I look back on the life we ​​have shared, and immediately my heart feels an intense sense of yearning. I remember saying that I want to keep you in my life because I can not imagine living every day without you. I remember all the nights we spent together as if the world belonged to us as if we were the only two people in the world.

You have no idea how much I remember every single moment I had with you.

For how could I forget a part of my life that was once special in my heart?

I think wherever I’m going to land and in whatever situation I’m in the future – I’ll always remember you when I look into the dark expanse of the sky. And I do not think I’ll ever forget you, even if we lost each other, even if our relationship was short-lived.

You will always be the one I like to write about. You will always be the story that I like to tell the people I meet. You will always be someone who has made a big difference in my life.

You will always be the best I have released.

But right now I’m beginning to accept that we’re probably not really meant for each other. Probably the universe has a better plan for me, a plan I do not know yet. Maybe someone is already destined to be your better half. And though it is heartbreaking to know that it is not me with whom you will spend the rest of your life, I still try my best to be happy for you, for both of us.

I try to distance myself from you in the hope that it will be easy for me. I try not to imagine how balanced and contented you are in your life as I put my broken pieces together.

But I know that I am strong enough to cure this heartache.

I know that time will help me to understand why you were not meant for me. I know the universe sets up a plan for me to meet someone who will make my life happier than you did. I know that I will remember you in the near future, but I will not remember the feelings you gave me.

And when that time comes, my heart will be ready to be used by someone who will be honoured to take care of it and complete it. I’ll be so happy in someone else’s arms that the pain I got from you becomes irrelevant. I will see my reflection in the eyes of someone and be overwhelmed to realize that it feels right.

I will no longer have to doubt myself if I give too much or too little love, for I will be sure that the love I share will return to me.

I will feel that the world is nice to me again. I will be happy in my life because I know that I have everything that makes my heartbeat. I will no longer miss the things I lost, the people I lost.

And I will be mature enough to fully understand why the Universe has not made us to be together forever.


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