According to a Facebook analysis, there is a day in December when most couples separate – for the following reason

On this day in December, most couples separate

The dark and cold months of the year are known for not improving your mood. This also seems to have an impact on relationships, because the analysis of various Facebook statistics has shown that there is a date in December when most couples separate. The separation reports and status information from Facebook users were analyzed and it emerged that December is the day of the year on which most relationships are ended.

The reasons for the separation

Since this is not a representative survey, there are no precise statements on the reasons for the separation. However, there is some evidence as to why couples are separating before Christmas. Above all, these are relationships that have been unstable for a long time. Many people want to start the beautiful Christmas season independently and without worries. If you are now in a relationship in which you are actually unhappy, you want to free yourself from this “burden”. The family’s backing and the distraction in the run-up to Christmas make the thought of being alone again and taking the step of a separation more bearable than in summer. Why exactly it is now December cannot be said exactly. But no fear!


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