On the art of getting closer to a man at a deep level

To give your relationship a better chance, it needs to be deep, not superficial. What does a man need to bond with a woman on a deep level?

1. Ask questions about his life.

Show your interest in him and his life. Usually people are too busy with their lives and problems, so if you become interested in them, this is a good start.

2. Show your vulnerability.

Men are afraid to do it first, so show by your example that you are ready to open up and that this is normal. And if you have a shared experience, you are one step closer to each other.

3. Remember what he loves.

If he accidentally mentions something he loves, remember it and use it on occasion. This will show him that you are considerate and that he is important to you.

4. Think outside the box.

Enough of the standard coffee shop dates. Offer to climb the mountain and watch the sunset, well, or to some building or just a beautiful place. Go to the climbing wall or wherever you can get new experiences. Joint first time in any business brings you closer!

5. Talk about his goals.

We are often afraid to discuss the future, but if you ask a man about his goals, not personal, but professional, he will be interested in sharing what he loves and ambitions. Better yet, ask him to tell you in detail what he does.

6. Be sincere.

Avoid cliches and cliches, men are already tired of fake and monotony. Be yourself.

7. Try to get along with his family and get to know them.

If a man decides to introduce you to his family, this is already a level of affection. So don’t miss the moment. Try to be more sociable and get to know his family better.

8. Look into his eyes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this is true. Especially when you are talking about some personal topic – your direct look will show your sincerity and interest.

9. Be funny.

Men like women who don’t take themselves too seriously and can laugh at themselves too. Plus, having the same sense of humor is a big factor for bonding!


On the art of getting closer to a man at a deep level

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