Love is friendship, not passion

Love is about texting five times in a row, without feeling weird because you know he would never find you annoying.

Love is about criticizing every film you look at and explaining how you could have done it better.

Love is about sitting on separate laptops at opposite ends of the couch, feeling completely at ease in the silence.

Love is about behaving like little children building ceiling fortresses and drawing with chalk on the sidewalk.

Love is about making silly voices and inventing songs about each other.

Love means looking like a complete idiot in front of him, making him call you sweet and not crazy.

Love is making silly jokes just to annoy him because even though he does not seem to be impressed, one is sure that he is secretly well entertained.

Love means looking at each other in a crowded room and knowing exactly what the other is thinking.

Love is about buying comfortable socks and pajamas instead of just beautiful lingerie.

Love is the sharing of beer and chips, even if you could easily prepare it yourself.

Love is about sharing internal jokes nobody else would find funny because your sense of humour is so similar.

Love is about getting upset when you are annoyed about anything you are worried about.

Love means telling each other anything, no matter how awkward it is, because you would never stop loving yourself for your embarrassment.

Love is about admitting when you miss yourself because you can not hold back your feelings.

Love is about who listens to you when you come home from work two hours late because of heavy traffic.

Love is about who makes you hardest to laugh when you are on the verge of a mental collapse.

Love is about calling someone with a grin on their face an idiot.

Love is about who gives you the energy to face your day just by being there to kiss your forehead before you go to work.

Love is about who gives you the feeling of self-confidence in your skin. Who makes you beautiful and intelligent and powerful. Who makes you proud to be exactly what you are.

Love is not about who you want to kiss. With whom one wants to have sex. Whose clothes you want to tear off in the middle of the day when no one else is home.

Of course, it helps to have passion in a relationship. You should also have passion in a relationship. You should love how the person you are with looks naked. You should think that this person is the sexiest and most attractive person in every room. You should want to press your lips firmly against those lips.

But love is so much more than that. It’s not just about sex. It’s about much more than just physical intimacy. It’s also about emotional intimacy. It’s about being best friends first. It’s about liking each other as much as you love yourself.


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