An unexpected encounter? An unexpected promotion? A fabulous opportunity? Here is what the stars have in store for you for October.

This month is Libra season! Want to know the peculiarities of this air sign? This way!



Love It will take patience if you want to maintain harmony in your relationship. Singles have promising encounters in the second half of the month.

Work Some friction on the career side; be careful with your finances and don’t rush.

Tip Think before you act.


Love Work takes a lot of energy from you, but it doesn’t disrupt your life as a couple. Single, you attract and this attention boosts your self-confidence.

Work You get little support from your colleagues, but your persistence will pay off.

Advice Hold on.



Love You don’t like compromises, but in love, sometimes you have to know how to make them. Your relationship is entering an exciting new phase. Singles enjoy their freedom.

Work There are a few obstacles to overcome, but they tend to motivate you even more.

Advice Listen to your instincts.


Love From the second week of the month, love and tenderness on the program, whether you are single or in a relationship. Good family news is the icing on the cake.

Work Financially, things are going well on the work side. Increase, successful investment?

Advice Share your happiness.


Love Certain worries within the family disturb the sentimental harmony. Try to avoid any blame, but seek constructive solutions together.

Work No resounding success to look forward to this month, but you are doing a good job and are happy with what you have achieved.

Tip Count your blessings.


Love Until the 17th, the atmosphere is not very romantic, but then the temperature rises. For singles too, the month promises to be interesting.

Work Don’t make big decisions before clarifying what exactly you want. Then nothing will stop you.

Tip Watch your thoughts.


Love Sometimes you get too upset for the details, which prevents you from savoring the happiness that is there. More kindness and less reproach, and life becomes sweet again.

Work Your prospects are excellent and you are not afraid to seize the opportunities that present themselves.

Advice Have confidence.


Love It may be a question of a certain mistrust or a disagreement which disturbs the harmony in your couple. Talk about it quietly and you will see that it is a storm in a glass of water.

Work Your work is not valued and you find it unfair.

Tip Wait a little longer.


Love  Do not be passive this month, you might miss out on great opportunities. Whether you are single or in a relationship, do not hesitate to take initiatives.

Work If you no longer enjoy your job, training could open up new avenues for you.

Advice Dare to act.


Love  Anything you do this month will be successful. This is especially true for the heart, whether you are in a relationship or not. You are taking your destiny into your own hands and now is the right time.

Work You move forward, your initiatives are appreciated and you command the respect of those who work with you.

Tip Take action.


Love  Sometimes, knowing how to maintain harmony is more important than being right at all costs. This does not mean saying yes to everything, but choosing the fights that are important to you.

Work A good month on the career side; no challenge can stop you.

Advice Persevere.


Love Everything is going well with your heart and after the 7th, you will experience wonderful moments with your (new) partner. You feel good about yourself and your emotional life is affected.

Work The opportunities that arise now could bring you financial success in the future.

Advice Live from day to day.


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