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Love and Dating

Jupiter distills his influence on many levels. For couples, his optimism could lead you to a marriage proposal. But we must ask ourselves whether such a proposition does not result from a respect for conventions but from true love. You will take a lot of pleasure in contact with others, so that your good mood will turn into an asset of seduction. An effort of kindness and kindness on your part could well open the doors of a durable and stable relationship.

Health and Fitness

To want to act too well, we end up fooling at one time or another. Indeed, leading a dotted life is useless. You must go through all stages. This helps you to seriously reconsider your limits. It’s up to you to better dose the ingredients to manage them. Come especially in recognition in your sky, the Sun will teach you the basics of appeasement. In addition, the pugnacity of your sign serves as a landmark. It’s up to you to mix and balance the flavors to get the recipe for happiness.

Work and Money

Your natural kindness turns against you. You refuse to plead your case for fear of arousing jealousy. By dint of wanting to escape the competition, you see young wolves passing you in front. Your scruples are laudable but in practice, far from being profitable. Asserting one’s skills does not necessarily mean crushing others or committing immodesty. Think of it because you too devalue yourself, you end up discrediting yourself.

Family and Friends

You may be disconcerted by the behavior of a family member. Do not go headlong into a conflict that could have irreparable consequences on the harmony of your home. The arrival of Venus in House II may have life saving virtues, but you will need to be soothing so that the situation does not degenerate. The natives of the second decade will have to pay particular attention to the words spoken, a misunderstanding that can be born quickly and have unfortunate repercussions on the long term.

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