For Aries, love is not just a sign of much affection and s*x at all hours. For Aries, love is a commitment in which the independence of both parties and confidence in the pure state must be highly valued, until forever … Aries has his freedom at the top of his pyramid of priorities and will only stay next to your partner when you see that there is equality in every way.


The last thing you want is to share time, love and experiences with someone who is putting problems every two to three where there could be quick and effective solutions or, to share life with someone who does nothing more than fan their nerves and their restlessness every two times. three.

Aries wants an adult couple, okay? nothing to have to act as a babysitter with someone who should waste time loving … Aries does not want that. In situations like this, he would vanish without thinking, because Aries will only stay by your side when he sees that his character is accepted, that his partner has the same emotion to travel, to discover, to make plans together …

He will stay when he receives back everything he gives, although it is true that he never asks for it because many times he has received much less than what he gives and yet he has not cared anything, because what Aries really values ​​is the quality and Not the quantity. He will share his life and stop flying when he is with a person who knows that each and every one of his virtues must be respected, that he will understand and NOT question his defects and that, against all odds, he will stay and fight against everything come. Only then, Aries will not leave and fight for love.

Deep down, Aries just wants a love that fights and doesn’t throw in the towel. A love that has some initiative and is prepared for everything, because Aries will never promise a path full of roses without thorns. On the contrary, what Aries promises is REALITY AND TRANSPARENCY in its purest state and everything enters there.

Aries is much more emotional than he would like to acknowledge, and deep down, he will only stay when the love he has next to him truly understands him. The spatial connections are noticed with the look and feel from the first minute, Aries cannot explain it with words, because his fire is the one who warns him. If you tell him to RISK, he stays. If he alerts you, he will leave.