When a man holds to you, he acts so. It will not hurt to commit to you or give a name to your relationship.

It will not hurt to be clear on his feelings and he will make sure to show them to you in one way or another.

When a man loves you, he will you so that you know it.

He makes sure you know that you can always count on him, he works hard to earn your trust and he does everything in his power to show you that he is a reliable, mature man, worthy of you.

When a man holds to you, he makes efforts. He strives to prove his love and he does his best to make your relationship work.

He is fighting with all his might to make it work and he is not even thinking of giving up on you.

When a man loves you, he puts you first and gives you the place you deserve in his life.

He is never too busy to see you or listen to you, his friends are never more important than you and he would never choose the single life rather than being with you.

He never doubts his loyalty or loyalty, and he would never choose temporary stories over long-term love.

When a man holds to you, he is stable about it. He does not change his mind every day and he never makes you doubt his feelings.

He does not make you doubt his intentions and you are always sure of his love.

There is no drama, no hidden meaning behind his words, no conflicting signals and no mind games.

He does not have a mysterious air, he does not oblige you to run after him and he is not emotionally unavailable.

I know you do not want to hear anything of that. And that you would like to find an excuse for your boyfriend’s behavior.

Nevertheless, I also know that deep inside you, you know very well the truth.

Basically, you know that things between you two are not at all complicated – and that it’s just an asshole who leads you by boat and who does not love you enough.

Basically, you know that this is not the bad moment and that he does not need you to be patient for him to come to his senses.

You know very well that he’s lying when he says he’s not good enough for you and when he says the only reason he does not want to make things official is so you can find someone better.

When he promises that he will change and things will be different in no time.

You know that he only calls you when he needs you, not because you are the only one he trusts, but because you are the only one who has not turned his back on him.

That stuffed late-night texting is actually nothing more than an asshole, even if you always tell yourself that they are a sign of his hidden love for you.

More importantly, you know that you deserve better and more than that .

You know that this relationship will never become a real relationship, you know that guy is an asshole who will never give you what you need and you know things will go on like that as long as you allow him.

You know very well that this man will continue to leave you when he gets tired of you and that he will come back every time he realizes that no one will ever love him like you.

That he will never come to his senses and that he will never be the one to put an end to things.

You know that you will be trapped in this toxic and endless relationship until you regain your strength, look straight into the eyes and turn your back on it.

That you must be the one who goes away if you want to be able to turn the page.

You know very well that you did your best and that you did everything you could to make sure that things worked out between the two of you.

You know that it is useless to save his poor ass and that, to change, it is time for you to start saving yourself.

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