Mercury Retrograde Arrives In Spring And These Are The Signs That Will Affect The Least

The drama is coming because Mercury is going to go into retrograde from May 10th to June 3rd. This phenomenon is going to remind us how important it is to slow down our life from time to time. We must think about what we have learned so far and we must learn to differentiate well what is good for us, from what is not good for us. It is a good time for us to reflect, but never out loud because communication is greatly affected when this phenomenon occurs. Mercury retrograde arrives in spring and these are the signs that will be least affected:

In the first half of this retrograde process, Mercury is in Gemini, warning us of the dangers of failed communication. Many things can be misunderstood and communication can be chaotic. The most important thing is to be clear that this is temporary and that things should not be taken too seriously. After being in Gemini, Mercury will move into Taurus, and romance dramas may arise at this time. All the misunderstandings that arise here will have a solution, but you have to be careful with excessive spending or with reproaches between couples because the atmosphere can be charged with tension.

How can you know if you are safe from the chaotic effects of Mercury retrograde? Very simple, read on to find out if your sign can be freed. Next, we leave you the signs that will be least affected:


As of May 11, Jupiter enters your sign and that’s good news. Despite all the mess you have at home, you will find a current of very positive energy to finish all your tasks. You will feel proud of what you have done so far, you will see that all the effort has been worth it. You have many things on your mind, you have a big project and the least you need now is to fail or experience some drama. But of course, you have to be alert and you should not relax, Aries, Jupiter is the planet of good luck, but good luck is not going to solve everything you have in your life right now. This transit will force you to study very well everything you have done so far.

You can take the opportunity to study your financial movements very well. You have to have a very good eye, Aries, you should be alert when you have to make large payments. If you invest your money in your education or in your future, everything can turn out very well, but be careful and do not spend excessively or on things that are not productive. Mercury retrograde will make you progress, believe it or not, you will learn new things and possibly start something new in a sector that is very unknown to you. Trust your inner power, your intelligence, and your cunning, and work to the fullest to get as far as you want. You are free to shine brightly.


Wow, Cancer, you get rid of the negative effects of Mercury retrograde, but that doesn’t mean you’re free of drama. Let’s see, any conflict that is not your doing, let it go from your life. You don’t have to get into your friends’ dramas to save people. It’s okay, Cancer, you are the dedicated part that is always there for everyone and in the end, you are the one who suffers the most, because, in reality, you are the only person who does things so that the friendship does not disappear. The time that Mercury lasts in retrograde is a perfect time that you should allocate to reflect. What should you reflect on? Various things: the time you need to rest properly, the things you have put aside, and the goals you have in mind right now.

A piece of advice? Do not trust appearances, now is a good time to see, hear and shut up. Even if it costs you your life, you have to be very astute in the background to observe very well everything that surrounds you right now. Lately, you haven’t had much time to reflect so take advantage of this moment, rest as much as you can and keep in mind that nothing is what it seems. The best thing is that you look inside yourself, you have to listen to yourself and pamper yourself as you have not done this year.


Mercury retrograde arrives with force and with a clear mission for you: you have to find yourself again. We’ve already lost count of the times you’ve had to get lost to find yourself, but why not? It is what you need and what Mercury retrograde has in store for you. In your case, it is very good that you get away from your friends or the people you meet lately for two weeks (at least) to reflect a lot on some issues that are on your mind. This retrograde can be very revealing for you, because in a way you are going to discover several things. First of all, you will learn to differentiate what you really need, from what is just a silly whim.

You’re going to have to be strong, Libra, because there are people who can’t stand to see you in dark mode. There are people who fear you when you are very well and when you know what you want. In a certain way, you will feel a lot of freedom and a lot of desire to capture what you think at all times. Now is when you are not going to have a filter when speaking, and your people are very afraid of it because they know how harsh your reflections are when you are very satisfied with what you think. Therefore, you have to be strong and not let yourself be influenced or not let them eat your head. Go to your own thing with effort and do not let yourself be manipulated, because in this transit you are going to make many things clear.


During this retrograde, you are going to feel that you are stronger than ever. You always have been, but now is when you are going to have an enormous force. Your creativity is going to be the main protagonist, so DO NOT say NO to any new project that may come. Capri, if you have the opportunity to start studying something new (like some training, a course, a job opportunity, or something similar) dedicate yourself to it with force. The important thing is that you use this period of time to reflect and feed your mind. When this transit ends, you will be able to materialize your dreams. Use your discipline when you feel laziness very close to you and do not let yourself be influenced by people who say that you cannot open your mind.

You may have a very important conversation with yourself. You have to thank life (or whatever it is) for what you have and for all the good things that it has left in your path. It is very good that you reflect on everything you have experienced during these last two months because the setbacks you have overcome are the ones that have taught you that you are worth a lot.


Mercury Retrograde Arrives In Spring And These Are The Signs That Will Affect The Least

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