Kryptonite Human: The Man One Would Return to Immediately

We all have a kryptonite person in our lives who makes us feel hopeless and weak the moment they contact us.

No matter how confident we are and how much we have our emotions under control, these types of people make our stomachs turn and we lose control of our actions.

As soon as they give us a bit of attention, an overwhelming excitement will overwhelm us and we will then realize that this is our kryptonite human.

The kryptonite person in our lives could be our ex-partner, ex-boyfriend, or someone we loved but never got love back from.

This is also undoubtedly a person who loved you wholeheartedly, but who hurt you terribly and changed your idea of ​​love in some way.

A kryptonite person is also often a narcissistic person who has little or no sympathy for the feelings of others.

When that kryptonite person calls you, sends you a message, or speaks to you directly, you have an uncontrollable urge to come back to him and forgive him for everything he did to you.

After all, from your point of view, the one who loves is to be envied, not the one who is loved.

But why is this happening? Why do certain people have an effect on us like kryptonite and rob us of the ability to make sensible decisions?

The power that the kryptonite man has over us is unfortunately directly related to our strong feelings that we have for him, but also to the manipulations he used on us to keep us in tension.

When someone like the kryptonite human makes us so overwhelmed and fearful, we need to think back to our past and realize that the fear of losing someone who isn’t even so nice to us is related to our own self-esteem and perceptions of worth .

Perhaps we never received the love we deserved, or perhaps someone who was supposed to protect us failed in this task.

At times, even deeply ingrained traumatic experiences and constant abusive relationships have made us cling to someone we would consider our kryptonite human.

Whatever the reason someone is fatal to us like kryptonite, we have to overcome this weakness and regain control of our lives.

What is kryptonite?

Kryptonite is a famous fictional alien mineral that has the ability to deprive the hero Superman of his powers in the comic book series.

The name kryptonite comes from the homeworld of Superman called kryptonite, which is also fictional.

Kryptonite also looks like a light green mineral on the outside and is said to give off certain radiation.

When Superman is exposed to kryptonite, his powers are weakened and this mineral is his only weakness.

Because Superman is the most famous fictional hero, the term kryptonite has become a term for something that makes you powerless.

The kryptonite has almost the same meaning as the Achilles heel, i.e. a weakness despite the general strength.

Although the term kryptonite person has a more romantic meaning, it can also express weakness towards someone with whom we have a strong bond.

No matter who this kryptonite person is, we are simply inferior to him and he makes us act in ways we normally wouldn’t because he is our greatest weakness.

What is a kryptonite person?

Should a woman refer to a man as her kryptonite, then she is implying that he is her weakness.

Hence, a kryptonite person is someone we stay away from because they affect us in a negative way.

The kryptonite person can be anyone we have intense feelings for or have a strong bond with, such as a good friend or family member, but in most cases, it will be our ex-partner.

Because of these kryptonite people, no matter how happy we are in our life or relationship, a single apology from them is enough to make us come back.

We are weak for their gaze, their eyes, and their smiles, and all the lies they say, that’s why they are our kryptonite too.

Perhaps this man gave you the pleasure that no one else could give you, loved you at a time when no one did, or he was just someone you felt a strong connection with.

In any case, he somehow became your kryptonite human and now you would take him back in an instant if you could.

Someone just doesn’t become our kryptonite overnight, and in order for us to feel so much for someone, we need to feel like in heaven when we are with them.

Why are you the victim of a kryptonite human

People who have a certain kind of character traits and have had traumatic experiences in the past are more likely to come under the control of a kryptonite person.

The kryptonite man is usually a person who is highly self-confident and has little or no consideration for the feelings of others.

This type of man does certain things on purpose to get the reaction he wants and is aware of how much he harms people, but he just doesn’t care about that.

The kryptonite person will ignore you for a period or even years before re-entering your life, almost certain that you will love them as much as you used to.

Most of the time, that’s the truth, and the woman, addicted to the kryptonite man’s charm, has been hoping for his return all along.

Even if she avoids the kryptonite man, she feels a strong attraction to him and wants to be with him again.

The kryptonite human is bad for them, but even so, there is a strong bond between them that is not so easy to understand or explain.

It’s almost as if she can feel his soul and presence even when he’s not there, and as if part of her heart keeps him hidden and close forever.

Women who come under the influence of the kryptonite man often express these characteristics:

  • Anxiety
  • depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • self-pity
  • uncertainty
  • Lack of motivation
  • toxicity
  • Self-loathing
  • obsession
  • The need for control
  • Submissiveness

Just like many other problems we face in adulthood, the kryptonite man’s takeover of our emotional wellbeing originated in our childhood.

If someone has lived in a family that could not offer love or protection, and if the parents did not express love in the right way, one can easily become a victim of the kryptonite man.

Even if the person did not have past trauma or unhappy childhood, if at the moment they are desperate and have fears and insecurities, the kryptonite man can easily influence them.

As soon as the kryptonite man shows up in our lives, we think that he is our path to a happy life.

We invest all our hopes and desires in him and depend on him, and in many ways, he becomes our reason for living.

When someone like the Kryptonite Man gives you all the love you have ever hoped for like no one has before, it is natural for him to become your weakness, but that love will cost you something too.

After the kryptonite man gives you everything you ever wanted, he will turn on you, he will cheat, lie to you and make you feel worthless, and yet you will eat him again and again, in the hope that he will change.

Women have that lovable but self-destructive trait where they believe their love can change someone for the better, and while their golden heart beats for two, the kryptonite man’s heart has already grown cold for them.

How the kryptonite man makes you feel

The Kryptonite Man can trick you into acting in ways that are obsessive and unhealthy for your emotional wellbeing.

Behind all this unhealthy addiction lies the fear of losing the kryptonite man, the person who is our only weakness.

You could be holding your phone in your hand all the time, watching your conversations, hoping the kryptonite man will contact you.

Maybe you’re waiting for a message, a phone call, or an apology from him and it would cost him so little to get you back.

Even if you are not even in contact with the kryptonite man, he is still able to make you feel weak and helpless and in some ways insecure and worthless.

As soon as you hear the kryptonite man’s name, your stomach turns and your heartaches, after all, he is the only one you have ever loved and you still love him.

The kryptonite human can literally make you so weak that you cannot turn your back on them.

All it takes is for him to say that he loves you and you will come back without thinking twice because you thought the love you felt was real and worth the pain. 

What does the kryptonite man think and does he even have empathy?

The kryptonite man is capable of making you so weak that it becomes almost impossible for you to part with him.

He knows exactly what to say and he can safely say that you will love him no matter what.

This type of person is playing a game and by no means sees your type of relationship as love.

The kryptonite person does not feel empathy, he only uses other people for his own benefit, since he is weaker than you really think.

He too has been hurt and somewhere deep in his heart he is looking for ways to compensate, so he is damaging you in search of healing.

The victim must also be aware that they are actually stronger than the kryptonite human, which is why they are aware that you will be able to live with the damage they have caused.

The kryptonite person is just a coward who uses your soft heart and deep empathy to heal his crippling self-esteem, and he does this by hurting you.

After all, he is kryptonite and he will take from us until we have nothing more to give.

Why you will never get what you want from the kryptonite man

The kryptonite man will pursue us as long as we allow him to do so, and as long as he has power over us.

This person doesn’t want to be alone in their darkness, so they want us to be part of it.

The Kryptonite Human makes you think you need them when you really don’t, and their attention will never turn into affection.

You will spend your days miserable, drained, and addicted to the toxicity of your kryptonite.

The kryptonite person will contact you over and over again and you will begin to live for those rare moments when he shows emotions.

Unfortunately, the moments when he acts nice will become so rare that you will risk everything just to get them back.

The kryptonite person will make you ignore any value you have set for yourself and you will find yourself slowly getting weaker.

Before the kryptonite human completely destroys you, take a moment, and realize that he will only have power over you if you allow him to.

How to Accept that the Kryptonite Human Doesn’t Love You

You may have felt strongly about your kryptonite guy and he said certain things you wanted, but you don’t hurt the ones you love.

The person who really loves you will not make you suffer and make you feel weak but will lift you up when you have fallen down.

There is no right explanation for love, but you know someone loves you when they want you to be happy all the time.

Even if you still love your kryptonite guy and would do anything for him, it is not worth destroying your own self.

You can’t be the one to self-destruct so the kryptonite guy can get better and heal himself.

After all the love you gave the kryptonite guy, you must also receive love yourself or you will not flourish.

Sadly, Kryptonite types don’t give love to those they deserve, and before they realize your love has been more sincere, you’ll be gone.

No matter what kind of pain caused the kryptonite guy to do all of these things to you, the solution to his pain was never hate, but love, because hate only results in even greater hate.

Can you ever get over the kryptonite guy?

The kryptonite human is not someone to forget as he can teach us an important lesson.

If we look at him from a different perspective, we will see that the kryptonite types are nothing more than people like us.

They can teach us that they are as flawed and insecure as we are and that their control over us is only an illusion.

The Kryptonite types also accepted much of our love and attention and yet we didn’t get anything back, which is a lesson that love is not always returned.

These people have also shown us that we can survive any kind of pain and that life without a kryptonite guy is nothing impossible.

In the times when the kryptonite man was far from us, we may also have learned that being alone is a natural state for people and that we can live without the one we love.

The kryptonite types really teach us that we are stronger than we really think and that our hearts are pure.

They also make us realize that we can forgive them since from the start we were stronger than the kryptonite types ever will be. 

How to overcome your weakness and become your own hero

You should never deny the love you felt for the man who was your kryptonite, just accept that that type of love was not good for you.

That kind of love was a lesson and maybe the kryptonite man felt it somewhere deep in his heart, even if he chose to deny it.

Knowing that your intentions were pure from the start and that your only motive was to love and be loved, even if you wanted the wrong person to do so.

Sometimes your love, no matter how strong, is not enough to heal someone whose heart is on a different path and that is the moment when you need to forgive them.

If you really forgive the kryptonite human for everything they did to you, they will lose their power over you.

Once he stops making you feel bitter, angry, and desperate, and you forgive him for hurting you, you will regain your pure love and simply never return.

From the beginning he just wanted you to experience and express negative emotions, and now you just choose to take care of yourself and love yourself.

Maybe the kryptonite wasn’t a bad person, but it just wasn’t good for you and your well-being.

You may never forget him, but you will be able to live without him by learning to love yourself first and finding someone worthy of your love.

That way, your kryptonite is no longer your weakness, but a lesson that has only made you stronger than ever.


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