Numerology is a set of beliefs that establish a hidden relationship between numbers, living beings, and physical or spiritual forces. According to this practice, each number vibrates differently, attracting positive and negative energies. Combining numerology with Astrology, in ancient times 5 was related to the signs of Aries and Scorpio, 7 with Taurus and Libra, 8 for Gemini and Virgo, 2 for Cancer, 1 for Leo, 3 for Sagittarius, 6 for Capricorn, 4 for Aquarius and 9 for Pisces. We have linked the vibration of each number with the position of each sign in the Zodiac. And this is what we have discovered. Numerology according to the position of each Zodiac sign: 


Taurus occupies the second position in the Zodiac, number two.This number is the symbol of the partner, the partner, the partner, the friend of the soul, of everyone who is next to you and is your complement. If the union is strength, Taurus has every chance of winning because by joining (the other party), he doubles the effort and the prize. The virtues of Taurus are perfect to achieve true unions: patience, sincerity, humility, sensitivity, balance, empathy … Taurus knows when to fight to get their partners (or family or group of friends) to remain loyal and faithful. In return, he knows how to be in the background if necessary in order to avoid problems, because the good of both is perfect. Taurus, if you are fine but your partner is not, it is of no use to you. With patience you know how to wait for the right person to arrive, You patiently endure crises and stubbornly do everything you can before your relationship ends. Everything would be perfect if you let yourself be carried away more by joy and flexibility. Sometimes you don’t give in, and even though you’re good at your thing, what you do isn’t always the best, and that’s when you should loosen up. That’s all. The rest, you are 10.


Gemini occupies the third position in the Zodiac. Number 3It is an odd number, and as such, masculine and electric, and in Gemini this 3 could be 30, 300 or 3,000, given the many facets of the Gemini personality. The 3 represents communication, intelligence, inspiration, joy, sympathy, artistic expression and creativity. The vibration of the number 3 gives Gemini ease to relate, to enjoy life, to be happy. To be left with an overwhelming optimism and also strength to work tirelessly. However, so much good also implies a negative side that is what leads you, Gemini, to think that luck is always on your side. And because of this you can go from being brilliant and with extraordinary mental quickness, to being vain, frivolous or exhibitionist. In any aspect, positive or negative, you have enough intelligence to moderate the damage that affects your life, or to combat what may be a problem for others. There is no solution that will ever resist you, Gemini, there is not.


The number 4 is a lunar, feminine and magnetic digit that is linked to loyalty, tenacity, practicality, a taste for details, justice, order, responsibility and sensitivity. All virtues that represent Cancer from the first to the last. On its negative side, the 4 speaks of stubbornness, intransigence, susceptibility, seriousness, tendency to arguments, emotional instability and slowness. Defects that you work against daily, Cancer, trying to solve problems with others, and solve them as soon as possible, not letting yourself be carried away by your sensitivity or your unstable emotional part to make your relationships more complicated. Having so many people who like you, plus all who love and adore you, means that your positive side trumps the negative most of the time. Besides working you are compliant and responsible, which tells us about a person with many values, serious about your obligations and happy to maintain so many healthy relationships around you.


The number 5, which we associate with Leo because of the lion’s position in the Zodiac, speaks to us of energy and fortune and of a very close link with action, curiosity, the adventurous spirit, visionary ideas and freedom. The 5 also sends vibrations related to idealism, restlessness, adaptability, strong character and wit, all of them very yours, Leo. In the negative version of this 5, we would see that, despite your great qualities (that is why you are so versatile), and for which others admire you, there is something that you must overcome and it is that continuous dissatisfaction if things are not done as you want. Also the need to feel loved, respected and approved by others (and to be the center of attention). In balance is virtue, Leo, and you never stop expanding your social circle,


The number 6In traditional numerology it is associated with order, balance, understanding and responsibility. And also with fidelity, generosity with others, solidarity, a sense of duty and honesty. Virgo, those who know you will support each and every one of these virtues of yours, which provoke admiration for the way you have to do things and live life. The negative side of the 6 gives excessive criticism, stubbornness, stubbornness and high demands from others. Defects that you face trying to do things very well, and using yourself thoroughly, so that others do not have any complaints about you. With this you avoid the vicious circle that is generated when there is tension. Because when there is tension, there is discussion, when there is discussion there is mutual criticism and the parties (you the first) close in band to reach an agreement. And if someone thinks that you take life very seriously when you try to act well, you do not care because you know that you are acting for the benefit of many people. And if you insist and insist on doing better, it is because within you there are very good values ​​to achieve achievements for you, but also for others.


Libra , you occupy the seventh position in the Zodiac. The 7it is a number whose energy is associated with perfection and good fortune, spirituality, intellect, analysis, learning, harmony, inventiveness and peace. The good vibes that will come to you on the 7th will be wisdom, a sense of justice and idealism. You know how to adapt to any type of situation and as a lover you are generous and funny, perhaps also not very faithful. You soak up everything that surrounds you, you think it is good to know a little more about everything and you are always willing to learn, even if you already know something. The bad vibe of 7 speaks of a tendency to isolation, conformity, routine and a certain inflexibility and dispersion. And you fight against this, if you see that you can fall into it in some moments of your life. And you do it with a virtue that is very yours and envied by all:


The number 8it is linked to material power, progress, managerial capacity and decision, ability and authority. Also the 8 represents the energies in constant movement and the regeneration of the universe. For you, Scorpio, falling down and getting up is part of your life, like the previous virtues that are linked to you by the vibration of 8. All together make you someone firm, ambitious, demanding of yourself, and who is not afraid of work hard and well done. Whether others recognize you or not may not matter to you, but assuming you wanted any kind of recognition from others, you will know what to do or say to put all of them on your side. Some of the negative characteristics of 8 may be reflected on your dark side: unscrupulousness, addiction to work, bad investments, waste and little ability to follow orders. Your response to any of these behaviors is in a maxim with which you face life: the end justifies the means.


The number 9 represents in traditional numerology values ​​such as generosity, drive, friendship, selfless dedication, tolerance, independence, understanding, persistence and adventure. Each and every one of them represent you, Sagittarius. On the other side of the coin, the negative vibration of this number can lead to dispersion, starting many things and not finishing any. Perhaps it is because of your impatience, which associated or not with 9, causes many results in your life to rush because you cannot resist this impatience. To compensate for the negative of your sign or the bad numerical vibrations, your courage is worthy of example, and together with your optimism they come together to make you invincible against any adverse life circumstances. Luck, fortune or your personal work, but the results are always there.


Capricorn, the number 10, your position in the Zodiac, is associated in traditional numerology with creative power, confidence, leadership skills, responsibility, decision and courage. All these virtues in which you surely recognize yourself. From all of them derives a virtue of yours that many recognize you, others do not, but that you know that you possess it: you always finish everything you propose, without bragging about it, and without giving importance to your undeniable value. You do it because it is your obligation, and that’s it. Precisely because you always know what you have to do in life, you turn out to be a self-sufficient and successful person. The bad vibe of 10 points to flaws such as arrogance, indolence, resignation, possessiveness, and obsession. Defects that you fight to the death because you hate falling into them sometime, especially if they cloud your many other abilities.


In traditional numerology the 11It is a master number associated with solidarity and spirituality. And that encourages you to think of others more than yourself and to listen to your inner voice. The 11 is also associated with originality, perception, the development of artistic talents and rebellion, and marks the learning path that everyone must follow in life. 11 is the number of sacrifice, justice, of being faithful to ideals, of breaking with the established. Aquarius, surely you recognize yourself in all those vibrations associated with 11. Thanks to this number you can learn that you should not surrender to any obstacle that you may encounter on your way, on the contrary, face it with one of your many weapons. Thanks to the 11 or despite the 11, you aspire to be the best in everything you do, but not only in the plane of material things. Precisely because you are someone with many values, and cause admiration, you will be able to act as an example for some people. And your job will be to strive precisely to always be that best example.


Pisces is ranked number 12in the zodiac. This number, linked to perfection, service to others, protection of the weak and intuition, seems to represent the sign of the little fish very well. 12 is a number that is also associated with balance, prudence, hope for life, and physical and psychological resistance. Surely in all these virtues you will see yourself recognized, Pisces. Caring for others is something that everyone around you recognizes. Perhaps they are less aware of your strength, that they end up verifying that you have it, but that it is not something that is seen the first time, precisely because your sweet and conciliatory appearance deceives everyone of the powerful interior you have, and that emerges, of course, when the real difficulties come. In a negative way, 12 is associated with laziness, clumsiness, melancholy, obsession, be influenced by others and fall into bad habits. Defects you fight against by recognizing some of them. You like no one know that if you cannot with your enemy, the best thing is to ally yourself with him.


Numerology According To The Position Of Each Sign Of The Zodiac

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