Kissing makes you healthy, beautiful, and slim! 8 new kiss facts

We reveal what kissing does to our body – and where it is officially prohibited

8 facts about kissing

On average, Germans are a tender 14 years old when they experience their first kiss. And it’s good that you start so early, because kissing is one of the most beautiful things in the world. But do you really know about it? You probably didn’t know these 8 facts about kissing:

1. Kissing promotes health

By exchanging bacteria, a kiss acts much like a vaccination. The defense cells in the blood are mobilized and the immune system is strengthened.

2. Kissing burns calories

Passionate kisses raise your blood pressure and get your pulse racing. This stimulates the circulation and metabolism. According to an Austrian study, a similar number of calories are burned when kissing as when jogging at 100 meters. Prerequisite: you have to kiss for at least 10 minutes.

We reveal more ways to burn 100 calories on the side.

3. Kissing makes you beautiful

When kissing, up to 30 muscles in the face and neck are tensed, which means that the skin is well supplied with blood. The result: a radiant complexion and fewer wrinkles.

4. Kissing allowed

A person gives around 100,000 kisses in his life.

5. kiss world record

The longest kiss in the world lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds. A married couple in Thailand made continuous lip contact in February 2013.

6. Correct posture

Two thirds of all people turn their head to the right when kissing. Most people also close their eyes when kissing. And there is a very simple reason for this – and it is unfortunately not that romantic: According to researchers at the “Royal Holloway University” in England, we cannot concentrate on the sense of touch and sight at the same time – or at least find it very difficult. So when our eyes “work” our sense of touch or feeling is diminished. What does it mean when someone kisses with open eyes? Then he just isn’t that crazy about you.

7. The best kissers

According to a European study, the French kiss best, followed by the Spanish, Swedes and Italians. The German men come last with the Netherlands, Greeks and Portuguese.

By the way, you can learn how to kiss well. We’ll tell you how to do it.

8. No kissing

In the state of Michigan, the law does not allow a man to kiss his wife on Lord’s Day Sunday.


Kissing makes you healthy, beautiful, and slim! 8 new kiss facts

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