” True love  has no happy ending, because  true love  never ends.” – unknown

One day you will meet someone who is different from everyone else. And it won’t be because of his smile or his laugh or the way he says your name. It’ll be because of the way he’ll make you feel. And once in your life, you will not be afraid to love and be loved.

One day you will meet someone who will get you excited about love. He won’t make you doubt for a second. He won’t make you doubt whether he likes you or not.

You will just know.

With this person, you don’t have to hide your true colors. You don’t have to feel embarrassed and hide your mistakes and imperfections. You won’t have a “what if” buzzing around in your head. You will have no questions, worries, and “maybe”.

When you meet this person, you won’t have to shudder with fear. You won’t have to guess anything anymore. You don’t have to guess his love for you. And if he says he’s not going anywhere, you will know it’s true.

One day you won’t feel this fear anymore. You won’t feel this longing. You won’t feel this emptiness. This hole in your heart

And someday someone will change your life. Because he’ll show you what true love means and how it feels. He will show you that true love is something that doesn’t end. And that you don’t have to run away after all. After all, you don’t have to protect yourself from the impact. You will not be beaten up and broken by unrequited love.

One day you won’t be so scared and scared about getting hurt. You won’t be afraid to be broken. To lose another part of your soul and heart. You won’t be afraid of being fragile. Afraid of losing so much of your love because of you giving and giving and giving.

One day you will be able to breathe knowing that this person will not leave. You will be able to breathe knowing that this love will last. And that this person won’t let you down or run away. You will know deep in your heart that this love will never break you.

You will be able to live and laugh and cry and breathe easier next to that person. You will finally be able to be yourself. To show him your flaws and scars and wounds. You will be able to show this person your full heart, knowing that they will not turn away from you.

One day you will be able to wake up to the love of your life. You won’t feel scared. Or be afraid. Or be sad. Or worried. You won’t feel petrified or feel like it’s hard to breathe.


One day you will meet someone who will show you what true love feels like

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