Indecisive, loving and sensitive, perhaps the three ingredients that they threw with enthusiasm when creating Libra. A woman who does not give up, even with a tired look and a lost soul, always with her head held high, because she learned to get up from the worst, without asking anyone for help. Yes , Libra breaks into pieces too, but he learned not to make a lot of noise. 

And it is that she was one of those who gave everything, one of those who did not think twice to save others. She was one of those who lowered her gaze even knowing that she was right, she was one of those who kept quiet and humiliated herself, but she promised herself that it would not happen again. He learned not to make too much noise, because even when your heart hurts, not everyone deserves to know.

Libra also breaks into pieces, but learned not to make a lot of noise. 

Behind a sophisticated, attractive and very social sign of the zodiac, there is a woman who sometimes can no longer, who feels that life is drowning her, that routine has turned her into a machine and that she just wants to run away. Still he prefers to get up in the best of spirits, even with emotional problems he smiles at the one next to him.

Libra learned not to make too much noise, because he once trusted and made fun of his feelings. So it seems that now even for the penalties you have to select your friends, not all of them are. Even the companions, those who have been in your life for years but have not once shown you the meaning of friendship or loyalty.

Libra is light, because she has a sway that escapes every place she steps on, her beauty goes beyond a pretty look or the way her hair falls. Libra has tenderness in the soul and a lot of love, there in a little corner waiting for the right person. Libra is proud, it is hard for her to ask for help, because she also likes the fight and the taste of victory.

Libra struggles, dreams, falls, plays, dances, laughs, sings, screams, has fun . Libra enjoys, with all his being, he does not like things by halves and yes, sometimes his emotional changes make him bad plays. But what would life be without a laugh up to the sky and tears falling. This is Libra, a cluster of emotions that makes anyone tremble.

Libra thinks they can always, but sometimes it’s okay to feel tired and unwilling to try. Sometimes a pause is worth it, just to appreciate every detail around and come back like this, revolutionary, intelligent, empowered, beautiful and with a lot of energy, the kind that breaks down any bad vibes.

Libra also breaks into pieces, she also feels that she is not going to make it, she is also exhausted, she is also afraid, also sadness overwhelms her. He just learned not to make a lot of noise, because after all, life is this, a seesaw, which fills you with happiness and then bathes you with pain. So there is nothing left but to embrace sadness, get up and carry on, always carry on. This is Libra.


Libra Also Breaks Into Pieces But Learned Not To Make A Lot Of Noise

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