One day, when you have forgotten me, I will remember you

I will always think that it could have been better if you had the audacity to fight for me. But you were anything but strong.

You were only a coward who abandoned me at the first obstacle that we encountered. You see, you never wanted to make any effort to improve things.

You’ve always been the kind of man who followed the flow, not wanting to improve his life. And it was the same with our love.

At first, you deceived me with your sweet words that you love me and that you will never let me go. For you, I was like a hero who came to save you from the mistakes of your past.

I was the person who reached out to you when you were down to tell you that whatever happens, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

You know, I’ve always been there for you when you needed me, but the hard truth is you’ve never been there when I needed you.

When I look back, I realize that throughout our relationship, I was the only one to make efforts.

You have made no effort to make me feel special. I have never felt beautiful with you.

I never felt desirable with you. I never felt happy with you. And most importantly, I have never felt loved with you.

But every time I decided to leave, you put your mask on your face and you cheated on me with your words.

You said we had something special and there was nothing wrong with falling into a routine from time to time.

And I, blinded by love, I believed in all your shits and I continued to live this life that I did not like.

But deep in me, I knew that I would feel bad if I left you. So, I gave you second chances again and again. And every time, you fucked them in the air.

And that’s the way you made me give up on you. I did not want to be the only one to love and try to make things better. You have to be two to dance the waltz and this time I was alone.

And all of a sudden, nothing made impression anymore. Your promises that you were going to change were not so important to me anymore. Your sweet words had become the ugliest words I could hear.

And your hugs and kisses had become something I wanted to forget.

So, I did it. The day you let me go, I was finally able to breathe. I felt alive, as if my life belonged to me again. After so many years of grief with you, I finally found a smile in my face.

It was small, but it was worth it. And most importantly, it meant that I could be happy again.

There is one thing that I must credit you with. You did something that I always hesitated to do: You finally let me go.

You let go of all the love and affection I had to offer you. You opened new opportunities to live true love.

You left me a chance to find true happiness. And I do not have a grudge about it.

In the end, you did something good for both of you.

The only pain I have is that you have never seen the love inside me.

What pains me is that all this time you thought I was not worth it. And all I’ve always wanted is that you pay attention to me.

I wanted to be the most important person in your life, but I never managed to become one. And now, when it’s all over, I just want to thank you for letting me go.

But I will not tell you those words. When the good man comes into my life, he will see how loving and caring I am. He’ll see that I’m the one he’s been looking for all his life.

He will see that I am a woman who deserves to be loved and when he does, he will thank you for letting me go!

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