Love rituals have been practiced since ancient times, and their main purpose has been to attract the attention and love of the person someone desires.

In ancient Egypt especially, there were various love rituals that a person could practice in order to gain the love of the desired person.

These love rituals also varied in complexity from a very simple love spell to a very complex and dangerous one, depending on how desperate the person was using a love spell.

Most love rituals required the use of special ingredients, and these were often herbs, toxic chemicals, seeds, blood, or even rare ingredients such as the horn of a unicorn (the horn of a narwhal).

For many, love is the central point in their lives, and in ancient times it was no different.

People who wanted to attract love made various love potions, handmade dolls representing the lover used tarot cards to see the possibility of a new love, candles, and often tinctures to attract love.

Sometimes a person who someone wanted was already in a relationship or married so they put a love curse on their partner and tried to change that.

Ancient love rituals were never consensual, and the person on whom the love spell was cast often did not even know that they were under a spell.

In the Middle Ages, there was a strong desire for an loveable union, but it should also lead to marriage.

During this time, love rituals were often practiced because there was a limitation between social classes, and to break this, love magic was a general solution.

With the spread of Christianity and Catholicism, love rituals became both religious and pagan, where people hid love rolls in churches and Catholic masses served as the setting for a love ritual.

In ancient Greece, women used Phila magic, which kept their husband loyal, and men the Eros magic, to keep the lust and desire in love alive.

The Eros spells were more focused on the physical aspects of a relationship so women would not use or practice them.

Instead, prostitutes were free to use this type of magic as they were never tied to a single partner and were financially independent.

Love rituals are still practiced today, and their goal has remained the same since ancient times, and it is to attract love.

Sometimes we just need some love magic and positive affirmations to find love in life because love is magic and should be attracted to it.

Love rituals with a love potion

Love potions are magical tinctures that have been used in love rituals since ancient times.

When used in love rituals, a love potion would cause the person who drank it to fall in love with the one who brewed it.

Its use was most common in ancient Greece, where the Greeks put crushed orchids in wine to create a powerful love potion that aroused a person’s desire and made them fall madly in love.

Other love potions that have been used in the past often contained the Spanish fly, henbane, and arsenic, and were extremely dangerous as love potions are usually digested.

Fortunately, modern love rituals contain only safe and romantically magical ingredients that are safe to put in a potion.

Performing love rituals with a love potion can attract new love, bring general love into life, and make someone fall in love with you.

It is also important to remember that no one should fall victim to a love spell against their will, and if a person is married, in a relationship, or uninterested, they should not be used a love potion.

Magical love oil ritual

In this magical ritual, an oil-based love potion is brewed, which should not be drunk, but rubbed on the skin, or a red or pink candle to attract new love or to warm a cold romance.

This potion is especially useful when someone you love ignores you when you’ve been single or in an unhappy relationship for a while.

The things you will need for this potion are:

  • Apple cores
  • olive oil
  • Dried rose petals
  • cinnamon
  • sugar
  • Rose essential oil

After gathering these ingredients, they must be placed in a glass jar and stirred as you imagine the love that you wish to draw into your life.

After that, they must be carefully stirred, they must be filtered into a small bottle, this can be done with a tea filter or coffee filter.

The result should be a wonderfully fragrant and nourishing love oil that you can rub onto your skin to attract positive and fulfilling love.

This oil is also used in love rituals with candles, where the candle is rubbed with the romantic oil before it is lit.

The effectiveness of this love ritual is extremely powerful as sugar makes the love one desires sweeter, cinnamon makes a cold romance and partner more loving, roses attract new love, and the apple represents the goddess Aphrodite and her divine feminine energy.

Olive oil also serves as an ideal base for this love potion, as it is associated with the goddess Athena and her wisdom and teaches us not to make the same mistakes in our new found love.

A love potion made from jasmine flowers

Even if love potions were best known to be drunk in the past, most of them were actually toxic and dangerous to the person they were used on.

Modern love rituals are all about sweet ingredients and practices and their symbolism, so magical love rituals are very accessible and easy these days.

Love rituals that once contained very complex ingredients and were poisonous are now sweet and healthy, like this powerful magic potion made from jasmine flowers.

Safe and drinkable, this love potion can also be offered to a potential crush or lover.

Its power lies in its ingredients, and the potion makes a person more attractive and more confident in love.

The things you will need for this potion:

  • Dried jasmine flowers or a jasmine tea bag
  • Dried rose petals
  • Vanilla extract
  • cinnamon
  • honey

First, the dried jasmine and rose petals need to be boiled in a saucepan, and after that they are placed in a glass.

Vanilla extract and some cinnamon are added to the mixture, which makes love sweeter and warmer.

To make the love spell even sweeter, honey is also added, where honey holds the bond of two lovers together.

This love potion can be kept in the refrigerator for three days or drunk right away to allow real love to manifest in your life.

Love rituals that involve a doll

Ancient love rituals often included a doll representing the object of desire.

People who practiced love rituals with a doll believed that whatever is done to the doll happens to the person the doll represents.

These love spells often contained strong language, and the doll was pierced with needles on all parts of its body so that it could be tormented without the love of the person who cast the spell.

The spells that were cast on these dolls often sounded like this: Let their head, liver, hands burn from the longing they feel for me.

Such strong language is no longer used today, and positive affirmations are the right way to let the spell work.

The doll in love rituals is also not pierced out of pain, but only pierced into the heart to feel the sweet pain of love.

Doll love ritual

To make a doll that will be used in a love spell, one must first draw a human-like shape in some kind of fabric.

Then the shape needs to be cut, and two shapes need to be cut out of the fabric so that they can be sewn together.

The doll is not completely sewn together, but a small opening is left for the doll to be filled with ingredients such as:

  • cinnamon
  • Dried rose petals
  • Dried lavender flowers
  • A rose quartz crystal

After the puppet is filled with these ingredients, it can be completely sewn shut and the name of the person you want written on it.

In addition, a small heart must be drawn in the doll’s chest area and pierced with a needle.

Nor does piercing the doll’s heart mean that pain or suffering will be inflicted on the person, just the pain of longing for you.

This love spell is also most effective when you want to get the attention of someone who ignored you and when someone you love has moved away from you.

Love rituals with tarot cards

Tarot cards have their roots in ancient Egypt, as do magic and sorcery.

They were one of the first civilizations to practice magic and especially love magic, which then existed in many forms.

When tarot cards are used in a love ritual, they must be viewed as a powerful esoteric item and treated with caution, they are powerful divination objects and should be treated as such.

The tarot cards are extremely effective for a love ritual because of their variety.

Tarot cards can be used for all other types of spells as well, and that is their greatest asset.

Tarot card love ritual

The tarot cards associated with love and lust in a tarot deck:

  • The lovers (marriage, attachment, the return of someone who ignored you)
  • Two of the Chalices (To be invited on a date by someone you like)
  • The Star (A New Love and Overcoming a Toxic Relationship)
  • The Knight of Cups (A dream partner, the man of our dreams, the man we love comes into our lives)
  • The devil (a more passionate relationship, an affair, a new exciting lover)

In order to perform the love ritual, a person must first look at the meaning of the tarot card and select the card that they want to attract love with.

After the tarot card or several of them have been chosen, she lights a red candle and places the card or cards next to it while they say: I wear what I desire.

A ring or other piece of jewelry is then placed on the card (s) to absorb their energy.

In this way, the piece of jewelry is charged with the positive affirmation of the card and a person becomes able to attract love after performing this love ritual.

The piece of jewelry is also worn until the person finds what they want.

Love rituals with candles

When practicing love rituals, candles can be very useful to achieve a specific goal and banish negative energy from life.

The color of the candle that is used is also of great importance as it represents what we want to manifest.

Candle colors used in love rituals are redpink, and orange, while other colors have different meanings.

Other candle colors meanings:

  • White – healing, peace
  • Black – banish negative energy
  • Green money, growth
  • Yellow- joy, happiness
  • Brown- shelter of home, pets, and family
  • Purple – protection from evil, overcoming old habits, spiritual growth
  • Blue – reduction of emotional and mental stress, calm, concentration

So, based on the color of the candle, we light it to manifest a specific goal.

Candle love ritual

When performing a love ritual with a candle, you first need a red, pink or orange candle.

Two candles must be selected and then placed on a plate, with the plate serving as an altar.

The offerings are also placed around the altar.

Other things needed for the ritual are:

  • Dried roses
  • A rose quartz
  • A red bow
  • White color

Write your own name on one candle and the name of the person you want on the other in white paint.

Then these two candles are connected to each other with a red or pink ribbon and placed on the altar.

Dried roses and rose quartz representing love are also placed around the altar.

When all of this is done, the two candles will be lit and you will envision the love you want for your life.

This ritual is especially powerful when performed under a full moon.

It should be kept going until you find the person who is really going to love you.

Love rituals with a honey jar

The most famous characteristics of honey are its sweetness and sticky consistency.

This consistency is especially good for a love ritual, as honey helps hold two partners together who have quarreled or are going through a difficult time together.

Honey Jar Magic is also recommended for those who have problems in a long-distance relationship and long for someone who has been out of touch with them in a while.

This ritual can also be used for family harmony and when you have a certain argument with your good friend or family member.

One of the areas in which this ritual can be performed is also the professional area where this spell is used to be respected by your co-workers and your boss.

Honey jar love ritual

In order to perform a love ritual with a honey jar, one must first get an idea of ​​the person whom one desires or with whom one would like to develop a more positive relationship.

If you don’t have a picture of the person you want to cast this spell on, you can also use a piece of paper and write the person’s name on it.

After the name has been written on the paper or picture, write your own name next to it and place it in a honey jar.

The honey jar is kept in a closet or hidden somewhere until the love charm becomes a reality.

After you’ve achieved your goal, the jar needs to be taken out and buried next to a rose plant or under a tree that you feel connected to.

You should never throw a honey jar in the trash; always bury it.


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