People Inquire About The Zodiac Signs The Questions Responses A Lot Of

Questions Responses A Lot Of

People Inquire About The Zodiac Signs The Questions Responses A Lot Of

Each zodiac sign has a very specific and nuanced energy, but many times we are left with two or three basic qualities that are repeated in all the descriptions we find on the internet. The truth is that we do not stop wondering where these adjectives come from and if they are really true. If you think of a Leo, pride will always come to mind, or in a Scorpio their emotional intensity, but why are they like that? What is behind all this? If you are also wondering, keep reading and you will find the answers to the questions that people ask the most about the signs of the Zodiac:


Why does Aries have such a strong and explosive temperament?

That the Aries sign opens the zodiac is no coincidence, you have to have a lot of strength and initiative to open paths, which is why Aries, who channels this energy, has a personality that does not hesitate to lash out at anything that comes it’s way. In addition, it is a sign of fire, which means that any spark causes it to explode into flames. Of course, that fast energy does not last long, so after a while, Aries will be the same again after the anger. He knows how to forgive quickly.


Why does Taurus love food?

Every Taurus meme you find on social media will be related to their love of food. This is not as simple as it seems, Taurus’s relationship with food is due to the fact that it is a sign with Venus as ruler. Lover of pleasures, tranquility, beauty, and, of course, good food. If we add to this that he is an earth sign, which needs good material roots, his love for food is more than justified. Food is the first thing we need, along with water, the most precious asset, a giver of life, and, of course, pleasure. 


Why do Geminis seem to have multiple personalities?

Some people are scared of this sign because they never understand it. Getting to know a Gemini is not easy, that is, living with his various personalities is disconcerting and many times others can feel cheated. Gemini is an air sign, that is, mental. His mind is quick, cunning, and quite scattered. You need a lot of stimuli to keep that mind busy and you go from one activity to another, with different people to whom you adopt. It is this adaptation that many people do not understand. You can be in several ways at the same time and not lose your unique essence, you can, for example, practice transcendental yoga and the next day give it your all at a techno music festival. You just have to have an open mind, like Gemini.


Why Cancer’s mood can change in a matter of hours for no reason?

I remember a situation on a trip, a Cancer friend appeared in a very bad mood, whereas the previous day had been wonderful for everyone. There was no explanation, we asked him directly and he said that he didn’t even know what was happening to him, it was just like this day, which changed at night. Cancer’s emotional world is really a roller coaster, they are very empathetic and sensitive, and any situation can lead them to very delicate emotional moments. But the most interesting thing is a planet, in this case, a luminary, ruler. The Moon changes its sign every two or three days and its shape every moment. Cancer, who is so connected to her, cannot prevent these changes from affecting him, it even seems that he had an inner Moon that sets his own pace. But in return he enjoys incredible sensitivity, nurturing capacity, and love for all.


Why is Leo so proud?

Most of the people who ask themselves this question are because they cannot reach Leo in a romantic way, conquering him is often difficult because he asks for too many signs of veneration. Also, it is very rare to see a Leo asking for forgiveness or admitting a mistake. This is because Leo’s ruler is the Sun itself. For this reason, Leo is often blinded by his own brightness and expects us all to revolve around him. 


Why is Virgo the only sign with a woman in its symbol?

There are other signs that have men, like Aquarius and Gemini, but Virgo is the only one that has a young maiden, a Virgin. The reason is that he channels a very feminine and pure energy, related to the earth and also to intelligence. It is a calm and shy sign, analytical and practical, whether it is a man or a woman. It does not mean that Virgos are pure and chaste, but it is certain that they will be more in harmony with themselves if they develop qualities of love, simplicity, and self-care.


Why does Libra hesitate so much?

Anyone who knows a Libra will have been present at one of their moments of indecision. Libra doubts because Libra thinks. There’s no more. You put all the options on your scale but you are not always sure if you have put all of them or which one weighs more. In addition, Libra likes to know all the opinions of his friends, which is why he also talks to all the people he can before making a decision. And if you don’t have that possibility, if it’s a quick and inconsequential decision, it’s likely that you’ll get nervous and don’t know what to do. The solution would be to think less and feel more.


What is the true ruling planet of Scorpio?

Each sign has the ruling planet that lends its energy and cares for it. But sometimes we find different versions for Scorpio or two planets at the same time. This is because in the past the ruler of this sign was Mars in its most passionate and magnetic version. It is the ruler that we find in most traditional astrology until Pluto was discovered in 1930. Curiously, it was noticed that the qualities of this new planet were much more in accordance with Scorpio, with its mysterious, powerful, and possessive part. This is why some astrologers continue to name the two planets and other more modern ones only Pluto.


Why does Sagittarius sound a bit cheeky sometimes?

Surely a Sagittarius friend has told you a comment, without malice, that you could have taken as an offense if it wasn’t because you already know him. Sagittarius is a truth-seeking sign, honest and willing to bring to light everything he discovers. Finding meaning in life involves being honest with yourself and others. On the other hand, for Sagittarius, the things that are really important in life are above the mundane. For example, telling you that you look handsome despite wearing that horrible outfit is not an insult, it’s just his way of being honest with what he thinks and it doesn’t matter. It is important to live life as an adventure, to the fullest. Thanks to this you will always get answers without lies when you ask a person about this sign.


Why is the Capricorn sign a goat with a fishtail?

The Capricorn symbol is one of the strongest in the zodiac. It looks like a mermaid but it clearly isn’t, it’s a goat with a tail. No one is sure where this idea comes from, but it makes us think about the ability that Capricorn has to be thoughtful, and creative, but also to climb the steepest mountains towards their goals. Some say that Capricorn swims through that primordial ocean, full of strange and hidden feelings, of primitive forces, to propel itself with its tail to the surface and continue to climb whatever terrain it must overcome.


Why is Aquarius a heartbreaker?

Aquarians’ reputation as heartthrobs is well deserved. Being a sign that needs many periods of solitude, they sometimes disappear from your life for weeks and then return as if nothing had happened. In addition, that air of misunderstood rebels makes many fall into their networks and get excited, because, even if it is not their intention, Aquarius gives them hope. In its good times, it is quite a social sign and its sympathy can lead to misunderstandings. On the other hand, their need for freedom is incompatible with the idea of ​​a traditional couple. They end up leaving the people who curtail that freedom.


Why is it hard for Pisces to find a partner?

Pisces is a sign known for its ability to dream and this may be the problem. They dream so much that their expectations are very high, and it is difficult for them to find someone who behaves as they think romanticism should. Other times, from waiting so long for Prince Charming, they grab the first person who gives them a little love. Over time they despair because they feel at the mercy of that person, giving a lot and receiving little. They end up spending seasons alone, afraid of going through the same thing again and looking for the ideal person.

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