It’s been a while since you’ve been dating her , and with her, you feel you’re growing wings.

Now, you want to know what are the feelings of this woman for you? 

You need to be reassured, to know if it’s mutual, and if it’s worth it to engage in your romantic relationship ?

See if you are on the same wavelength, and if you have the same interests 

When a woman is in love, it is easy enough to notice, especially in the way she behaves and speaks. 

Without doing it on purpose, she makes unconscious gestures that say a lot about what she thinks of you and the feelings she has. 

What are these signs that show that she has fallen in love ?

In this article, I will take a look at female psychology to allow you to detect gestures that testify to love for sure 

It is true that some gestures can be misinterpreted, so it is important to identify gestures that reveal loving feelings before concluding that she is really in love with you or not. 

You will see for example the most important signs (those who are almost never wrong) but also the small signs of interest that a woman in love reflects unconsciously.

Love is not easily hidden, it’s up to you to find the little clues.

When a woman is in love, it is relatively easy to notice in how to behave, especially through the physical signs .

Most of the time, she makes gestures unconsciously but says a lot about what she thinks and what she feels for you!

I will tell you what the gestures of a girl in love so that you can learn more and put an end to your doubts.

Some women are more expressive than others but as a rule, these are actions that do not deceive.

woman in love can hardly hide it, even if it is the most discreet and timid woman! Love can not hide, let alone deceive.

So, let’s see what are these famous gestures of a woman in love !

Physical acts that betray a woman in love

1. The appearance of a woman in love

woman in love is a woman who wants to please the man she loves.

She takes care of herself, is pretty, getting ready for each of your appointments She wants to seduce you again and again. 

On the other hand, if she is comfortable in your company, she will also be natural without makeup , dressed in sweatshirt during your moments of intimacy.

2. The body language of a woman in love

The body language of a loving woman speaks for her, the body expresses what she feels . By her actions, she makes you unconsciously pass messages.

It’s not just the fact that she touches her hair nibbles her lips to reveal her interest. You are together, so it is the gestures towards you that show his feelings.

Besides the eyes that shine, there are smiles, body language (frequent reconciliations, desires to be glued to each other, hugs, kisses languorous …) The kind of gesture lovers who do not cheat not.

The fact that it is tactile, physically demonstrative, affectionate, passionate are important signs. 

She takes your hand when you walk, snuggles in your arms on the couch, kisses you. 

The signs of affection in public such as tender gestures in intimacy, caresses like passionate kissing, all this does not deceive.

3. The expressions of a woman in love

There is no more expressive than the face of a woman in love In her way of looking at you in the eyes, to smile at you, to laugh, she betrays herself by letting appear what she feels.

The look

She has eyes that sparkle with famous sparks when she looks at you? His gaze is deep and his pupils dilate in your presence? This is an obvious sign that she is in love with you. 

If her looks are deep, full of desire but also sweet, full of tenderness and benevolence , then she feels sincere love feelings .

Smile and laugh

A woman at ease, a full-blown woman, attached, will smile easily, without even thinking and laughing at your jokes and teasing. 

Humor is important in a relationship and it creates a strong complicity. If this is the case between you, it’s a good sign of his emotional involvement in your relationship.

The behavior of a woman in love

1. A woman in love is happy and radiant!

The first point when talking about a woman in love is her level of well-being and happiness on a daily basis. 

If your girlfriend shines then it is because you know how to fill her because she takes full advantage of your romantic relationship .

And if so, you do not have to wonder if you are in front of a girl in love because it is obvious that she is crazy about you and you know how to make her happy. 

All women in love feel good and give off a special energy 

  • They are tender
  • They are patient
  • They feel alive and fulfilled
  • They always have a smile on their faces

2. A woman in love regards you as her confidant 

A woman who reveals herself completely, it takes time.

She needs to feel confident to really reveal herself. 

So, if your girlfriend feels comfortable and tells you more and more things, like her job worries, her anxieties, her fears, but also her deepest desires, it is that she makes you totally confident and want to share the most intimate things with you.

3. A woman in love wants to know everything about you 

When you tell her about you, she holds everything back!

Whether your favorite color or your favorite clothing, your girlfriend is interested in everything that concerns you from near and far.

His interest in you is real and sincere.

She asks you questions and retains answers, she listens to you, advises you , in short, what concerns you about her.

She likes to be the one you are talking to, she likes to fill that role at your side.

If she likes to be the one to whom you tell your past, your future plans and drinks your words to the letter every time you open your mouth, for sure , this girl is in love with you! 

4. A woman in love , excessive behavior

If this girl really has romantic feelings for you, she may have some extreme reactions from time to time. 

For example, when you make a faux pas: it’s the drama! A small incident takes gigantic proportions and ends in tragedy.

Think again gentlemen: this kind of reaction is not hatred, but rather the opposite of love.

5. A woman in love introduces you to her loved ones

Maybe you do not know her family yet, but in any case she has integrated you into her social life. 

She introduced you to her circle of friends, you have a common social life. She is proud to be with you and at ease, she fully assumes your relationship with others.

So, if you have met a woman who constantly puts you forward, who does not hesitate to make you meet his entourage, his friends, and who shares his passions with you , it is that you are on the right track.

6. A woman in love wants to spend some time

woman in love is a person who will accept almost all of your proposals because she likes to spend time with you even for the simplest moments. 

She is almost always available to see you, it’s normal and natural for her. It does not make you languish between two appointments , and does not play the game of the mouse and the cat. 

Your relationship is passionate and serene.

She is involved in your life as a couple without pretense and without compartmentalizing her life by partitioning her other relationships.

7. A woman in love shows signs of concrete interest

She cares for you and she is not afraid to show it to others too.

She takes pictures of you at the slightest opportunity, she puts romantic posts on social networks 

She is not afraid to let the world know that she has love feelings for you, she shows signs of concrete interests : like putting a picture of you two on her phone bottom, sleeping with your T-shirt, send you sweet little words regularly, make small gifts 

girl in love can switch to a small form of sentimental obsession or her goal will be to fill you with pleasure and happiness , you will be in the spotlight because she will be fully invested in your life as a couple .

Some women , being more emotional than men, have more trouble dealing with love at first sight , which may at some point make them want to devote themselves entirely to you.

Do not be afraid, it just means that it’s a girl in love with you.

8. A woman in love is jealous

woman in love is sometimes a jealous woman. It is not that she is possessive for no reason, but she still likes to mark her territory and remain vigilant against other women to protect it. 

It’s not a lack of self-confidence , if it does not become excessive, but rather a good, clear sign of attachment, which shows that she is afraid of losing you.

This is why some fits of jealousy can be a sign of a strong and positive love. Having said that, if you feel that this is extreme, you have to tell her, and she must be able to question herself and learn to control herself.

9. A woman in love has a desire to resell

Your intimate life is synonymous with passion, tenderness, complicity and desire.

She wants you, she is comfortable in her body with a libido completely uninhibited and shows that she has confidence in himself 

She wants you and she trusts you and this is an obvious sign of her love feelings .

10. A woman in love makes projects in common

Whether it’s just for the next weekend or for the next vacation, or talking about living together, no subject is taboo and it looks forward to the future with no problem. 

Gently but surely, she gets involved in your relationship and builds your life as a couple and this is a good sign .

11. A woman in love is boring!

When a woman bores you, picks you up on your behavior, asks you to be more involved, and makes other small daily remarks, this is an obvious sign of her love feelings for you.

woman in love is also a woman who gives you attention, to the point of taking you back for small details that seem insignificant.

Accept this behavior as long as it is bearable, and your relationship will remain fulfilling, as this is an obvious sign that she has fallen in love .

To finish…

Gentlemen, here are some gestures!

However, be aware that some women can not do any of these actions and still be in love with you.

You will have to be attentive and, above all, able to recognize the slightest hint from your beloved. 

By the way, in addition to the gestures, you can help yourself in his way of talking to you and react to what you tell him.

Depending on her temperament and character, she will often agree with you.

Otherwise, she will explain her disagreement in an argumentative and delicate way.

If, on the other hand, she is aggressive in her way of telling you that she does not agree with you, then you will probably lose your time because she is certainly not crazy about you …

Also, if it cracks for you, she will laugh at your jokes, even the most rotten so try the experiment but be careful not to turn into a ball at the risk of running away!

Remember also that a woman in love will do everything so that you see her in her best light so if you notice that she does everything to stand out in his postures and in his dress, it is because she is in love with you!

Observe it also from a distance.

If for example you are in the same place but not quite close to each other physically speaking, see if she looks for you.

This gesture is valid for ALL women so do not neglect it!

Also, if she looks for you and you are also in love with her, do not run away from her look, on the contrary, support him and do not hesitate to smile at him too!

It will reassure her and put her in trust to be more expressive towards you!

These are essentially the gestures of a woman in love .

With that, you will be able to quickly identify whether or not she is hooked and crazy about you. 

Again, beware of special cases but remember that the eyes and the body never lie! 

If you come across a girl who is on the defensive or who is really shy, do not confess defeated right away and try to look for more signals. 

Finally, with that, you will certainly see more clearly and, above all, you will know what Madam feels for you.

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