Little nerds hide in these 3 clever zodiac signs

Bookworm, math genius or a flawless memory? Some zodiac signs are almost in the cradle to get a little nerdy. Of course, this is not meant in a bad way but is an advantage

Are you one of them?

The times when “nerd” was a dirty word are long gone. A great memory and the desire to learn is a great advantage in all situations in life. Some people just can’t help but dig into books full of archeology, crack mathematical formulas or maybe memorize telephone books as a hobby. But it doesn’t have to be that special. The colleague who simply always knows exactly what was in the newspaper last week or the employee who was able to memorize an awful lot of details from the last meeting without taking notes? There are three zodiac signs that are particularly prone to this behavior:


Aquarians are always a little bit of the ingenious villains. Don’t get me wrong, but he just loves being smarter than everyone else and sometimes he actually is. Aquarius is the fixed zodiac sign in the element air, which means nothing more than an extreme combination of stubborn and intellectual. But of course there is much more behind the distant facade: Inside of Aquarians lies empathy and a lot of intuition. Just try not to overdo it with showing off.


In Capricorn, intelligence and wisdom are combined. A perfect combination of emotional intelligence and the talent to be very well read. You could be jealous! Much energy of the element earth slumbers in them. Means nothing less than: The Capricorn loves to survey the situation and to make his decisions in peace. They often seem older than they actually are. Capricorns are happy to be asked for advice by those around them and have a calming presence. Whether Capricorn likes it or not, many people are drawn to them precisely because of this wisdom.


Virgos have a reputation for being somewhat neurotic. In connection with the ability to learn, the attention to detail and perfectionism of Virgos is a great advantage. They perceive their surroundings well. Be it the behavior of others and, if they have an intuitive side, even the energy of the people around them. The Jungfrau was born with organizational talent. In combination with a good memory, nothing stands in the way of a career in science. Just be sure not to get too involved, it can backfire. Stress is never good!



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