Right now, I could finally tell myself that I am really satisfied with my life and this kind of feeling is the biggest success for me so far. Like you, I had to fight to be happy but happiness in life cannot happen without fighting.
My life is always full of challenges but I am really happy at the same time. This contradiction at first baffled me, but I could understand everything once I couldn’t explain it to myself. This time, I won’t tell you to be thankful even if it’s one thing to make you happy.

A few months ago, I was disappointed with life on several occasions. I was denied certain opportunities that I had dreamed of for so long, I couldn’t fit into an ideal work environment, and some of my loved ones left me because we were just separated. I was depressed, confused, and my faith in life was nowhere. I tried to fix everything and find myself, but life has not improved. For a while, I decided to stop.

If life didn’t give me results where I did my best, it means they weren’t made for me; maybe I deserve better than all these things that should have gone. I realized that my life was going on by itself. At first it was not easy, but I started to lower my expectations for life by doing my best to accept reality and also disappointments.

I knew I was destroyed here and there, but I decided to make decisions suddenly; I quit my job and left someone I loved, just because they were emotionally abusing my well-being. At that moment, I interrupted the cycle, which made me suffer, and it became one of the lowest moments of my life. It was difficult to get up, but I did. After this difficult turnaround, I started eliminating some toxic people from my life and started following the things I really like instead of following the standards of business success. Slowly but surely, I tried to open up to the things that life has to offer without my being forced to do so.

Surprisingly, I now have a job in a company that gives me the freedom to do what I love while meeting countless stimulating and generous people and I have found someone to love again. You see, sometimes when you try to let everything go as it is, the universe will show you the best way. Most of the time, we are too obsessed with getting the things we once thought were ideal for us, when in reality maybe all of these things are harmful to our lives.

Forcing things you never thought were yours will only hurt you. You must have faith that any loss will lead you to other things that are better for you. Not to mention the fact that you don’t have to worry about those who left you because those who really love you will always stay. At the end of the day, you should always remember that what belongs to you will never go away.


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