Love For The Signs Of The Zodiac In June 2023

Love For The Signs

Love For The Signs Of The Zodiac In June 2023

Venus, that exquisite planet of pleasure, romance, and relationships, is the right star to ask about love in June 2023. After an intense season of eclipses and a Mercury retrograde, we await a few soft days for us to decant everything we experience in the hectic months that have passed. And that gives us time to think about our romantic ties, so questions like “Do I want to be with?”, “do I really want a relationship?”, and “Will I meet someone special?”, will be hanging around our heads. Let’s see what love brings for the signs of the Zodiac in June 2023:

That is why we bring here a love horoscope for the signs of the Zodiac in June 2023. But first, let’s see what is happening in the sky to understand the influences of the stars, especially the wonderful Venus.

The movements of the stars for Love in June

June is a month to open up to our true desires and actively pursue them. A few days after the union of Jupiter and the North Node in Taurus, the wonderful Full Moon takes place in Sagittarius on June 3 or 4, which illuminates a period of manifestation. It is a great opportunity for all the signs of the zodiac. This Full Moon is a turning point for the great development of our life stories that we will have in the second semester of 2023. 

Venus enters the fiery sign of Leo on June 5, settling in for a long time until October 8, since it will begin its retrogradation there on July 22. With Venus retrograde in Leo, it is important that we start asking ourselves since June (during her retrograde shadow) what it is that we no longer like about the type of love ties we have. And well, here she will be very close to her cosmic lover, Mars, who will spend the entire month of June in Leo seeking visibility and recognition. It is important that we ask ourselves if we are being seen or not in our relationships.

At the same time, the Sun in Gemini accompanies us until June 21 (when I took its place in Cancer) offering a dynamic period of exchanges and communication with people who entered our lives during the eclipse season. The Sun illuminates the links so that we realize who is and who is not, finally. The combination of the Sun in Gemini and Venus in Leo adds unpredictable energy to our social lives this month. 

Although we spent an emotionally busy season thanks to the eclipses and the retrogradation of Mercury, other planets need to slow down to fix several pending issues. Pluto, the planet of transformation, retrogrades back to Capricorn on June 11, where it will stay until 2024. This stay is similar to what we were experiencing in the first months of 2023 when Pluto was leaving Capricorn. These topics come back for us to review again. 

Saturn, the master of time and structure, is not far behind in the retrograde trend. On June 17, he begins his retrogradation in Pisces to stay there until November 4. We will be receiving valuable lessons so that we commit ourselves once and for all to our Piscean dreams. On June 30, Neptune joins the planetary retrogradation party so that we pay attention to everything that is happening in our subconscious. 

New Moon in Gemini on June 17 begins a cycle for us to communicate from the soul, already stripped of the wounds and discomforts treated in the previous months. It is also a special moment for us to start a project that we have devised from the heart. Love is also in what we do and how we do it. 

And how do all these movements influence love? The month of June asks us for a leap of faith. We need to trust that the emotional work done has its fruits. We are sincere with our wishes and now we must be consistent with our decisions. That opens a very powerful energy field to receive abundance and love. It will be key that we are patient and stay in the present. It is an energy of calm before the development that the second half of 2023 will have. This is the time to connect with self-love and to strengthen existing love ties or to give ourselves the opportunity to experience a new love, an unprecedented one. Let’s see what June holds for each of the zodiac signs in love. 


You did it, Aries !! This month, Jupiter in Taurus brings you financial prosperity, the result of your hard work in recent years. You will discover ways to increase your wealth permanently, which is very useful for your long-term personal plans and the social life that awaits you. When Venus enters Leo you will be the center of attraction, your vibration will reach high frequencies that will align you with your destiny, be it in your creativity or in the encounter with true love. With your ruler Mars spending time in Leo, you might feel like signing up for music, writing, and painting classes, but also going out and persuading with your laid-back glow and “I’ve got my life sorted” mode. With that aura, you will undoubtedly meet someone very special. With Saturn retrograde in Pisces, you will want to focus on your personal growth and spend some time alone.


Although Jupiter transiting in your sign throughout June offers you confidence in yourself, your stubbornness becomes more evident. Do not lose patience during the Full Moon in Sagittarius, let it show you the truth of your desire. Find a creative activity that will assist you in bringing out any pent-up passion you are experiencing. Communicate to your partner what you feel, and you will see that he will give you feedback that will change your relationship. Allow yourself the opportunity to share moments of pleasure during the New Moon in Gemini. The next six months will be about consolidating and collecting the gifts that the Universe sends you, and one of them has to do with a loving experience that will change your life. Wait a bit and you will see. This month, during the retrogradations of Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto, do not make impulsive decisions and pay attention to what your intuition is telling you. When the Sun and Mercury are in Cancer, you will be fully able to decide and trust.


It’s your season, Gemini! The Sagittarius Full Moon lights the way for a new romantic connection in your life. When Venus enters Leo, she will whisper the right words in your ear for you to win over with your communicative charm. You will feel more confident and even a little arrogant. But you are not to blame, you are the verb incarnate and you need to express it. Just don’t let your ego take control. Don’t worry, your cosmic godfather, Mercury, enters your sign to improve your smooth talk and help you be very convincing if you want to ask for forgiveness, reconcile or open up to a romantic relationship. You will earn admiration but above all respect if you keep your promises.


Dear Cancer, your birthday is just around the corner, and there are a lot of emotions in the air! The Full Moon in Sagittarius is here to remind you that you don’t have to carry the entire world on your shoulders. Let go of some responsibilities and take care of yourself! Get ready for a magical journey in love when Pluto returns to Capricorn as relationships will be in the spotlight. A key to understanding what this story is about is to remember what happened between January and March 2023 because something of that is uncovered again. Unravel the mysteries of the heart and find a wiser version of yourself. As you approach your birthday, the Sun and Mercury in your sign will fill you with radiant and creative energy. And to add a dreamy touch, Retrograde Neptune in Pisces prepares you for an imaginative cosmic journey. Visualize your ideal life and allow the universe to work its magic.


Leo, you are the brightest star in the cosmic sky! With Venus by your side, everyone wants a little piece of your loving charm, even if you’re not looking for it. The Full Moon in Sagittarius awakens your fame, creativity, and true love, intensifying your natural magnetism and attracting the people who are for you. But be careful with your wishes, because they will come true more easily than you imagine. Then, the New Moon in Gemini changes the focus towards your friendships and social networks, showing you new friends and asking you to let go of those who do not vibrate with you. As Cancer season approaches, it’s time to enjoy the warmth of your home with your loved ones, let fun and love fill your space!


Charming Virgo, this month brings a Full Moon in Sagittarius, illuminating your home and family. Some challenging situations may arise with your roomie or a member of your family, but remember that you know how to react and control your emotions. Do not let problems disturb you because you need to be calm to attend to the relationship with yourself. Real love with another person can only be born from the love that you profess to yourself. Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Leo is also on the move, taking you on new adventures and challenging you to step out of your comfort zone. Although it may seem a bit chaotic at first, trust your ability to adapt. Saturn’s retrograde invites you to evaluate your relationships and reflect on how much they are contributing to you at this time in your life. And when the Sun and Mercury enter Cancer, you will feel how calm and compassion come back to you and fill your heart. Take advantage of this moment to love yourself and take care of your relationships with gentleness and patience. You are a being of light, Virgo, and your self-esteem shines bright!


The Full Moon in Sagittarius invites you to release your emotions and express yourself without fear. Feeling angry is okay, the important thing is knowing how to manage it. With Venus in Leo, you will feel empowered and assertive to shine with all your charm, attracting very interesting people who are in your social circle and that you had not noticed. The New Moon in Gemini brings refreshing change and peace into your life, smoothing over any tense situations you may have faced. Your ideas about life are aired to direct you in a new direction. Also, Saturn retrograde in Pisces teaches you the power of setting loving but firm boundaries, so that no one abuses your generosity. As Cancer season begins, your sensitive heart may turn your attention to your career. Don’t forget to attend to your emotions while you conquer the world of work! Find time to take care of yourself, express your feelings, and let your creativity fly high. This month is going to be an astrological roller coaster, but with love and awareness, you can navigate the stars with grace and style.


You survived eclipse season, Scorpio. It’s time to let your adventurous spirit take control in love and in your life in general. In short, you can do whatever you want: moving, quitting a job that steals your happiness, or ending a toxic relationship. The Full Moon in Sagittarius invites you to break expectations and embrace your own path, full of boldness and freedom. Get ready to leave the old behind and open yourself up to an abundant and amazing future! With Jupiter in Taurus in your relationship area, sensuality and unexpected romance are likely to await you. Although retrogrades can make you falter, remember that fear shouldn’t hold you back. A new and better life awaits you. The New Moon in Gemini will give you the drive you need to face your worries and believe in the best. With Cancer season coming up, the Universe gifts you with a time of calm and healing. Enjoy this magical and blissful stage in your life and let yourself be enveloped by the love that the Universe wants to give you.


Sagittarius, get ready to shine like the Sun in a starry sky. This month, all eyes will be on you to catch your vibrant spirit. The Full Moon in your sign awakens your irresistible magnetism, but remember, not everyone deserves a place in your kingdom. With Venus in Leo, it’s time to be a little selfish and leave behind those who drive you crazy. Make room for true love! The New Moon in Gemini gives you a romantic reset, allowing you to be selective and follow only your deepest desires. Suitors will rain but now you know how to choose the best for you. In Cancer season, let tenderness surround you as you surrender to affection with a person. Embrace your vulnerability and discover the power of authentic love


Get ready for a month of June full of introspection and self-love. Retrograde Saturn in Pisces invites you to review what you are communicating to your closest circle. Are they understanding you? Are you making yourself understood? Meanwhile, the Full Moon in Sagittarius makes you more selective with your energies. Trust your intuition and follow the path that shines in your heart. If you need introspection and solitude, tell those you love that you will be away for a while. The New Moon in Gemini brings you a rebirth in your well-being, so add a fun touch to your healthy routine. Let cooking delicious meals be an act of self-love. Remember to find the balance between productivity and rest, and with Cancer season, love yourself first and you will see how the Universe fills you with magical connections in love and friendship. It’s not a dream, it’s the blessing you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy the magic and love that surround you this month because particularly special and inspiring people come into your life.


This is a month full of creativity and vibrant emotions. The Full Moon in Sagittarius awakens you with irrepressible passion, reminding you that it’s time to boldly pursue your dreams. If you want to immerse yourself in a passion or hobby, it is time to push yourself to do it. If you want to jump in and declare your love, do it! The New Moon in Gemini prompts you to redefine your values ​​and embrace your authenticity without limits. Don’t worry about labels and social expectations, because you are in for an epic transformation into a freer and wildly unique version of yourself. Although the Cancer season can bring its sentimental moments, you will discover that it is a treasure for your mental well-being. Immerse yourself in mindful practices like yoga and meditation, and embrace your intuition. Turn your mind into a source of calm and wisdom! So ignite that creative spark, embrace your transformation, and make your mental well-being shine. 


Dreamy Pisces, as we approach the end of this magical month, get ready for a journey of transformation and healing. Neptune, the planet of dreams, heads retrograde into your sign, while Saturn also joins the party. You may feel some confusion, but don’t worry, this is an opportunity to reset your mind and free yourself from old limiting beliefs. If you want to love, you must heal from the root. The New Moon in Gemini brings a breath full of fun and lightness, allowing you to connect with your inner child and discover your forgotten passions. As Cancer season approaches, your creativity and joy ignite like fireworks, bringing a wave of blissful moments. If you asked for a new love, this is the time to receive it. A feeling of destiny will invade you.

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