Dear you,

One day, you will realize that you have let go of the best in your life, just because you were too cowardly to show him your love.

One day, you may end up crying while watching the love of your life in the arms of another. One day you will wake up and she will not be here anymore.

She will be gone because she will have had enough of asking for your attention.

She fought so hard day by day just for you to notice. Do not you see that all she expects of you is that you love her in the same way that she loves you?

Is it so difficult to show? Is it difficult to say “I love you” every morning when you wake up? Is it difficult to ask her how was her day when she came home from work?

Is it hard to kiss her while she’s sleeping, just to show him that you love him? Because if that’s the case, you should not have anything to do with it anymore. Let her go to someone who will appreciate her presence.

Do not be selfish by keeping her close to you if she can be happier with another man.

Because if she had felt that against you, she would have let you go long ago.

Do you really want to miss her smile and her way of tying hair when she wants to cook?

Do you want to give this woman to someone else who will love it? Do you think she is not worth the wait?

All of this can happen if you continue to act this way. You risk losing it in the blink of an eye just because you do not fight for her but against her.

You risk losing the only woman who was ready to give her life for you. I tell you, man, you’re risking too much.

So, do not act like that. Be honest.

Because love is a simple thing; either we like or we do not like. There is no third option.

Think about all this and choose what you really want from life. If there are still sparks between you, show him. Become his best friend, his lover and his soulmate.

Be the wall she can lean on when life becomes hard. Hold her hand when she’s sick, just to show her that it hurts when she’s not doing well.

Become his biggest support. Become the peace she will feel each time she looks you in the eye.

Because if you do not do it now, one day, it may be too late to show him your love.

One day, she may realize that she deserves a lot more than you can give her. One day, she may end up with someone who will recognize that she is a beautiful and dignified woman.

And do not think you can get her back once you’ve lost her. Even if she comes back, it will be just to prove to herself that she can live without you.

She will come back just to make you suffer and to show you that you have lost everything that was worth it. You will see him by his kisses, because they will be short. You will see it by the lack of respect it will have for you.

You will see him by his ignorance. You’ll see it every time she turns her back on the bed because she does not want to make love to you.

And when that happens, you’ll see that she too can hurt you. You will realize that his gestures and his words can also hurt you. And then, you’ll be sorry for everything.

I just hope you realize it’s a woman you have to love in time.

I hope none of these things will happen, because if it does, it will break her heart. It’s not too late to show him that you love him. So, do it without any mask on your face.

Be sincere with her, if only once. It’s the least you can do for this woman who thinks of you.

And whatever you do, do not forget to tell him that you love him and that there is no place where you would rather be than in his arms!

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