Learning To Live In The Present Moment To Be Happy

Learning To Live In The Present Moment To Be Happy

The art of mindful living is being aware of your surroundings and your actions.

It means living in the moment, being aware of what you are doing, and freeing yourself from judgment.

When you calm down to live in the present moment, you are thinking about a goal, concern, person, or hope, calmly and without any judgment.

Learning to live in the present moment prompts you to slow down life when it gets overwhelming so that you can make the right decisions and enjoy life as a process.

Many people do not practice the art of mindful living and therefore allow negative emotions to rule their lives, which leads to fear, depression, and stress.

All of these things lower mental focus, and you can see that with this ballast of emotions, you can’t be as productive as you want to be.

People don’t even realize how much they are overconsuming and how much money is wasted because they think they cannot be satisfied with a frugal lifestyle.

Ultimately, no matter how much stuff you own and how much money you spend on things you don’t need to impress others, you’ll never be happy.

But living in the moment teaches you to use only the things you really need.

Modern society stimulates obsession with material things, stress, and feelings of low self-esteem.

But if you let go of them and practice the art of mindful living, you will experience tremendous improvement in your lifestyle.
Your self-awareness and your relationships with others and the planet will be much better.

Living in the present moment, what does that imply?

Mindful Living is a way of life in which we pay attention to the present moment without being judgmental in order to better understand and fully enjoy life.

Living in the moment means living your life with the highest degree of appreciation, where you enjoy every moment and make the most of your life.

This way of life is a whole new experience. And the intensity of the feelings that flow through our body when we practice them can be compared to the feelings we have when we enjoy hot coffee.

If you experience a feeling of peace and warmth enjoying the present moment while drinking a hot drink, you may have noticed a different sense of awareness.

And that feeling is in everything you do.

Living in the moment helps us skillfully deal with difficult situations that arise in our lifetime and stop living in the past and worrying about the future.

It teaches us to be happy, generous, and productive in the present moment.

Living in the moment is a principle that focuses on:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Simplification of life
  • Better ability to concentrate
  • Increased physical and mental energy
  • Coping with personal challenges
  • Stimulating gratitude and appreciation for the beauty of your daily life, regardless of your past
  • Discover what to hold onto and learn to let go to find peace
  • Exercise of benevolence towards others and towards oneself

This lifestyle also includes the integration of the minimalist lifestyle into our lives, in which we reduce the use of certain products and only use the things that we really need so that we do not get lost in the behavior of modern consumption.

How to live in the present moment?

Living in the present moment is practicing mindfulness and finding peace.

Devoting yourself to the art of mindfulness opens up new possibilities and new perspectives. And even though a person sometimes cannot follow this way of life, it is okay to accept it without being ashamed.

After all, living in the moment also means that we have to allow ourselves to be gentle with ourselves.

A person also does not need to practice Buddhism to be aware, but just needs to be aware that he is connected to the world.

Modern life is: hectic, stressful, and full of obstacles that limit our inner peace.

By practicing the art of living mindfully, we stop worrying about the future, we live in the present moment without being ashamed of our past, and we strive to be more understanding in everything we do.

Living in the moment is letting go of negative emotions and self-sabotaging behaviors that are stifling your progress.

Here’s how to start living in the moment to be happy.

1. Start your day early

In order to live in the moment, it is extremely important to get up early.

In order to wake up carefree and relaxed, you need to prepare some things the night before and go to bed a little earlier so that waking up is not so difficult and hectic.

The morning should feel like a ritual where you relax and have enough time to slowly enjoy your routine.

If you wake up a few minutes before your date or work, you don’t have time to enjoy the moment.

2. Take a moment to calm down

Often times we feel overwhelmed by life and we feel it is going too fast.

When this happens, calm down and take a moment to pay attention.

Even if a person does not have the time to be aware of everything they are doing, a few moments a day is enough to pay attention and completely change your life.

Even when you are faced with situations where you are tempted to act negligently, you should take a moment and stop, as this can lead to fights, overwork, or negative emotions.

It is then impossible for you to live the present moment.

3. Meditate to invite soothing energy into your room.

Living in the moment is also taking care of your body and your mind, in which you allow the positive energy to penetrate through meditation.

During mediation, you also strive for positive affirmations that will change your life for the better and make you a more humble and grateful person.

Negative energy can also be introduced during mediation, as you also need to recognize your pain and sadness in order to be fully healed.

Living in the moment is also practicing yoga.

Yoga is not only extremely good for your health and relieves stress and anxiety to a great extent, but it is also ideal for practicing mindfulness.

When you practice yoga, you can relax all of your senses and learn to live in the moment.

4. Keep a gratitude journal

The art of mindful living allows you to be grateful for everything you have.

Keeping a gratitude journal reminding you to be careful is, therefore, a great idea.

Many people often forget how good their life is and that they should be thankful for all the blessings they have received.

5. Spend more time in nature

By spending more time in nature, you learn to live in the moment, because you find your inner peace.

Meditating in nature, in particular, can help you focus better and reflect on your actions and the present moment.

If you don’t focus on the present moment, you can easily lose your focus, which can lead to rushed decisions and fears.

6. Living in the moment is learning to eat mindfully

The simple act of sitting down and eating without being in a rush is very important when practicing the art of mindful living, as it allows us to better feel the smell, texture, and general taste of the foods than we eat.

Homemade meals are also better for your health and fast food should be avoided!

The simple process of purchasing the ingredients for your meal and cooking it will fill your hearts with full awareness and teach you to enjoy the meal you have prepared. Which is the very representation of the concept of “living in the present moment”.

Live in the moment by practicing minimalism

Minimalism isn’t just a way to create personal space for mindfulness, it’s also a way to be aware.

Living in the moment goes hand in hand with minimalism, as it supports the idea of ​​being humble, kind, generous, caring, and grateful without consuming and buying too much.

By owning less and simplifying your life, you have more time and space to be mindful, and you are also supporting values ​​that are heavily influenced by modern life.

People often worry about what they will need in the future and what they did not have last year. However, minimalism breaks that cycle and we only come back with the things we need right now.

1. Keep your space minimal

A mistake that a lot of people make when decorating their living space is to clutter the room with too many decorations in order to make the space more welcoming and comfortable.

It just creates an additional problem, as excess items pick up dust and debris and a person is wasting too much time cleaning up all of these things.

The minimalist lifestyle includes sleek, simple, yet modern furniture that doesn’t take up too much space and makes it easy to practice mindfulness.

A minimalist room lets in more light gives more space for activity and thus improves the ambiance.

2. A minimalist wardrobe is always trendy

Clothing is a great way to express your style, but sometimes we can be overwhelmed by the new fashion trends that keep popping up.

It can take a long time because we spend too much time thinking about the things we are going to wear rather than living in the moment.

Also, sometimes we feel like the things we buy don’t really go well together so the solution to that is a minimalist wardrobe.

The minimalist wardrobe usually consists of a few pieces in neutral colors that can be worn on any occasion.

3. Keep your workspace simple and clean

The workspace often gets so cluttered that we lose the motivation to work and create.

A minimalist workspace, on the other hand, creates enough space to focus on the things we need to do.

We are not distracted or demotivated by a variety of things and are able to focus on the present moment.

When things come down to a minimum, complex tasks become more important and we focus entirely on them.

4. Use degradable products

Producing less waste and becoming aware of your surroundings is also part of a conscious lifestyle.

A lot of plastic and waste accumulates in everyday life and with that, we contribute to the pollution of our environment.

Additionally, all stores and cafes offer too many options that contain plastic, such as straws, plastic bags, and plastic containers.

Alternatives to wood, bar shampoos, soaps instead of plastic bottles, and many beauty products we can make at home all contribute to a conscious lifestyle and help us pay more attention to our surroundings.


If we are to achieve lasting peace and balance, then our spiritual practice must become a way of life and our happiness must depend on something permanent.

One thing in our life that is permanent is the present moment and it is the center of conscious living. So learning to live in the moment is vital!

If we appreciate the constant moment, our past will not have as much power and our fears about the future will disappear.

Our life is in this moment and there is no repetition.

When we become aware, we become aware of the reality of the moment and that is how we really live.


Learning To Live In The Present Moment To Be Happy

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