The results of a study show that men can influence their attractiveness – through their diet. We’ll tell you what men should and shouldn’t eat for it

It all comes down to nutrition!

According to a phrase, love goes through the stomach. In women, however, another organ also plays a crucial role: the nose. Our body can tell from the smell whether we are a biological match for our partner. The feeling of “perfect chemistry” is something like the hint from our body that the immune systems of us and our loved ones are in harmony. So if your partner smells particularly good to you, that’s a good sign of your biological compatibility.

The diet has to do with the smell

Men can influence their smell and thus their attractiveness to women through their diet. This is what researchers from Macquarie University in Australia found out in a study. The team documented the diet of the male subjects and carried out a skin test to determine which foods they ate regularly and a lot. The men were then asked to put on a clean, white cotton T-shirt and exercise in it. The researchers then gave the sweaty T-shirts to the female test subjects for a smell test.

The results

It turned out that men who ate a lot of fruits and vegetables had a “more pleasant smelling” sweat than men who ate foods high in carbohydrates like pasta and bread . The smell of men who ate a lot of meat, eggs, tofu and fat also went down better with women. What you can draw from it: Men should eat foods rich in carotene and eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables, meat and healthy fats in order to be more popular with women.

(Author: Lina Frank)


Men look much more attractive to women when they eat these things

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