Mandatory Things That Each Sign Looks for in Their Partner

Looks for in Their Partner

Mandatory Things That Each Sign Looks for in Their Partner

What does it matter if they call you demanding, it is better that they realize in time that you do not remain silent when you do not like something in a relationship. You’re not naive enough to ask for something out of a romance tape, but you’re not going to settle either. In the world, there are millions of hearts with which you can connect, so if someone does not meet your expectations, they can leave. Each zodiac sign faces him in his own way, but there are mandatory things that each sign looks for in his partner and they do not intend to give up. 


You want something more than a partner that looks good on the outside, you are not here to show off with anyone and you do not intend to stay with superficial love. You may be dazzled at first by a pretty face or body, but just exchanging a couple of words is enough for you to realize if you really like her. You want a love that you don’t have to hide and let yourself be loved passionately. Love for you is synonymous with uncontrolled emotions, the last thing you want is to get tangled up with someone boring and who wants you to also enter their monotony. You want a patient love, that does not get scared when your outbursts are present. 


It doesn’t bother you that your relationships have a touch of an intense movie, where you become the priority of the other person and they are ready to live an eternal love. You don’t want to open the doors of your heart to a lot of criticism and fear. You are very clear that it is not your responsibility to heal the wounds of the other and at the first dependency you leave. What you need is respect, and support and not someone who minimizes your feelings. You know differences are inevitable, but as long as you’re both willing to share what’s bothering you, everything will be fine. You like agreements and find the positive side of things, so you don’t expect less from your partner. 


Your expectations are so high that you have preferred to keep your heart away from bad love. You are not willing to share the most private part of your life with someone who is only passing through. If the only thing they want is to have fun, go ahead, just say so, you’ll know if you give yourself in or not, but at least lies aren’t a problem. There is no choice, you want him to be smart, adventurous, and very friendly. It’s enough with your bitter moments, to still be next to someone who is not capable of adding adrenaline to live. You want a wise, understanding person whose personality balances with yours and makes you feel very safe when it comes to letting yourself go. 


It seems most absurd to you that there are those who settle for a love that gives them the leftovers of their affection. You like unexpected love, calming caresses, and intensity under the sheets. It’s not one or the other, you want it all because that’s the only way your heart has learned to love. What you need is emotional support, much more than a bunch of gifts. You don’t want a relationship where fights are an everyday thing. On the contrary, you want a partner who doesn’t have to tell you how you feel all the time, but who perceives it and looks for how to help. Love is to relax, not to stress. 


Someone who looks at you eagerly, who laughs next to you, who listens to you and applauds you. You are not willing to share your insecurities with someone who does not admire you. Leo, you like the attention, knowing that that person dedicates a special part of his day to you because he is born to him and he does not feel obligated. You know that you are not perfect, that there are moments when you break and all you want is to hold the hand of the person who believes in you strong no matter what. Yes, you want them to show you off, but you also want them to be honest with you and not have to juggle for them to look at you. Your partner must be affectionate, kind, and very loyal. But, you are not looking for someone who is at your feet either, you want them to have character and their own dreams. 


Basically what you need is independent love, because you hate walking after people and telling them what to do. You fall in love with self-sufficiency because you can share your projects with that person and be sure that they will tell you something intelligent. It’s not that complicated, you want him to have common sense and not take things so personally. Without a doubt, you value more when they have the ability to suggest that you change certain attitudes to just being with someone who showers you with compliments, to evade reality. You are not looking for someone who is on top of you all the time, you have your things and the fact that you move away to be with you does not mean that you do not love your partner, but few understand it. 


Your wish is simple, Libra, to stay next to a person who awakens your best version. You don’t want someone who fills you with bitterness, let alone dims your shine. Tenderness is very important to you, if someone is not able to express their affection in such a simple way, you don’t want it, because you are not going to beg anyone to caress you. Deep down you are a very crazy and in love sign, but few get to see that adorable part in you. You are not here to beg for attention, before a lover you want a best friend, with whom you can talk without fear and know that they will not take advantage of your vulnerability. A couple that reminds you that they are here for you and that they will not leave you in the darkest moments. 


You are annoyed that they classify you as the dark one of the zodiac, the one who is capable of acting from revenge when in reality you have had the opportunity to hurt very bad people and you have not done it. In your heart, there is too much compassion and the fact that you have a strong character has nothing to do with your kindness. There are obligatory things that you do not let go of in a couple, for example, you hate when they want to control you. It’s okay to be passionately loved, but you don’t intend to be anyone’s submissive partner. You are loyal, but not unconditionally, let it be very clear because you are not going to put your hands in the fire for anyone. Your self-love is above all else, if someone doesn’t respect you, they don’t deserve your honesty, much less your loyalty. 


It’s a bit complicated when you decide to venture into this love thing because there is a part of you that is terrified of committing itself. It doesn’t scare you to stay with one person for a long time, what scares you is realizing it was the wrong one. That is why you are looking for someone who shares your values, who does not judge you crazy, and who, before seeing danger in a new experience, is excited that you chose him among many others. Fun for you is essential, you do not intend to stay with someone who asks you to sacrifice your independence. A couple that does not believe that being together all the time is synonymous with loving, on the contrary, that lets you be and you let her be. Someone who is not afraid to ask for forgiveness and who really shows you a change with facts. 


What annoys you the most when you start courtship is discovering that there are couples whose all they want is to hide their shortcomings with your brilliance. It is not worth it that they arrive like leeches and absorb you without mercy. The couple is not a competition, you should not strive to look good with them all the time. You are loyal, but not perfect, and there are times when you think too much and miss the moment. What you want is a partner that sparks your imagination and reminds you that youth is in your soul. You don’t want easy prey, but you also don’t want to become the one who gives in, begs, and changes just so they don’t leave their side. That is not the love you deserve and you know it very well. 


My dear Aquarius, you are one of those who love that your relationship has a little bit of everything, the more variety the better. You are not here to settle for a love that only has one quality that you like. You are looking for an intelligent, romantic, and daring being. Someone who awakens your desire to love and at the same time becomes your confidant. For you it is very important that they let you be, your freedom is the most sacred and your partner has to understand that they cannot be stuck all the time. You want to have the power to go on with your life as usual, but with the difference that someone will be with you through thick and thin. That is love, not the codependency that many others disguise. 


There is no doubt that you love stories with happy endings, although as time has passed you have realized that a little reality never hurt anyone. Especially since there are a lot of toads promising the dream life. However, do not lose hope and you are not going to stay next to someone who has not developed their poetic, sensitive, and artistic side. You don’t want a version of you, but you do want them to have the courage to put themselves in your shoes from time to time and not expect everything to go perfectly for you. You love when someone takes the time to dazzle you, but you are not naive either, your intuition tells you when they are pure falsehoods. You want patience, stability, and a love that doesn’t get tired of your crazy things every day.

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