Mirror, mirror on the wall, which zodiac sign is the most blatant in the country?

How much rebel is there in your zodiac sign? Is your zodiac sign really “rebel” or is it one of the softer zodiac signs?

Most zodiac signs usually hit the nail on the head when it comes to describing a person’s personality. For example, Scorpios are the most romantic people of all, and Pisces are born dreamers. Each sign of the zodiac has its own “rebel level”.

Some zodiac signs are worse rebels than others, while others don’t even have a trace of it in them. To understand everything better and to find out which zodiac signs are the worst of all, read on now: 

1st place in Capricorn

Capricorns don’t care what others think of them because they only focus on what they believe in. It is very difficult to scare a Capricorn as they will always go their own way and never depend on someone else to get their job done. When a Capricorn has something in mind they will work extremely hard to make sure they get it.

2nd place Aquarius

It’s like the word rebel was created for this zodiac sign! Aquarians are extremely rebellious people who will never withdraw from a fight and give up. Their originality and strong nature set them apart from everyone else, and when they enter a room all eyes are on them. They know what they’re talking about and are rarely seen with low self-esteem.

3rd place Pisces

Pisces are calm and creative, but not because they want to blend in. Pisces have soft hearts and gentle souls, but at the same time, their self-confidence remains unique. Even if they are talking about something important, they will do so with a great deal of conviction and confidence, so that everyone will be captivated by it. Because of this, they are liked by most people. 

4th place Aries

Aries are born rebels, and you will hardly come across one who has no trace of rebellion in them. You are one of those zodiac signs that are really devilish and barely afraid of anything or anyone. They’ll always rush for it when it comes to success, and they don’t care who gets in their way.

5th place Taurus

Taurus people generally don’t see themselves as a rebel. Taurus adjust their attitudes based on the situation they are in. When things are okay, they have pleasant behavior with a positive attitude and personality. But god forbid if you mess with them, they can get vicious and persistent quickly in situations like this and they will make sure you see their worst side.

6th place Gemini

Gemini is very controlled when it comes to the rebels under the zodiac signs and they usually stay out of any trouble. They may seem like people who are always up to something, and even if they do, you can be pretty sure that it is mostly harmless. Geminis are upset about many things, but they’re also good at pretending that they don’t have a problem. Only when things get too much do they explode.

7th place Cancer

Cancer is not rebellious at all. Cancers have immense empathy, compassion, and understanding within themselves. They may not be overly rebellious by nature, but if need be, they are always ready to fight for themselves and their loved ones. No matter what they go through, their soft and pure hearts will always be their greatest strength.

8th place Leo

Leos are strong people who should never be messed with. They can get very aggressive and angry if pounded on the head. Leo is thus one of the most rebellious zodiac signs that do everything with a lot of pride and self-confidence. The scariest thing about Leo is that at times they can be so persuasive that they can get away with anything and everything.

9th place Virgo

Virgos are not rebels because they care a lot about what others think of them and how they are perceived by society. This makes them reluctant to do anything that deviates from acceptable social conventions and rules. But Virgos have huge egos, and once they get into that selfish zone, you never know what they are thinking and what their next step will be.

10th place Libra

Libra are also rebels in a certain way. Because they are never afraid to stand up for what is right. Even if it creates inconvenience and danger for them, they will always take their personal position no matter what. Their passionate nature drives them to assert themselves and express their opinions. No wonder people look up to their strength and determination.

11th place Scorpio

Scorpios are undercover rebels. They like to stay to themselves and mind their own business, which makes it almost impossible to know how bad they really are. Scorpios are one of the toughest signs out there, and they always speak their mind. Their ice-cold looks are sometimes enough to make someone tremble.

12th place Sagittarius

Sagittarius are people who will never follow the majority. They never do anything just because everyone else is doing it or just because it’s the norm. They always follow their gut instinct, which makes them inspiring in the eyes of most people. Her adventurous spirit and her free will make her courageous and let her be a role model for many.


Mirror mirror on the wall, which zodiac sign is the most blatant in the country?

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