She loved you with all her heart, she dreamed of a life with you, she wrote you poems and songs, she made you feel like a newborn.

You were her favorite subject in her paintings, you were her hero, you saved her from her dark past. But despite everything, you left her without words. You just disappeared leaving her with broken dreams and a broken heart.

But if you think you broke them, you’re wrong – you just made them stronger.

If you think she would die for texting you, you are wrong. She doesn’t wait for you or long for your attention. She is happy to chat with her friends, watch her favorite movie and your name doesn’t even cross her mind.

If you think she is crying at night and blaming yourself for your failed relationship, you are wrong. She sleeps peacefully at night. Without thinking about how you could let go of the happiest relationship you ever had. And she wakes up refreshed and reborn in the morning. She stands up and looks confidently to the day.

If you think she is hurting herself, you are wrong. She feels good every day. She looks in the mirror and smiles because she knows she is beautiful. She loves her own skin and she doesn’t need your approval anymore.

If you think she is lonely, then you are wrong. She goes out and has her favorite coffee alone in her favorite cafe while reading her favorite book. But she’s perfectly fine being alone and no longer needs your company just to feel safe. She loves solitude and is comfortable with it. She also goes out with her friends whenever she wants and she no longer longs for your presence.

If you think she hates you for leaving her, you are wrong. She has learned to let go of all bitterness and pain. But that doesn’t mean she wants you back. She wishes you all the best, but your plans no longer concern her. You were a fond memory that left her with nothing but lessons. She is grateful that you came and went. Because you made it clear to her what kind of person she deserves.

If you think she is unhappy, then you are wrong. She’s been through a lot of heartbreak and your leaving is just an extra one that she’ll get over quickly. She may not understand the things you did, but she is fine with them. It may have hurt her, but she will be healed without your help. You may have given up on her, but she will never give up on herself.

So don’t worry about her. Because she’ll be fine without you.


Just that you know: she will be fine without you

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