Loving yourself is a challenge and sometimes it seems impossible, but it is not. You can love yourself even in the days when you want to break the mirror. You can love yourself even when you do something you didn’t want to do. You can love yourself with whatever you want to wear. You are able to love yourself because you deserve your own love, you deserve the love that you continue to give to everyone. You are allowed to be exactly what you are and no one, especially yourself, should make you uncomfortable because you deserve to love yourself like anyone else.

Love for yourself is not always easy, I understand that. Dark days are difficult, I don’t deny it, but the only positive thing about these days is that every person has experienced them. No one is exempt from feeling inferior, no one is exempt from having days off or days of low self-esteem. No one is free to know what it feels like to feel uncomfortable in their body. Self-love is a challenge but it is worth fighting for. Love yourself so as not to seek the love of others, even if it is difficult.

Loved enough not to return to a harmful relationship and not to put yourself in bad situations. Loved enough to demand the respect you deserve from everyone around you, because you deserve it. It’s so easy to ask for external approval, even from people you don’t care about, because at least when we have someone else’s approval, it helps us justify our actions and helps us feel better in the decisions we make, even if we know they are wrong. You are the only person who knows you best and you should take the time to get to know yourself better.

You must understand what your faults are so that they do not become something you are afraid of but rather something that you accept. Don’t run away from yourself, but love the parts of yourself that you usually avoid because they are part of who you are. You have to understand that nobody is perfect and that everyone has insecurities. You must understand that the love in your heart is enough for you. You must understand that self-love is not selfish, it is necessary and important. You must understand that you deserve love, especially yours. You must understand that you are capable of being loved and that you are capable of loving yourself.

You are more than exactly how alone you are and you must love yourself as you deserve. You are able to give yourself the love you seek in others.


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