That they tell you that you are an exaggerated can with you.


Phrases That The Signs Can't Bear To Be Said


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