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Love and Dating

Right now, everything seems to be smiling. You feel fulfilled in your professional situation. In addition, Venus focuses on your sign. Recently, thanks to his effective partnership with Cupid, you have come across an extraordinary person. By getting ahead of your every wish, she knows how to make herself indispensable and irreplaceable. In short, it has a concentration of all the qualities you were looking for without ever daring to admit it.

Health and Fitness

Weather conditions will be decisive on the state of your health today. If the weather is gray or the temperatures are low, cover yourself well to avoid getting caught. Avoid too-light outfits. If it’s hot, consider hydrating regularly. It will also be necessary to pay attention to a climate a little more aggressive: storm, snow, heavy rains. A bad fall is of the order of the probable. Finally, if you must drive in these conditions, drive with caution.

Work and Money

A blunder could fall on the corner of the nose and put you in a delicate posture. If this should happen, do not try to hide anything or blame someone else. This will only cause you more harm. Acknowledging your mistake with humility will remain your best option: make the round back if you fall on it and agree not to be perfect in all circumstances. Thus, you should not receive sanctions or reprimands that are too severe.

Family and Friends

Before everything degenerates, do you prefer to say or remember what you have on your heart? You have two minutes to detail your action plan. Nevertheless, you feel hesitant between the desire to swallow the powder of perfume scent with violet or this granita with serum of truth. Do not worry, the arrival of Uranus in your sky should put a little order in your thoughts. Even if diplomacy does not remain the most flagrant character trait of your sign, you are asked to show yourself stronger than anything.

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