Mirror effect: 3 reasons why some people dislike empaths

Empathic people not only absorb and reflect their feelings but also the personality and habits of those around them. This is the so-called mirror effect of the empaths. 

Sometimes people react to us with immediate dislike or develop a grudge against us after a while. This behavior may not have an exact trigger. But it doesn’t matter whether you try to hide your own feelings or show them openly – empathic people can feel your dislike of yourself. And this doesn’t feel good for them. 

It is completely normal for us not to like certain people around us. This is part of our life. Everyone is different and there will always be people we dislike or dislike.

But it is often a little strange for empaths to notice that others are averse to them. Because they consider themselves lovable and trustworthy people. How can you not get along with them please?

You may also have noticed that there are always people somewhere who are jealous and want to take the light off others when they shine brightly. Of course, this can also be a reason for the reluctance people have towards an empath. But there are also three other reasons why people behave coolly towards an empath. You can find out what these are in this blog.


Often people do not behave authentically and hide their bad sides. Of course, you don’t want to show the part of your personality that you don’t like. We also all want to be part of it. And many people believe that they have to pretend to be accepted or liked.

Others try to manipulate people around them by behaving differently than they are. So you wear a mask and are not quite yourself. And some people never take this mask off, but keep it on for their whole life. 

However, empathic people have the ability to locate and reflect these unloved parts of the personality. Once you face an empath, you can no longer hide or deny these ugly parts. He’ll stick it under your nose. And how do people react when you show them their weaknesses and dark sides? Of course, with rejection or even hostility. So empaths are often not liked because they unconsciously absorb and reflect hidden or hidden sides of other people. All the hidden feelings, such as insecurity and shame, but also anger and guilt suddenly come to light. And especially the pages that have been hidden for so long are growing all the more. 

Empaths bring all of this to the surface and this is, of course, uncomfortable for those affected. However, many people do not usually understand that these are actually their own dark sides and that this feeling of dislike is simply a reflection of these sides. Instead, they associate this uncomfortable feeling with the empathic person and thereby develop an aversion to them.


Some consciously stay away from negative people. Because they don’t want to absorb their energy and don’t let these people pull them down. This can also be the other way around. There are also people who do not feel comfortable in the presence of a person with “clean” energy.

The more you work on yourself, the cleaner and purer your mind become. Some people feel a kind of rejection of these people. The whole thing is one size too big for them. You may have noticed that some of your friends like to be around you when you are emotionally on the same level as them. They prefer people who are emotionally down because they themselves are emotionally down. 

But as soon as you work on yourself and go to a higher level of vibrations, these people will like you less. They want you to get back to their level and may even pull you down.

Sometimes it happens that your vibration suddenly rises to a new level and you even repel the people you love. It doesn’t matter whether your changes are visually visible or not. We, humans, perceive these changes. We notice when frequency changes and react to it whether we want it or not. 


Sometimes empathic people are exposed to too many stimuli. You get the feeling that you absolutely have to relax. They don’t want to hear or say anything anymore, and they just want to rest and be quiet. So the last thing an empath needs in such a situation is someone who wants to dump his problems on him.

Even if the conversation is very polite, it can overwhelm the empath. Sometimes a simple small talk can be too much for him. Other people who do not share his empathic abilities will have trouble understanding this and will feel upset when the empath responds with silence. Thus, a kind of rejection towards empathic people can also arise here.

Whatever it is. Whether you are misunderstood or whether others confuse this reflection with your own personality traits – do not try to take this personally. They will all develop perspectives about you that do not apply to you at all because they do not understand what empaths really feel and who they really are.


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