More and more couples are in long-distance relationships. According to a recent study, women are more willing to take risks than men. We’ll reveal five tips to make love at a distance easier

Long-distance relationships are not always easy

1. Communication is the be-all and end-all

Communication is the foundation in every relationship . In a long-distance relationship, however, all the more – you are more dependent than usual on talking to each other, the right choice of words and the right tone, because communication usually takes place over the phone. Therefore, do not always call your partner immediately when you are charged and irritable, but let your anger dissipate a little before you maybe prune your loved one about it. Arrange fixed times , arrange to meet on the phone and take the time to find out how the other is doing and what was going on with him.

2. Reunion is a pleasure

Standing on the platform or at the check-in at the airport with tears in your eyes, when your heart tears and the same question haunts you over and over again: When will we meet again? The worst thing about long-distance relationships is the recurring breakups. In order to take away at least a little heartache, you should make an appointment every time you say goodbye to the next reunion . Nobody likes to leave without knowing when to embrace again. Therefore, do not say goodbye into the unknown, but make the next meeting fixed. Then parting is not so bad and when you get home you have something to look forward to.

3. Create closeness

It’s bad enough that you can’t see your sweetheart in the evening and just hug it. Nevertheless, do not allow the physical distance to lead to you becoming a stranger. Maintain rituals such as phone calls at fixed times or Skype once a week. Make each other feel like you are thinking of the other without being intrusive. A lovely text message a day is better than ten control calls.

4. Take some time for yourself

When you’re in a long distance relationship, it won’t help you or your partner if you mop up the time you don’t see each other and just count the days until your next meeting. Go out, have fun, meet friends! Focus on things that are important and fun to you. Use the time alone . This is the only way you are balanced and can enjoy the moments with your loved one.

5. When the scraps do fly

Not everything always goes according to the motto: peace, joy, pancakes. If there should be an argument – in the worst case, when you are physically separated – and the tatters fly, you should still try one thing: stay fair . Arguing properly is worth its weight in gold. Don’t get abusive or start below the belt. Especially when the argument has gone on over the phone, the chances of an early reconciliation are slim if it has turned into a mud fight. Let your anger vent, but don’t take out things on your partner that they didn’t commit. So when there was stress at work, grit your teeth and let off steam while exercising rather than preferably.


Love at a distance: 5 good tips

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