New Moon In Leo

New Moon In Leo

The New Moon in Leo asks us to rediscover our inner glow, to be proud of who we are and to understand that we deserve the best. It will give you changes and opportunities if you can be a little more yourself, and a little less what others want you to be. It is a perfect time to stop and assert ourselves, to show the most special that is within ourselves.

Between two Full Moons in Aquarius, which invite us to be original and crazy, the New Moon comes silently to empower us from within and make us come out brighter and stronger than ever, without being scared by what others say or think.

If you want to see how it will affect you according to your sign, read on.


For you, Aries, the New Moon in Leo brings you the opportunity to stand out by playing and flirting. Right from that authentic way of yours to live life. An Aries door opens for you, inviting you to be seen and allowing you to show how creative you can be. So it is time to give a space to all that talent you have and embark on the adventure of creating without giving importance to what they will say. In addition, the stars bring you the possibility of some romance, others will find something very attractive in you, even if you do not make an effort to attract attention … As an advice, follow your impulses, even if they seem crazy, do not be afraid why they will say.


It seems that this New Moon in Leo will bring you the odd surprise that may scare you at first. Keep an open mind Taurus, changes can be very positive if you are attentive and take advantage of opportunities, without thinking that it is a bad thing. The time has come to take your rightful place at home, to shine in your own way, to clearly say what you want and what you, Taurus, have decided. Because what you think has the same value as what others think, even if they are older and try to impose their ideas. From now on you will be seen in a different way, the Moon will help you show yourself as you are. Look in the mirror and assume your shine, then go out there, dazzle them all.


For you, Gemini, the New Moon in Leo is a new beginning with your closest friends, with the people who really know you, because you will have the opportunity to show them what you have been hiding. The new person you have become, much more authentic, and much more confident. You begin to know what you want and you are not going to let it escape, now you can lean on those who love you the most because they also want to see you happy, do not be afraid and show everything that you have changed in recent months. What’s more, show it to the world, shout it from the rooftops, be proud of yourself, Gemini.


If you have already been noticing changes since the beginning of the month, the New Moon in Leo comes so that everything finishes putting itself in its place. To begin with, your finances are going to be influenced by who you are and how you assert yourself, Cancer. Remember that you are the one who put a price on yourself, and you have to start to see that it has to be high because you are worth much more than what you are used to thinking. You have many changes in your mood throughout the month, and nothing happens, but you cannot allow your self-esteem to drop in either case. Cry or laugh, feel what you need to feel, but love yourself Cancer. And proudly show what you are, why don’t you look back and assume everything you have achieved by yourself? You are a worker and there is no one like you to take care of others, so now it is your turn to take care of yourself.


Leo, your Moon, your night, and your month … You deserve to enjoy and shine as you have never shone. With a sky full of surprises, changes, and new ways of looking at life, it brings you the opportunity to be yourself more than ever. It is true that things sometimes seem to be twisted, but if you breathe a little and look again, you will see that they are opportunities to do something differently, even if it is a little scary at first. The New Moon in Leo is the way you have to tell the world that you are here again and that you have come to stay, to reveal your most authentic self. Nothing stops you anymore, you know that deep down you don’t care what others say. You have the strength of the Sun by nature and it is time to show yourself with pride.


Virgo, you haven’t really know what’s wrong for a while, you feel as if something is changing inside you, but maybe you don’t understand what it is … Don’t worry, you’ve made some changes and they have penetrated the deepest part. Many things that were in the depths of your being have awakened you. This New Moon in Leo pay close attention to your dreams, they will bring you many answers, they will tell you what you need to let go of in order to take another big step in your life that is much closer to who you really are. You are much more valuable than you imagine, and the time has come to proudly show yourself to the world, to stand up to life and show yourself as you are. Fearless and aware of your full potential.


Libra, it is time to open horizons, the New Moon in Leo brings you the opportunity to be much more visible, to attract the attention of people who still do not know you and can give you great opportunities. It is time to stop worrying about the things you do not understand and pay more attention to your intuitions. Dreams can give you great ideas or bring you answers without having to overwhelm you looking for them. It is time to take time for yourself and let yourself go. Being proud of who you are Libra, and letting yourself be seen is the next step to achieve all the goals you set for yourself this year. You have worked a lot and the results are going to be seen right now …


It is time to trust yourself Scorpio, the new opportunities that the New Moon in Leo brings you to need you to take care of your insecurities because many people will be aware of you and you have to be the first to trust in your talents. So take a night to prepare yourself mentally, be proud of everything you have achieved Scorpio, because they have not been an easy few months, but right now the rewards are coming. If you need to take out all your sadness and cry for what is gone, do it, but let it be to close cycles. Do not stay anchored in your past or become a victim. You have the right to be yourself, and make your own decisions, because only you know everything you’ve been through.


Sagi, what you need is an opportunity, something that gives you a little boost, but that won’t come if you don’t give yourself the pleasure of showing yourself and trusting yourself, loving yourself for everything you’ve achieved, and loving yourself. also the mistakes that made you grow. Show yourself proud to the Sagi world, the New Moon in Leo gives you the opportunity to open your horizons, to be the creator of your own way of thinking, to discover new cultures and even take a little trip. You will have a moment of relaxation and then you can go out to give it your all, to have the world at your feet Sagi.


How long have you been angry with yourself for your mistakes, Capri? It is time to let go of all the guilt, insecurity, and anger. Trusting yourself is the step you need to be able to achieve your goals. It may sound like a motivational phrase but life really asks you to let yourself shine. Your potential is one of the strongest in the zodiac and sometimes you don’t seem to believe it. The New Moon in Leo gives you the opportunity to let out the most mysterious that is inside you and to illuminate your dark side to transform it into power. It is very complex, the best advice is to let yourself go without being scared. And that you let yourself look bright and confident, the changes and opportunities will come by themselves.


The New Moon in Leo, in the middle of two Full Moons in your sign, Aquarius, is giving you the opportunity to stop hiding and go out into the world as you are, for all the opportunities that have been waiting for you for so long. Without fear and with the confidence that the world advances with original and strange people like you. From that way of being different, you have the opportunity to connect with others and give your friends a new meaning, be yourself to get closer to them, to create authentic relationships.

In love, the Moon will bring you the odd surprise, since you will attract more attention than ever. If you do not have a partner, it will not be difficult for you to make yourself see, and surely you can meet someone interesting. Of course, remember to pay attention to the other person if you want the thing to be more durable …


For you Pisces, the New Moon in Leo gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself, to give a boost to your way of living day to day that will make you be a much healthier and more balanced person. It is the moment to love yourself, to pamper yourself, and to let yourself be seen by the people of your little world. The Moon can bring you the opportunity for changes in your routines and perhaps an interesting one at the work level, in which you feel that you are finally given the place you deserve. The advice is that you use these days to focus on yourself, Pisces, to do what you need, what the body asks of you. And realizing that what you are worth does not depend on how others see you, but on how you see yourself. Look in the mirror and see everything that is valuable in you, you don’t need anyone to tell you, it’s obvious.


New Moon In Leo

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