Aries brings out his worst face by paying his irritation with others (and the worst part is that he is easily irritated). His strong character can transform him into an aggressive person when he is upset. And in anger, Aries loses control and gives no thought whatsoever. There are no limits when anger dominates you. They don’t kill anyone but they could.


The evil of Taurus comes from his resentment. His resentment proceeds to any situation beyond his control. And when all this is triggered, the Bulls hide from others, taking revenge by interrupting the dialogue, paralyzing any situation or saving their money. Yes, your money. They appreciate it very much and protecting it becomes a little obsession.


Just as Gemini has in his hands the treasure of words to succeed in attracting the good things in life, so with them he brings out the worst in himself. Poison, no doubt. And with these words and this poison, Gemini attacks anyone who believes guilty of their ills. And against him lies, deceives or indiscreetly sins.


The worst part of cancer comes out when it is injured. And given its sensitivity, it can be common. The worst thing about revenge is that cancer does not set limits. He wants to hurt. With words or deeds, which despised him or everyone. Cancer doesn’t want to stop because it feeds on the resentment it feels. But it hurts him very much.


Whether on a whim or something more serious, an unsuccessful Lion can explode with his worst face. The dark face of his susceptibility. From there, others will rain certain comments with a lot of resentment or even sincere aggressiveness.


The burden of so many responsibilities of not wanting to delegate stress to the Virgin. The result is that you lose control more easily and more if you think that some mistakes come from others. His critics were very harsh and crushed everyone.


The worst of Libra is not revealed because of what he does to others but because of what he does not do to them. And it is that you can annoy someone or even harm them, without commitment or responsibility. Their doubts and indecisions are innate but sometimes Libra goes a little too far and manages to exhaust the one in front (not so unconsciously).


The Scorpion controls everything. For others, the circumstances and even for himself. So when you feel that you are not in control as much or that you are not sure of your distrust or your obsessions, you reveal your worst face. His critics are very destructive, he can be very tyrannical and even do things with certain cruelty.


In Sagittarius, we have a virtue that can turn into something negative and that brings out the worst of this sign: your optimism. When this gift is excessive, Sagittarius believes it too much and can be arrogant with others. Or irresponsible by trusting too much. And if something goes wrong because of it, he gets angry but not against him but against others.


Capricorn does its thing and doesn’t mess with anyone, really. This is why, when someone invades your business or criticizes your way of being, you feel threatened and go beyond certain limits. It can be mean to someone you consider an enemy. Or lie and be very cold and selfish to maintain your stability or the status you love.


Evil as such is not something that this sign can be accused of. But Aquarius brings out the worst in himself by being very rude to others when he does not like something or imposes himself on him. And you can go further by having very little tact with inappropriate comments, the kind with which you put your finger directly in the wound.


The lack of security and timidity that Pisces can sometimes make them pay with others. The result: their own pessimism makes them negative with the virtues of others. Not only are they not valued, but they can be overwhelmed in seemingly normal comments, but with the whole intention of touching the self-esteem of others.


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