New Moon In July 2023: 3 Zodiac Signs Will Meet Their Soul Mate

Signs Will Meet Their Soul Mate

New Moon In July 2023: 3 Zodiac Signs Will Meet Their Soul Mate

These 3 zodiac signs will find true love at the coming new moon. Sometimes true love is the love we are in right now, although time with that person may show us that we have forgotten how true that person is to us.

And so it will be seen during the new moon on July 17th, as that moon helps us know what’s right in front of our eyes.

Have we forgotten that the person we love is actually the love of our life? Have we put them on the back burner? Or are we meeting someone completely new who could be our true love?

These 3 zodiac signs will find true love at the coming new moon:


A little argument with your current partner is enough to send you into a world of imagination where you believe that there is someone out there who is a better match for you.

You are fickle at times and even though you know full well that the person you are with right now is special and a perfect fit for you, you get caught up in those emotional whirls that make you think that you could have something better.

But here’s the truth: You will doubt until you realize that your true love is the person you are with now.

You may not want to admit it because your pride gets in the way, but in your heart, you know.

Your true love is what remains when the heat of your pride cools a little. Right before your eyes, you will see that person and they will be amazing. She will belong to you.

Something will stir up on the new moon and you will be confronted with something you were unsure about: the state of your love.

As times get tough and frustration mounts, you begin to realize that you have everything you need right under your nose.

It’s tempting to think there’s someone else out there for you, but what’s the point?

Sure, we all have fantasies at times, but here’s the truth: your present life is not as bad as you make it out to be. In fact, you’re better off than most people when you think about it.

Look at the person you are with! You are a good person who loves your passions.

This is your true love. Take time for an inner dialogue. Give yourself the gift of introspection because it is the only way you can finally gain clarity about your own affairs and pursue a better strategy.

This will lead to more satisfaction and allow you to live your life the way you want it to be.


Are you in the right relationship right now or is this just another example of wasting your time waiting for something better to come along?

The moon’s influences make you wonder if maybe you are destined for something better and if you need to be content with what you have. But your heart tells you: No!

You strive for more in life and in love, and because you want to experience true happiness with a specific person, you send a passionate signal into the universe.

Not only do the planets hear you, but they also support you in your search for that special someone.

You are very picky and in order to be in a relationship with you someone has to be basically perfect. What may sound like a tall order actually opens up a world of possibilities for you to enter during the New Moon. This path will lead you to your true love. Yes, it’s possible.

You feel positive and have made a firm decision to take control of your life.

The bond you formed with a stranger will now prove beneficial and help you reach the next level. If possible, plan a romantic evening with that person.

Your emotions can be in turmoil and even the smallest detail could drive you nuts. Try your best to stay calm.

Emotional stability is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and developing greater attraction.


You only long for love – that is your only desire. You do not strive for countless lovers and do not accumulate romantic experiences.

All you want is just that one person and then you would be content. Since your wish is so simple, it can easily be granted.

The universe recognizes your simple desire and has the power to grant you what you desire. True love for you is already on the way. You just have to believe that in this case, it’s true.

You don’t panic that this isn’t happening, but you haven’t yet developed the confidence that it will.

This is where the new moon comes in to show you that the universe has been listening to you all along. True love is about to reveal itself to you.

This is the person who embodies your true love, and even though you go through difficult times together, the love remains unshakable.

You got rid of the idea that love must meet certain criteria, and in doing so, you freed your heart.

On this day you know what is right and true and you fully accept that relationships go through ups and downs.

You are about to find your true love, and it appears in the form of someone special who shines like a shining light because of your positive perception.

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