New year, new me!” We all have this resolution in our heads – and usually, fail after only a few weeks when the daily grind and the hamster wheel have us firmly under control again. However, there are three zodiac signs, resolutions or not, really big changes ahead because, thanks to the constellation of stars, it will be much easier for you to think completely new, to leave your comfort zone and to suddenly do everything differently.

These zodiac signs will experience the greatest changes in 2020 – according to the horoscope

1st bull

The bull is actually a very experienced person who is rather skeptical about changes. In the new year, however, you should get involved with the opportunities you get. This can be an unexpected job offer that you would normally hesitate to, or moving to another city to try again. In love, too, you will take heart in 2020 and finally dare to speak to your crush. After all, your motto for the new year is: I am no longer afraid to leave my comfort zone. And this courage is guaranteed to be rewarded!

2. Scorpio

After the turbulent year 2019, scorpions can finally breathe again in 2020 – and look forward to positive changes in interpersonal relationships. In partnerships that were characterized by constant frustration and off last year, a pipe of peace is first smoked – afterward, they will experience a real heyday. Even long-term couples suddenly feel butterflies in their stomachs again. And (permanent) singles have great chances to finally find the right person in 2020! Apart from love, you will also experience positive twists in your family clan and in friendships: in 2020 you will succeed in overcoming an old family dispute and you will even make contact with a friend you have lost sight of.

3. Sagittarius

Typical features of shooters are that they love their freedom and rarely want to give up. They are adventurous and reluctant to bind themselves. 2020 will turn your life completely upside down! Especially in love, the New Year has many nice surprises for the shooters. So don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel the need to make the casual affair more. Or you are suddenly ready to take the big step and move in with your partner, get engaged, get married, get pregnant … In 2020 you have very fine antennas for whether the person you spend most of your time with, is really the right one!


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